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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Rexxar-EU Unique Pets
1Afenar  Rexxar-EU609Not updated
2Pedrosilius MagicalringRexxar-EU604Not updated
3Rincewind Seed of AngerRexxar-EU595Not updated
3Jambolaya  Rexxar-EU595Not updated
5Maduri Engel der MachtRexxar-EU590Not updated
6Jägermaus Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU589Not updated
7Eyla Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU587Not updated
8Villaîne Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU584Not updated
9Chorina Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU582Not updated
10Sôny DeathRexxar-EU580Not updated
11Drachenwind Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU575Not updated
12Skybreak Devils in the SkyRexxar-EU574Not updated
12Jaquar Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU574Not updated
14Manara Seed of AngerRexxar-EU573Not updated
14Roke Diener der HordeRexxar-EU573Not updated
16Gwyndolin Viribûs UnitisRexxar-EU570Not updated
17Pandamoni Siegel der MachtRexxar-EU569Not updated
18Uilliam Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU568Not updated
19Draakor Siegel der MachtRexxar-EU567Not updated
20Xak  Rexxar-EU566Not updated
21Garlet Ad RemRexxar-EU565Not updated
21Zurimus SurvivorsRexxar-EU565Not updated
21Luffy Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU565Not updated
21Chimerax GodlikeRexxar-EU565Not updated
25Scorpy UndecidedRexxar-EU564Not updated
25Sents Die prallen KrallenRexxar-EU564Not updated
27Nasue Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU563Not updated
27Lystra Project PhoenixRexxar-EU563Not updated
27Audídore Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU563Not updated
27Dúath LoOtEyesRexxar-EU563Not updated
31Daijra Children of EluneRexxar-EU562Not updated
32Nayelî Dunkle VersuchungRexxar-EU561Not updated
33Wasdl MagicalringRexxar-EU560Not updated
33Sweetpea Project PhoenixRexxar-EU560Not updated
35Serebra Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU559Not updated
35Ita Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU559Not updated
35Twanso  Rexxar-EU559Not updated
38Kerozard  Rexxar-EU558Not updated
39Márduk GodlikeRexxar-EU557Not updated
39Colora Children of EluneRexxar-EU557Not updated
41Lycandorus  Rexxar-EU556Not updated
42Tamania Incendium AstrumRexxar-EU555Not updated
43Avyen GodlikeRexxar-EU554Not updated
43Murximan Siegel der MachtRexxar-EU554Not updated
45Andreus Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU553Not updated
46Lumozische Drachen der KreuzfahrerRexxar-EU552Not updated
46Aj Die Ostalb Mana GangRexxar-EU552Not updated
48Muhadin  Rexxar-EU551Not updated
48Tary DeathRexxar-EU551Not updated
50Norrax Diener der HordeRexxar-EU550Not updated
50Iralya Royal FlushRexxar-EU550Not updated
50Askordia Heart of AzerothRexxar-EU550Not updated
50Scherii SofaCrewRexxar-EU550Not updated
50Yiku Project PhoenixRexxar-EU550Not updated
50Satariel Project PhoenixRexxar-EU550Not updated
56Phobos Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU549Not updated
57Candor Das Methusalem SyndikatRexxar-EU548Not updated
57Throak The Tauren ChieftainsRexxar-EU548Not updated
59Ainaerkenga Ched NasadRexxar-EU547Not updated
59Mikey ConsortioRexxar-EU547Not updated
59Nìhal Per NoctemRexxar-EU547Not updated
62Lycea Evolution GamingRexxar-EU546Not updated
62Bullymar ExistenceRexxar-EU546Not updated
64Adríen Blood OmenRexxar-EU545Not updated
64Nerdarell Süßes oder SauresRexxar-EU545Not updated
64Snowhoof GodlikeRexxar-EU545Not updated
67Quasischami MagicalringRexxar-EU544Not updated
67Felanora Royal FlushRexxar-EU544Not updated
67Berghörnchen Per NoctemRexxar-EU544Not updated
67Sariia Engel der MachtRexxar-EU544Not updated
71Lii FTWRexxar-EU543Not updated
71Quasimagi MagicalringRexxar-EU543Not updated
71Tamalinda funligaRexxar-EU543Not updated
71Thienching Die UnermüdlichenRexxar-EU543Not updated
75Lerosa MidnightRexxar-EU541Not updated
75Islaya Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU541Not updated
75Honèymoon SunSideRexxar-EU541Not updated
78Celinmarie Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU540Not updated
78Rheá Canis MajorisRexxar-EU540Not updated
80Mikadi Seed of AngerRexxar-EU539Not updated
81Gamze TurkuazRexxar-EU538Not updated
81Dia  Rexxar-EU538Not updated
83Thorres Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU537Not updated
83Feuerzwergin Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU537Not updated
85Etsu Ad RemRexxar-EU536Not updated
85Formosus The Tauren ChieftainsRexxar-EU536Not updated
85Bärlusconi The Tauren ChieftainsRexxar-EU536Not updated
85Mârnie Hausfrauen AGRexxar-EU536Not updated
85Monifa The Blair WitchRexxar-EU536Not updated
90Reinita Templer der MachtRexxar-EU535Not updated
90Wildfried Sacred WarriorsRexxar-EU535Not updated
92Katanatoá Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU534Not updated
92Sorcab ImperiumRexxar-EU534Not updated
92Katavier Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU534Not updated
92Katafünf Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU534Not updated
92Gleya Onyxias BrutRexxar-EU534Not updated
97Faroh The Tauren ChieftainsRexxar-EU533Not updated

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