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Ravenholdt-EU Unique Pets
1Aileaza RR IncRavenholdt-EU597
2Sciandrys Ðeus lo vultRavenholdt-EU578Not updated
3Elitism  Ravenholdt-EU577
4Démonicangel RR IncRavenholdt-EU574
5Shift RR IncRavenholdt-EU573
6Sunkitten  Ravenholdt-EU559
6Cymbelline Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU559Not updated
8Nuked Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU558
8Grimot Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU558
10Fuzzyfizzel Ladybugs and DragonfliesRavenholdt-EU557Not updated
11El RR IncRavenholdt-EU556Not updated
12Wargun Ladybugs and DragonfliesRavenholdt-EU554Not updated
13Qamilia Ladybugs and DragonfliesRavenholdt-EU553Not updated
14Kann RR IncRavenholdt-EU551
15Niqka  Ravenholdt-EU549Not updated
16Zeechet RR IncRavenholdt-EU548
16Caiomhe RR IncRavenholdt-EU548Not updated
18Fläsk Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU547
19Garthdon RR IncRavenholdt-EU542
20Milili Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU536
20Mornbess Exercitus TenebrarumRavenholdt-EU536Not updated
22Orçun Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU532Not updated
22Lazunia Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU532Not updated
22Karavuur ExplícítRavenholdt-EU532Not updated
25Deepfell MementoRavenholdt-EU530Not updated
26Yojo  Ravenholdt-EU528Not updated
27Luniâ  Ravenholdt-EU526Not updated
28Elliana Dawn And DuskRavenholdt-EU525Not updated
29Icediamond Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU523
29Klaidone Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU523
29Doubleagent ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU523Not updated
32Kovajag Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU520Not updated
33Enkor Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU519
33Axelrex Carlitos WayRavenholdt-EU519
35Rosshunt ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU516Not updated
36Lesath Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU511Not updated
36Glendija Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU511Not updated
36Kirishi Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU511Not updated
39Battybwoy Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU510Not updated
39Twinxi Crimson CrusadersRavenholdt-EU510
41Reckon OutsidersRavenholdt-EU509
42Pandasian Of course this means warRavenholdt-EU508Not updated
42Umbakha  Ravenholdt-EU508Not updated
44Commadore Nether HooligansRavenholdt-EU506Not updated
44Lexxiie Resevoir FishRavenholdt-EU506Not updated
46Tourabregas PhoenixRavenholdt-EU505
47Skuggespel Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU503
48Tagrid Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU500
48Pekkoperkele KukkorengasRavenholdt-EU500
48Edzha Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU500
51Krest PhoenixRavenholdt-EU498Not updated
52Nakashi Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU493Not updated
53Ravi Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU491Not updated
53Roaraw Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU491Not updated
55Rumblehoof Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU488
56Burningsky MukRavenholdt-EU487Not updated
57Shiftie RR IncRavenholdt-EU486Not updated
58Arrestra RR IncRavenholdt-EU485
59Erniejr Elwynn Cub ScoutsRavenholdt-EU483Not updated
60Tynid MukRavenholdt-EU481Not updated
61Bezoar Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU479
62Fáde  Ravenholdt-EU478
63Flinnky Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-EU477Not updated
63Blam  Ravenholdt-EU477Not updated
65Lillywood  Ravenholdt-EU476Not updated
66Azuhk Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU475
66Zapata PhoenixRavenholdt-EU475
68Kadze Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU472Not updated
68Kntajus Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU472Not updated
70Lerish The UnforgivenRavenholdt-EU471Not updated
71Kinder Real men LOVE ChihuahuasRavenholdt-EU468
72Arieana Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU462
73Preetander Resevoir FishRavenholdt-EU461Not updated
74Nidbiorg Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU459
74Ninnoc Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU459Not updated
74Vesikauhu Small GodsRavenholdt-EU459
77Mooivos RR IncRavenholdt-EU458
77Brielle RR IncRavenholdt-EU458
79Songokul Carlitos WayRavenholdt-EU455
79Daenereys  Ravenholdt-EU455Not updated
79Evilshade Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU455Not updated
82Fui  Ravenholdt-EU454Not updated
83Frostilia AvalanchéRavenholdt-EU452
83Bjesomor Disciples of NothingRavenholdt-EU452Not updated
85Xanthion Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU451Not updated
85Rosaura  Ravenholdt-EU451Not updated
87Achieve Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU450
88Galtrigg The Shadow CovenantRavenholdt-EU449Not updated
89Santar NietykalniRavenholdt-EU448
90Tarissa RR IncRavenholdt-EU447
91Choochóó RR IncRavenholdt-EU442Not updated
92Chocobean Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU441
93Teagrin Guild PerksRavenholdt-EU435Not updated
94Girly Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU434Not updated
95Kutsuu Angelis VindictaeRavenholdt-EU433Not updated
95Xihou Dawn And DuskRavenholdt-EU433Not updated
97Àitios Exploding Sheep incRavenholdt-EU428Not updated
98Puppi Knights of LegendRavenholdt-EU425
98Hothooves Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU425
98Fluffybutt Storm RidersRavenholdt-EU425Not updated

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