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Scarlet Crusade-US Unique Pets
1Rofldotz Aegis HestiaScarlet Crusade-US599Not updated
2Rubicund Let It BleedScarlet Crusade-US596Not updated
3Sapphiria Divine BrillianceScarlet Crusade-US578
4Ackumi MischiefScarlet Crusade-US575
4Lucithana Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US575
6Phaice MaliceScarlet Crusade-US572
7Anakhellion Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US570
8Brantu The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US568
8Gravollet MischiefScarlet Crusade-US568
10Stolenfate ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US564
11Argyss DeathsEmbraceScarlet Crusade-US559
12Msmaho ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US557
13Fixir ObscurityScarlet Crusade-US556Not updated
14Arolaide Dwarven MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US553Not updated
14Burrke  Scarlet Crusade-US553
14Salsbury IntegrityScarlet Crusade-US553Not updated
17Nephathys Winterhearts GuildScarlet Crusade-US551Not updated
18Jorgy Dwarven MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US550Not updated
18Aelwyd The Dark CompanyScarlet Crusade-US550Not updated
18Skorpis Creeping DeathScarlet Crusade-US550Not updated
21Krystylnyte Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US549Not updated
21Alexsie  Scarlet Crusade-US549Not updated
23Rageface Shattered EchoesScarlet Crusade-US548Not updated
23Inquisition Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US548
25Bric Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US542
25Voideum Divine BrillianceScarlet Crusade-US542Not updated
27Alva Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US541
27Feilong The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US541
29Hoodofmerlin HoodlumsScarlet Crusade-US538
29Emoira angels of anarchyScarlet Crusade-US538Not updated
29Mortiza  Scarlet Crusade-US538Not updated
32Sebroder Time BanditsScarlet Crusade-US536Not updated
33Scrolls LegendsScarlet Crusade-US535Not updated
34Skydncer Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US534
34Lytha TheKuttinEdgeScarlet Crusade-US534
34Jeolene  Scarlet Crusade-US534Not updated
37Glynnys MischiefScarlet Crusade-US533
37Allektra The Dark CompanyScarlet Crusade-US533Not updated
39Tsai LegendsScarlet Crusade-US531Not updated
40Velourria Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US527
41Kiire FreelanceScarlet Crusade-US526Not updated
41Nioehn FreelanceScarlet Crusade-US526Not updated
43Ochaleon Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US525
43Ëmerald Forge Camp SunshineScarlet Crusade-US525Not updated
43Jzerõ Forge Camp SunshineScarlet Crusade-US525Not updated
46Masilla MelloMountaineersScarlet Crusade-US524Not updated
47Sterkte Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US523
48Tseten Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US522
48Torgrim Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US522
48Chincy Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US522
51Rumblefist Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US521
51Sindril KindredScarlet Crusade-US521
53Rathelind Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US520
53Desse LegendsScarlet Crusade-US520
53Trainreck The Lost SoulsScarlet Crusade-US520
56Wuzhibu Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US518
56Letea The Lost and ForgottenScarlet Crusade-US518Not updated
56Moppsie MelloMountaineersScarlet Crusade-US518Not updated
59Yokel Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US517
59Kymothia IniquitasScarlet Crusade-US517Not updated
61Ariiyana The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US514
61Sixstring HodgePodgeScarlet Crusade-US514
63Kenyou The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US513
63Staziah  Scarlet Crusade-US513Not updated
63Yhoutas  Scarlet Crusade-US513Not updated
66Coalette EchelonScarlet Crusade-US512
66Shodañ The Alliance EmbassyScarlet Crusade-US512Not updated
68Innessa i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US511
68Mooneater Sect of OerphaScarlet Crusade-US511Not updated
70Badtouch The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US510
71Vail MischiefScarlet Crusade-US509
71Lizil DeathsEmbraceScarlet Crusade-US509Not updated
71Phoena  Scarlet Crusade-US509Not updated
74Kennaeth The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US508
74Ailak Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US508
74Rockefeller Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US508
74Zatharina Dwarven MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US508Not updated
74Sunshakerr Ryu TenshiScarlet Crusade-US508Not updated
79Notsoshort Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US507Not updated
80Ylise The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US506Not updated
80Afterthought Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US506
82Thokkor Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US505
82Feris  Scarlet Crusade-US505Not updated
84Kveldreise Flamingly FabulousScarlet Crusade-US504
84Squiggy BellidiumScarlet Crusade-US504Not updated
84Omiliani LegendsScarlet Crusade-US504
84Malkatraz SyndicateScarlet Crusade-US504Not updated
84Malaborec  Scarlet Crusade-US504Not updated
84Elricson  Scarlet Crusade-US504Not updated
84Kriegsperre  Scarlet Crusade-US504Not updated
91Crossandra Chaos ReignsScarlet Crusade-US503Not updated
91Adsiltia IntegrityScarlet Crusade-US503Not updated
91Solled Scarlet RedemptionScarlet Crusade-US503Not updated
91Brighthooves Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US503
91Kaelille  Scarlet Crusade-US503Not updated
96Breegull TheKuttinEdgeScarlet Crusade-US502Not updated
96Exorcism Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US502
96Sparkshot Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US502
99Bluewhisper The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US501
99Trizatre The Dark CompanyScarlet Crusade-US501Not updated

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