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Scarlet Crusade-US Unique Pets
1Topiary The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US605
1Flibbit Aegis HestiaScarlet Crusade-US605
3Sapphiria Divine BrillianceScarlet Crusade-US590
4Faren MaliceScarlet Crusade-US589
5Ackumi MischiefScarlet Crusade-US588
6Talaan The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US585
6Karlin The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US585
8Salsbury IntegrityScarlet Crusade-US583
9Blackbird Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US582
10Crypticfate ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US581
11Babettah IntegrityScarlet Crusade-US580
11Talaani Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US580
13Jaldaboath i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US578
14Msmanaged ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US577
15Anakhellion Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US576
16Orgarashi Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US575
17Elleine Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US572
17Rozamalia IntegrityScarlet Crusade-US572
19Argy LegendsScarlet Crusade-US568
20Buffymage MelloMountaineersScarlet Crusade-US567
21Kevia Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US566
22Fixar The HeartlessScarlet Crusade-US564
23Mortavius  Scarlet Crusade-US563
23Kiire FreelanceScarlet Crusade-US563Not updated
25Meora The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US562
26Moonrider  Scarlet Crusade-US561Not updated
27Arolaide Dwarven MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US560
27Nephathys Winterhearts GuildScarlet Crusade-US560Not updated
29Burked  Scarlet Crusade-US559Not updated
30Hoodoshinsei HoodlumsScarlet Crusade-US558Not updated
31Krathis MischiefScarlet Crusade-US557
32Emoira angels of anarchyScarlet Crusade-US555Not updated
33Tinki Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US554
33Cay Dwarven MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US554Not updated
35Burrke  Scarlet Crusade-US553Not updated
36Bric Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US552
36Alexsie  Scarlet Crusade-US552
38Quiz KindredScarlet Crusade-US551
38Ghank Murloc MafiaScarlet Crusade-US551
40Skorpis Creeping DeathScarlet Crusade-US550Not updated
41Krystylnyte Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US549
41Masilla MelloMountaineersScarlet Crusade-US549
41Voideum Divine BrillianceScarlet Crusade-US549
41Skargh Compton is a PVP serverScarlet Crusade-US549Not updated
45Zinjallah AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US545
45Feilong The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US545
47Vaeline The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US544
48Xanrus Mercenaries LLCScarlet Crusade-US543Not updated
48Emerilzine Rebel RisingScarlet Crusade-US543
48Jzerõ Forge Camp SunshineScarlet Crusade-US543Not updated
51Specula The Vigilant WatchScarlet Crusade-US542
52Sempergumby Big Dámn HeroesScarlet Crusade-US539
53Macheesy Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US538
53Phoena Midnight SpecialScarlet Crusade-US538Not updated
55Nikolat Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US537
55Stardancr Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US537
57Muppet Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US536
58Rathelind i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US535
58Coalette EchelonScarlet Crusade-US535
58Tanklin League of DisciplesScarlet Crusade-US535Not updated
58Ottoparts ValkyriesScarlet Crusade-US535Not updated
62Glynnys MischiefScarlet Crusade-US534
62Lytha TheKuttinEdgeScarlet Crusade-US534
62Jeolene  Scarlet Crusade-US534Not updated
62Atomik HodgePodgeScarlet Crusade-US534
66Solled Scarlet RedemptionScarlet Crusade-US533
66Omiliani  Scarlet Crusade-US533Not updated
66Allektra The Dark CompanyScarlet Crusade-US533Not updated
69Kimmerian HodgePodgeScarlet Crusade-US532
69Gideon In Death We Are RebornScarlet Crusade-US532
69Chincy In Death We Are RebornScarlet Crusade-US532
69Rockefeller  Scarlet Crusade-US532
73Ochaleon Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US531
73Yokel  Scarlet Crusade-US531
73Despiera The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US531
73Icindonaea AbracadabraScarlet Crusade-US531
77Innessa i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US530
77Mystangel Sanctum of LightScarlet Crusade-US530Not updated
77Thokk Shady MerchantScarlet Crusade-US530Not updated
80Lolina Chaos ReignsScarlet Crusade-US529
80Staziah T Rex Hates Push UpsScarlet Crusade-US529
82Delexan Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US528
82Kennaeth The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US528
82Ometea The Lost and ForgottenScarlet Crusade-US528
82Mistycee Scarlet RedemptionScarlet Crusade-US528Not updated
86Azmala HarlequinScarlet Crusade-US527Not updated
86Torgrim Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US527
86Kyluunaa Silence I Keel YouScarlet Crusade-US527Not updated
89Nafasi In Death We Are RebornScarlet Crusade-US526Not updated

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