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Shadow Council-US Unique Pets
1Daenerys Light BrigadeShadow Council-US603
2Lothaar KaizenShadow Council-US594
3Islana RedeemedShadow Council-US590Not updated
4Lughnasadh Team WhiskersShadow Council-US587
5Zhevallia  Shadow Council-US585Not updated
6Meistar RedeemedShadow Council-US582
7Ganomex EnigmaShadow Council-US579
8Cyninja Safe WordShadow Council-US578
9Pandarella League of OceaniaShadow Council-US576
9Hobbitses Digital AddictionShadow Council-US576
11Wobbel The Valiant GuardiansShadow Council-US574
11Krystabell NephilimShadow Council-US574Not updated
13Kirbez WickedShadow Council-US573
14Tiella Digital AddictionShadow Council-US569
14Lireth ResurrectionShadow Council-US569Not updated
14Rowena  Shadow Council-US569
17Shamboo Safe WordShadow Council-US566
18Halladir RedeemedShadow Council-US565
18Míkó Death UnlimitedShadow Council-US565
20Aryamedes Safe WordShadow Council-US564Not updated
21Tradition Light BrigadeShadow Council-US563Not updated
22Holice Ancient RepublicShadow Council-US562
23Matsumi The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US560Not updated
23Lamps Digital AddictionShadow Council-US560
25Blueflame  Shadow Council-US559
26Norrahk VanguardShadow Council-US557Not updated
27Smithwicks Safe WordShadow Council-US556
28Kija Wolves of the GodswoodShadow Council-US555
28Daygard Beautiful DeathShadow Council-US555
28Tairo ExiledShadow Council-US555Not updated
31Waldor And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US554
32Kittymau FriendsDontLetFriendsPVPShadow Council-US552
32Odaenathus CosmicShadow Council-US552Not updated
34Aquira BentShadow Council-US551Not updated
35Adwae Ancient RepublicShadow Council-US550
36Tigragon Light BrigadeShadow Council-US548
36Massakren Harbingers of WarShadow Council-US548Not updated
36Velmå RetributionShadow Council-US548Not updated
39Warldo Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US547Not updated
40Amethyzt RetributionShadow Council-US546Not updated
40Zitoni Lords Of SalemShadow Council-US546
42Ayka Eternal ShadowsShadow Council-US545
42Khena into the LimelightShadow Council-US545Not updated
42Quinky  Shadow Council-US545
45Skarlotte Lakeshire Dredging CoShadow Council-US544
45Terò Dawn of AntiquityShadow Council-US544
45Zatcro ArchonShadow Council-US544Not updated
45Darwinian The Circle of ChampionsShadow Council-US544
45Sedja Deja VuShadow Council-US544Not updated
50Kizjer The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US543Not updated
51Gwaeniiha Lakeshire Dredging CoShadow Council-US540
51Kapoot  Shadow Council-US540Not updated
53Alejorc VanguardShadow Council-US539
53Bizmo Light BrigadeShadow Council-US539
53Sulky Seductive DreamersShadow Council-US539
53Fallenhoof CataclysmicShadow Council-US539Not updated
57Yleira The Wild HuntShadow Council-US538
57Pokem The Southern CrossShadow Council-US538
59Kokekoko House of BloodstriderShadow Council-US537Not updated
60Temptme House of BloodstriderShadow Council-US536Not updated
60Laika Ravens WyrdShadow Council-US536Not updated
62Comatos  Shadow Council-US535
63Deathos into the LimelightShadow Council-US534Not updated
64Shutterfly House of GrimShadow Council-US533Not updated
65Oulli UnunoctiumShadow Council-US532
65Marvelous The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US532Not updated
67Suzibell Royal OrderShadow Council-US530
68Sylvella Light BrigadeShadow Council-US529Not updated
69Daggor Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US528Not updated
69Yaten Ancient RepublicShadow Council-US528
71Myrenne Fights In The ShadeShadow Council-US527
71Kalae Team WhiskersShadow Council-US527Not updated
73Turrtle Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US526
73Jieli The MeddlersShadow Council-US526Not updated
73Xiandeng Epic After DarkShadow Council-US526
76Gabrîal The Wild HuntShadow Council-US525
76Evalinne  Shadow Council-US525Not updated
78Shadowharlot RedeemedShadow Council-US524
78Silveras into the LimelightShadow Council-US524Not updated
78Objektif PredatorShadow Council-US524
81Hatari WickedShadow Council-US523
81Celise Light BrigadeShadow Council-US523Not updated

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