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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Rivendare-US Unique Pets
1Demowolf  Rivendare-US582Not updated
2Synjah Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US578Not updated
3Byoh Contemporary HeroesRivendare-US577Not updated
4Blabbit BnBRivendare-US570Not updated
5Archiles  Rivendare-US557Not updated
5Staraa  Rivendare-US557Not updated
5Amberiandawn  Rivendare-US557Not updated
8Faervel Horde HouseRivendare-US553Not updated
9Nailclaw The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US551Not updated
10Rinoa The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US550Not updated
11Saenko Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US546Not updated
12Quarkk The WildlingsRivendare-US545Not updated
13Yamagata UnitedRivendare-US543Not updated
13Hyades The WildlingsRivendare-US543Not updated
13Lelyana Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US543Not updated
16Dewberries OverRaidedRivendare-US538Not updated
17Raeven  Rivendare-US535Not updated
18Yaracklea  Rivendare-US533Not updated
19Baali Horde HouseRivendare-US529Not updated
20Plixet Horde HouseRivendare-US526Not updated
21Mearae  Rivendare-US525Not updated
22Ghheals Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US524Not updated
23Fenom The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US523Not updated
24Greenfiêld  Rivendare-US520Not updated
25Brennal  Rivendare-US517Not updated
26Koba Phoenix LegionRivendare-US516Not updated
27Folrig Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US514Not updated
28Dainichi Power ShiftRivendare-US511Not updated
28Arteimys Power ShiftRivendare-US511Not updated
30Graveheartq Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US509Not updated
31Cørvair  Rivendare-US507Not updated
32Akal  Rivendare-US506Not updated
32Corvair  Rivendare-US506Not updated
34Mathpunk  Rivendare-US501Not updated
35Zlaine neuroticRivendare-US500Not updated
36Lindria Death and DreamsRivendare-US498Not updated
37Bikadar  Rivendare-US496Not updated
38Pandokemon InjusticeRivendare-US493Not updated
39Normanosborn Fellowship Of The BlingRivendare-US492Not updated
40Sententia The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US491Not updated
40Èmryn  Rivendare-US491Not updated
42Shikamauru Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US490Not updated
43Gobdork League of LegendsRivendare-US488Not updated
43Aprileena Silverdragon ClanRivendare-US488Not updated
45Eilonwy The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US486Not updated
45Greenehorn AbsolutionRivendare-US486Not updated
47Healurguts Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US482Not updated
48Lindrada UnitedRivendare-US481Not updated
48Cartwright  Rivendare-US481Not updated
48Bluegreenguy MisfitsRivendare-US481Not updated
51Bamwamtyman  Rivendare-US479Not updated
51Trystie  Rivendare-US479Not updated
53Peonhero MisfitsRivendare-US476Not updated
54Dóóm AbsolutionRivendare-US470Not updated
55Skye Dragon RebornRivendare-US469Not updated
56Dkingit The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US468Not updated
56Carenss The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US468Not updated
58Macetodaface  Rivendare-US467Not updated
58Selestyal General GoodsRivendare-US467Not updated
60Minirose Cloth Armor MerchantRivendare-US465Not updated
60Efu Filthy HordesRivendare-US465Not updated
62Yazuac  Rivendare-US462Not updated
63Animula The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US461Not updated
64Freeflo Phoenix LegionRivendare-US457Not updated
65Flameforge  Rivendare-US456Not updated
66Lôwblôw Damage For DummiesRivendare-US455Not updated
67Beif The Ace of SpadesRivendare-US454Not updated
68Thethief Alliance Funeral CompanyRivendare-US453Not updated
69Azurehulk  Rivendare-US450Not updated
70Tauriuz The WildlingsRivendare-US449Not updated
70Traevara Questionable ContentRivendare-US449Not updated
72Fairiedeath The Devils PlaygroundRivendare-US448Not updated
73Adorabell InjusticeRivendare-US446Not updated
74Missmysty  Rivendare-US441Not updated
75Griffinwifey The Art of WarRivendare-US438Not updated
76Brenna The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US437Not updated
77Windtraveler Trolling For KillsRivendare-US435Not updated
77Renzokuken Ashes to AshesRivendare-US435Not updated
79Benzin Order of WarRivendare-US432Not updated
80Phusionm UnitedRivendare-US430Not updated
80Llydian Amateur HourRivendare-US430Not updated
82Tanaria  Rivendare-US429Not updated
83Abyssaldemon  Rivendare-US424Not updated
83Cohesion  Rivendare-US424Not updated
85Nelina OverRaidedRivendare-US423Not updated
86Dragonreveng The Devils PlaygroundRivendare-US420Not updated
86Coolhand LightofAllianceRivendare-US420Not updated
88Malroth  Rivendare-US418Not updated
89Arilas ArkaneRivendare-US415Not updated
90Deadkrenlan  Rivendare-US411Not updated
90Parradox Phoenix LegionRivendare-US411Not updated
92Nosnowballs  Rivendare-US410Not updated
93Dtaaxsan Schalit HordeRivendare-US407Not updated

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