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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Rexxar-US Unique Pets
1Tempii Army of the DragonRexxar-US598Not updated
1Dainichi MGKRexxar-US598Not updated
3Croute BlackwaterRexxar-US597Not updated
4Sharrental Knights of TymeRexxar-US594Not updated
5Jollakeratu Advanced CampfireRexxar-US590Not updated
5Stormcoil The ExiledRexxar-US590Not updated
7Moxxletta just bloodlustRexxar-US586Not updated
8Diaf The ExiledRexxar-US585Not updated
9Mileas The ExiledRexxar-US579Not updated
9Sarai just bloodlustRexxar-US579Not updated
11Carmellabing just bloodlustRexxar-US578Not updated
12Evelana Hells MinionsRexxar-US577Not updated
13Onyxwild The Art of WarRexxar-US576Not updated
13Ñürf MentalWardRexxar-US576Not updated
15Timmaytiny The ExiledRexxar-US575Not updated
15Lokgar CensoredRexxar-US575Not updated
15Pharka Late NightRexxar-US575Not updated
18Stumpps EtherealRexxar-US574Not updated
18Tsilatipac Electric MayhemRexxar-US574Not updated
20Wahalla just bloodlustRexxar-US573Not updated
21Fullpantry Advanced CampfireRexxar-US572Not updated
21Whooshie The Galactic EmpireRexxar-US572Not updated
21Impious  Rexxar-US572Not updated
24Fullashift just bloodlustRexxar-US571Not updated
25Belfarr Army of the DragonRexxar-US570Not updated
26Paprekie NightbaneRexxar-US569Not updated
26Azmis just bloodlustRexxar-US569Not updated
28Riverz On the BrinkRexxar-US568Not updated
28Vexyone InertiaRexxar-US568Not updated
30Glant Fearless ArmsRexxar-US567Not updated
30Zenobiia Dragons AeryRexxar-US567Not updated
32Demetèr Coupe De GraceRexxar-US566Not updated
33Kallypso AwakenRexxar-US564Not updated
34Sosthenes HordeLordsRexxar-US563Not updated
35Analar  Rexxar-US562Not updated
35Zulina The ExiledRexxar-US562Not updated
35Spêllbound  Rexxar-US562Not updated
35Hawkins YARGRexxar-US562Not updated
39Mokona AX CorpsRexxar-US561Not updated
39Vats RaptureRexxar-US561Not updated
41Sydneyfox VicariousRexxar-US560Not updated
42Resda ÈpicRexxar-US559Not updated
42Zebrahrace Under The BridgeRexxar-US559Not updated
44Thuro Forget Your SanityRexxar-US558Not updated
44Feistymidget Guild Name ProhibitedRexxar-US558Not updated
46Steelclaw Smurfs RebornRexxar-US557Not updated
46Saintly Smurfs RebornRexxar-US557Not updated
46Crockett Smurfs RebornRexxar-US557Not updated
46Wammy Smurfs RebornRexxar-US557Not updated
50Kultur AbsolutionRexxar-US556Not updated
51Quietviolet The Alter NativesRexxar-US555Not updated
51Lance Smurfs RebornRexxar-US555Not updated
51Dacite ProgenitusRexxar-US555Not updated
54Zipp Smurfs RebornRexxar-US553Not updated
54Kharma Sythegore RebornRexxar-US553Not updated
54Snowshine Ninefold DragonsRexxar-US553Not updated
57Ravion PureRexxar-US552Not updated
57Railla Rule of WristRexxar-US552Not updated
57Cocoaivory  Rexxar-US552Not updated
60Skadooshbag  Rexxar-US551Not updated
60Gaath Fearless ArmsRexxar-US551Not updated
60Croann Cupcake MafiaRexxar-US551Not updated
60Hezabel Smurfs RebornRexxar-US551Not updated
60Moyna Smurfs RebornRexxar-US551Not updated
60Ballast Empire of DirtRexxar-US551Not updated
66Rheavin NightbaneRexxar-US550Not updated
66Insharraq AnathemaRexxar-US550Not updated
66Lunalea Red Light DistrictRexxar-US550Not updated
69Yomchi Smurfs RebornRexxar-US549Not updated
69Whisperlily Time Well WastedRexxar-US549Not updated
69Worgonnadie ShadowCompanyRexxar-US549Not updated
69Sucram Smurfs RebornRexxar-US549Not updated
73Nikko Guild Name ProhibitedRexxar-US548Not updated
74Cocayne  Rexxar-US547Not updated
74Caladon Rebels ChaosRexxar-US547Not updated
76Jixxie Hells MinionsRexxar-US546Not updated
76Chartrell One Step FurtherRexxar-US546Not updated
76Jäsmine  Rexxar-US546Not updated
76Arachandra Mark of WhateverRexxar-US546Not updated
80Anubass RevelationsRexxar-US545Not updated
80Remae Ashes RebornRexxar-US545Not updated
82Kalyne Rain MakersRexxar-US544Not updated
83Ragecast Legendary ExilesRexxar-US543Not updated
83Elahisma Legendary ExilesRexxar-US543Not updated
85Dafööt WickedRexxar-US542Not updated
85Howls AX CorpsRexxar-US542Not updated
85Selunaria  Rexxar-US542Not updated
88Tabasa  Rexxar-US541Not updated

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