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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ragnaros-EU Unique Pets
1Löksandra  Ragnaros-EU607Not updated
2Outis  Ragnaros-EU606Not updated
3Ryazan Frozen CoreRagnaros-EU605Not updated
4Unitres InvocationRagnaros-EU604Not updated
5Deädeye AnachronoxRagnaros-EU601Not updated
6Cowhealer RevenantRagnaros-EU590Not updated
7Allisia Twisted LogicRagnaros-EU585Not updated
7Ozîrîs WîpefestRagnaros-EU585Not updated
9Hàzipálinka Voodoo PeopleRagnaros-EU582Not updated
9Satreen Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU582Not updated
11Lynchpin ALL INRagnaros-EU580Not updated
11Jezzabel The StrongholdRagnaros-EU580Not updated
13Fortytwo ShaftedRagnaros-EU579Not updated
14Rhiza Sargeras CouncilRagnaros-EU578Not updated
15Juniperberry UnforgivenRagnaros-EU577Not updated
15Paranoîd DreadguardsRagnaros-EU577Not updated
15Jagole Frozen CoreRagnaros-EU577Not updated
18Nuterx Dark OmenRagnaros-EU576Not updated
18Flowerhammer  Ragnaros-EU576Not updated
20Robotbér Blacksail PiratesRagnaros-EU575Not updated
20Squashy Dark OmenRagnaros-EU575Not updated
20Robheäl Blacksail PiratesRagnaros-EU575Not updated
20Dagonsmasher ShaftedRagnaros-EU575Not updated
24Myrrial Just WipeRagnaros-EU574Not updated
24Sorraorc EQRagnaros-EU574Not updated
24Cochisö Flying DutchmenRagnaros-EU574Not updated
27Devjin SolarisRagnaros-EU573Not updated
28Kailary WH GamingRagnaros-EU572Not updated
28Trifala ChallengersRagnaros-EU572Not updated
30Autchy YermawRagnaros-EU570Not updated
30Faigle  Ragnaros-EU570Not updated
32Zaranzul  Ragnaros-EU569Not updated
33Devilsaur Blacksail PiratesRagnaros-EU568Not updated
33Chibiz Winds of CreationRagnaros-EU568Not updated
33Gorohar FeritasRagnaros-EU568Not updated
33Lepricunj Get Rich or Die GrindingRagnaros-EU568Not updated
37Tpeti CRITICAL MASSRagnaros-EU567Not updated
37Gargantus Order of WatchersRagnaros-EU567Not updated
39Gaìa Empire of HeavenRagnaros-EU566Not updated
40Folari Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU565Not updated
40Irgy Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU565Not updated
40Coolioo EQRagnaros-EU565Not updated
40Abelly AnachronoxRagnaros-EU565Not updated
40Pummelchen Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU565Not updated
45Zambda Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU564Not updated
45Ynys Fearsome War EngineRagnaros-EU564Not updated
45Cutepoíson UtopiaRagnaros-EU564Not updated
48Shallow SanctifiedRagnaros-EU563Not updated
48Pamelita The Snow QueenRagnaros-EU563Not updated
48Lunarfury Gloria VictisRagnaros-EU563Not updated
48Frostedbutts Order of WatchersRagnaros-EU563Not updated
52Neváeh ShaftedRagnaros-EU562Not updated
52Nörgannon Wolf PackRagnaros-EU562Not updated
52Ciertha  Ragnaros-EU562Not updated
52Kisatva Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU562Not updated
52Quizen YermawRagnaros-EU562Not updated
57Judge CerealKillersRagnaros-EU561Not updated
58Rayni Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU560Not updated
58Bubber CollisionRagnaros-EU560Not updated
58Kimali Legion of DecayRagnaros-EU560Not updated
58Scareyou The Snow QueenRagnaros-EU560Not updated
58Nofertare  Ragnaros-EU560Not updated
63Jezek CerealKillersRagnaros-EU558Not updated
63Dropolus Deep TranquilityRagnaros-EU558Not updated
63Retsinis SiegebreakersRagnaros-EU558Not updated
63Lolistalker Badgers on a ZeppelinRagnaros-EU558Not updated
63Laxli  Ragnaros-EU558Not updated
63Refärdeon AuthoritasRagnaros-EU558Not updated
63Muaddíb Hex My ExRagnaros-EU558Not updated
70Eehipoh Legio CorvinusRagnaros-EU557Not updated
70Daiski Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU557Not updated
70Nyte Mercenaries For HireRagnaros-EU557Not updated
70Arachea  Ragnaros-EU557Not updated
70Eyeline  Ragnaros-EU557Not updated
70Illbatting  Ragnaros-EU557Not updated
70Snorroz  Ragnaros-EU557Not updated
77Arvioni WîpefestRagnaros-EU556Not updated
77Szentendre Casual It IsRagnaros-EU556Not updated
77Fuzaah  Ragnaros-EU556Not updated
80Dementur Wolf PackRagnaros-EU555Not updated
80Xacerdios Sad WillowRagnaros-EU555Not updated
80Galibon The RemixRagnaros-EU555Not updated
83Zakez Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU554Not updated
83Ishad EQRagnaros-EU554Not updated
85Tigerozy ALL INRagnaros-EU553Not updated
85Amarillark Soul SwapRagnaros-EU553Not updated
85Chlóé CollisionRagnaros-EU553Not updated
85Gridisforpsz Infinite CooldownRagnaros-EU553Not updated
85Nemathiel BagázsRagnaros-EU553Not updated
90Nostradam Deep TranquilityRagnaros-EU552Not updated
90Shumz AtmosphereRagnaros-EU552Not updated
90Pinokilock AnachronoxRagnaros-EU552Not updated
90Longfeet SzembeszappanRagnaros-EU552Not updated
94Vatti ALL INRagnaros-EU551Not updated
94Amnichia DreadguardsRagnaros-EU551Not updated
94Cronícle SacrificeRagnaros-EU551Not updated
94Nivyan Souls of DamnationRagnaros-EU551Not updated
94Coben  Ragnaros-EU551Not updated
94Pippiförfan Nerf BamseRagnaros-EU551Not updated
100Manomusic Fallen LordsRagnaros-EU550Not updated

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