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Shadowmoon-US Unique Pets
1Deathfoundu Deal With ItShadowmoon-US586
2Vielas Dysfunktional ChaosShadowmoon-US585
3Gaffgarion Too SeriousShadowmoon-US584Not updated
4Anyanalol xoxoShadowmoon-US583
5Aiskacang Deal With ItShadowmoon-US576
6Kiamato SinisterShadowmoon-US572
6Rengots Lokari Blood TribeShadowmoon-US572Not updated
8Porkchoper Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US569
9Purges Bad WolfShadowmoon-US566
10Fireanice KoHFShadowmoon-US565
11Arkadu The HorsemenShadowmoon-US562
12Forgon The HorsemenShadowmoon-US560
13Confessiðns  Shadowmoon-US555Not updated
13Dandict BATTLEDOGSShadowmoon-US555
15Anuta New LegionShadowmoon-US554
16Meilien AuthorityShadowmoon-US553
17Alixandra  Shadowmoon-US551Not updated
18Catsmage Nefas EternumShadowmoon-US549
19Citynoise SILVERBACKShadowmoon-US548Not updated
20Starfeather Dragon SpiritShadowmoon-US541
21Rabsies The HorsemenShadowmoon-US540
22Lokkal SILVERBACKShadowmoon-US539
22Spacegrass Wish You Were HereShadowmoon-US539
24Fangsalot Down Under WolfpackShadowmoon-US536Not updated
25Anasaziswife House of EarendilShadowmoon-US535Not updated
26Buckmann Sosas DisciplesShadowmoon-US533
26Xâoc New LegionShadowmoon-US533Not updated
26Borlik VolatileShadowmoon-US533Not updated
29Mooneye ResistanceShadowmoon-US531
30Darkgrace  Shadowmoon-US530
30Evilazza Down Under WolfpackShadowmoon-US530Not updated
32Fists Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US529
33Bilip  Shadowmoon-US527Not updated
34Scean  Shadowmoon-US525Not updated
34Theboulder  Shadowmoon-US525
36Karmagheden RONiN FOuR SeVeNShadowmoon-US524Not updated
36Krazle  Shadowmoon-US524Not updated
38Jarmirra Divine InfusionShadowmoon-US522
39Sumig Bloody DrunkShadowmoon-US520
39Mowse FutilityShadowmoon-US520Not updated
41Mylilketep New LegionShadowmoon-US519
41Zorgie Bad WolfShadowmoon-US519
41Imagremlin SILVERBACKShadowmoon-US519
44Lonesdove Missing an AngelShadowmoon-US518
44Mednata UndergroundShadowmoon-US518
44Tokygen  Shadowmoon-US518Not updated
44Slowbeans  Shadowmoon-US518Not updated
48Tehjay  Shadowmoon-US517
48Paraque  Shadowmoon-US517Not updated
50Ankaterry New LegionShadowmoon-US516
51Trìnìty Eats GnomesShadowmoon-US515
51Aeva The HorsemenShadowmoon-US515
51Starman CarpeDiemShadowmoon-US515
54Prinzelda Wish You Were HereShadowmoon-US514
55Awildknight SinisterShadowmoon-US513
56Eyki Too SeriousShadowmoon-US512Not updated
57Shammyshake Super Cuddly Best FrannsShadowmoon-US510Not updated
57Raeina Lost SoldiersShadowmoon-US510Not updated
59Pixii Lost SoldiersShadowmoon-US509Not updated
60Dachau We Love KatamariShadowmoon-US507Not updated
60Allrightus Legacy of BrutalityShadowmoon-US507Not updated
60Ilostmymind RONiN FOuR SeVeNShadowmoon-US507Not updated
63Pompea  Shadowmoon-US504Not updated
64Snoogenz Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US503
65Barradossus Sosas DisciplesShadowmoon-US502
65Bayguls Internet Hate MachineShadowmoon-US502Not updated
67Melthulhu Amor Vincit OmniaShadowmoon-US501
67Batcat Sosas DisciplesShadowmoon-US501
69Varen FutilityShadowmoon-US500
69Rexless No Soup For YouShadowmoon-US500
69Algythor xoxoShadowmoon-US500Not updated
69Titoproza VolatileShadowmoon-US500Not updated
73Hterezal Nefas EternumShadowmoon-US499
73Wildechild MisguidedShadowmoon-US499
73Møth Eats GnomesShadowmoon-US499
76Ferallicious PENNER PUNCHERSShadowmoon-US497
76Bolak REVERENCEShadowmoon-US497Not updated
78Venaxstrasza Elysian SodalityShadowmoon-US495Not updated
79Mashha Sons of the FallenShadowmoon-US494Not updated
79Kaidal RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKINShadowmoon-US494Not updated
81Samaegwyn MisguidedShadowmoon-US493
82Liandren SinisterShadowmoon-US492
82Azryël  Shadowmoon-US492Not updated
84Kelun Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US491
84Markie Manus AliasShadowmoon-US491Not updated
86Vellgar  Shadowmoon-US490
86Siljin Commanders of ChaosShadowmoon-US490
88Heinekey UnreasonableShadowmoon-US489Not updated
89Amoramooke Nefas EternumShadowmoon-US488
89Uncleacid The HorsemenShadowmoon-US488
89Cukeemonster Dark AbsolutionShadowmoon-US488Not updated
92Fierydemise The HorsemenShadowmoon-US487
92Prixx  Shadowmoon-US487Not updated
94Highlander New LegionShadowmoon-US486
94Rosehunter The Pleasure BoatsShadowmoon-US486Not updated
94Meeme The Night ShiftShadowmoon-US486
97Couture The HorsemenShadowmoon-US485
98Facebreak The HorsemenShadowmoon-US484
98Lankester Commanders of ChaosShadowmoon-US484

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