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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Scarshield Legion-EU Unique Pets
1Lulleh  Scarshield Legion-EU607Not updated
2Zaneth Legio GlacialisScarshield Legion-EU602Not updated
3Rawar  Scarshield Legion-EU598Not updated
4Spirituella ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU594Not updated
5Livie TranquillityScarshield Legion-EU578Not updated
6Sancrits FerusScarshield Legion-EU568Not updated
6Fatali  Scarshield Legion-EU568Not updated
8Novicerator SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU565Not updated
8Corvis  Scarshield Legion-EU565Not updated
10Mupîa TaintedScarshield Legion-EU562Not updated
11Centy NordlysScarshield Legion-EU558Not updated
12Disasterpie  Scarshield Legion-EU557Not updated
13Trashia TranquillityScarshield Legion-EU556Not updated
13Emerance EmpireScarshield Legion-EU556Not updated
15Bedezee  Scarshield Legion-EU553Not updated
16Mizeth FerusScarshield Legion-EU551Not updated
17Firoza Twisted FateScarshield Legion-EU550Not updated
17Jaedyn FerusScarshield Legion-EU550Not updated
17Feilong FerusScarshield Legion-EU550Not updated
17Maeus FerusScarshield Legion-EU550Not updated
17Stratus FerusScarshield Legion-EU550Not updated
17Safer FerusScarshield Legion-EU550Not updated
17Mezzle FerusScarshield Legion-EU550Not updated
24Sora FerusScarshield Legion-EU549Not updated
25Killashandre ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU547Not updated
25Khorm FerusScarshield Legion-EU547Not updated
25Nahuan FerusScarshield Legion-EU547Not updated
25Luohan FerusScarshield Legion-EU547Not updated
29Nexas FerusScarshield Legion-EU546Not updated
30Sanzara FerusScarshield Legion-EU541Not updated
31Beówólf  Scarshield Legion-EU539Not updated
32Shandaree Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU536Not updated
33Ecarlat  Scarshield Legion-EU533Not updated
33Rumalapsi  Scarshield Legion-EU533Not updated
35Yára DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU531Not updated
36Aiyana DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU530Not updated
37Ithilgore  Scarshield Legion-EU529Not updated
38Comingdeath Legio GlacialisScarshield Legion-EU527Not updated
39Atilius NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU525Not updated
40Zagrin Faithless RebirthScarshield Legion-EU524Not updated
40Mograduk The FirmScarshield Legion-EU524Not updated
42Gyrm FerusScarshield Legion-EU523Not updated
42Bigsmall  Scarshield Legion-EU523Not updated
44Sult NordlysScarshield Legion-EU522Not updated
44Roxiee Stormwind Royal GuardScarshield Legion-EU522Not updated
46Raincloud Lumé QuentaScarshield Legion-EU521Not updated
47Ceidio myth and magicScarshield Legion-EU519Not updated
48Devilspawn myth and magicScarshield Legion-EU517Not updated
48Kmeckica AbyssalScarshield Legion-EU517Not updated
48Gonzalo myth and magicScarshield Legion-EU517Not updated
48Girola myth and magicScarshield Legion-EU517Not updated
52Slauter  Scarshield Legion-EU516Not updated
53Bryson ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU515Not updated
53Kalypso PogranicznicyScarshield Legion-EU515Not updated
55Unholyspawn ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU514Not updated
56Aldemarina Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU513Not updated
57Naimon HomelandScarshield Legion-EU510Not updated
58Lichblossom Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU509Not updated
58Basslar  Scarshield Legion-EU509Not updated
60Arvak Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU507Not updated
60Thylos VARGScarshield Legion-EU507Not updated
62Mulidar DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU503Not updated
62Rainet The ProtectorsScarshield Legion-EU503Not updated
62Canlou The ProtectorsScarshield Legion-EU503Not updated
65Prayur The ProtectorsScarshield Legion-EU502Not updated
66Praelia  Scarshield Legion-EU501Not updated
67Aldethor  Scarshield Legion-EU498Not updated
68Tialinde Legio GlacialisScarshield Legion-EU497Not updated
69Mello Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU495Not updated
69Januise The ProtectorsScarshield Legion-EU495Not updated
71Maevi ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU493Not updated
71Silentsteps CandlekeepScarshield Legion-EU493Not updated
71Frostkill Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU493Not updated
74Gangoz  Scarshield Legion-EU492Not updated
75Maylee FerusScarshield Legion-EU489Not updated
76Fnìss KnäckbrödScarshield Legion-EU487Not updated
76Dlona The ProtectorsScarshield Legion-EU487Not updated
76Dlopper  Scarshield Legion-EU487Not updated
79Corrosive  Scarshield Legion-EU486Not updated
79Burglar Khef Ka and Ka tetScarshield Legion-EU486Not updated
81Timi  Scarshield Legion-EU485Not updated
82Bregla  Scarshield Legion-EU483Not updated
82Sathinai FerusScarshield Legion-EU483Not updated
82Xandaria  Scarshield Legion-EU483Not updated
85Evertina myth and magicScarshield Legion-EU482Not updated
85Netsy myth and magicScarshield Legion-EU482Not updated
85Edita myth and magicScarshield Legion-EU482Not updated
88Izear The RisenScarshield Legion-EU481Not updated
89Nuthriel FerusScarshield Legion-EU479Not updated
89Debke The Rumsey RumblersScarshield Legion-EU479Not updated
91Venøm Dragon RaidersScarshield Legion-EU478Not updated
92Floresiensis DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU475Not updated
92Jing the farmerScarshield Legion-EU475Not updated
92Laetoli DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU475Not updated
92Ergaster DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU475Not updated
92Garhi DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU475Not updated
97Belgrom  Scarshield Legion-EU474Not updated
98Septinor ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU473Not updated
98Kéddy  Scarshield Legion-EU473Not updated
98Mavark Fists of PandariaScarshield Legion-EU473Not updated

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