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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Quel'dorei-US Unique Pets
1Bellafiamma NocturnalQuel'dorei-US598Not updated
2Khif DedicatedQuel'dorei-US594Not updated
3Chibistorm Misery StalkersQuel'dorei-US593Not updated
4Kaminari RedefinedQuel'dorei-US584Not updated
5Hughjárse Tasslehoffs WanderlustQuel'dorei-US583Not updated
6Ven Knights of the Red SkyQuel'dorei-US581Not updated
6Kerî  Quel'dorei-US581Not updated
8Felmancer Knights Who Say NiQuel'dorei-US580Not updated
9Osmo NocturnalQuel'dorei-US578Not updated
10Theanna Beyond HopeQuel'dorei-US575Not updated
11Geeni WTF who pulledQuel'dorei-US574Not updated
12Soulservice NocturnalQuel'dorei-US571Not updated
13Bulldah TAUREN TEMPLAR KNIGHTSQuel'dorei-US567Not updated
14Camembert Arrested DevelopmentQuel'dorei-US565Not updated
15Zhadoo  Quel'dorei-US564Not updated
15Phinebucket LMAOQuel'dorei-US564Not updated
17Amalin Dawn of DamnationQuel'dorei-US563Not updated
18Caesars Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US562Not updated
19Thripthrip Third World BeyondQuel'dorei-US561Not updated
20Adrissa necrophagiaQuel'dorei-US560Not updated
21Free  Quel'dorei-US557Not updated
21Sprink WreckedQuel'dorei-US557Not updated
21Mizuko Logic TwistedQuel'dorei-US557Not updated
24Featherwind Electricians AnonymousQuel'dorei-US556Not updated
25Blayz Children of the StarsQuel'dorei-US555Not updated
25Tulang Logic TwistedQuel'dorei-US555Not updated
27Aleveena NocturnalQuel'dorei-US553Not updated
27Soleilsis Invalid TargétQuel'dorei-US553Not updated
29Mazzeroc Guardians of ForeverQuel'dorei-US552Not updated
30Gatorboy DedicatedQuel'dorei-US551Not updated
30Bashir Guardians of ForeverQuel'dorei-US551Not updated
32Deadsmell Sleepless KnightsQuel'dorei-US550Not updated
33Viscous Booty Bay Yacht ClubQuel'dorei-US549Not updated
33Evissa Knights Who Say NiQuel'dorei-US549Not updated
33Iaque  Quel'dorei-US549Not updated
36Ragune Tasslehoffs WanderlustQuel'dorei-US547Not updated
36Kayoh The Damaged OnesQuel'dorei-US547Not updated
38Meleecyrus Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US546Not updated
38Caraceli Logic TwistedQuel'dorei-US546Not updated
38Shadowdreamr The MartyredQuel'dorei-US546Not updated
41Mushka Clan DregsQuel'dorei-US545Not updated
42Eilnae Bristol KnightsQuel'dorei-US544Not updated
43Munchinsr Knights of the Red SkyQuel'dorei-US543Not updated
43Laycee Tasslehoffs WanderlustQuel'dorei-US543Not updated
45Möñtz Just CuzQuel'dorei-US542Not updated
45Jayrai Brutal NoodleQuel'dorei-US542Not updated
47Lilikae The Insane AsylumQuel'dorei-US540Not updated
48Semadown LMAOQuel'dorei-US539Not updated
49Kovarian  Quel'dorei-US537Not updated
49Dracorius Revenge Served ColdQuel'dorei-US537Not updated
51Kittygumdrop Raid WarriorsQuel'dorei-US536Not updated
51Oneniterodeo  Quel'dorei-US536Not updated
51Beardsonfire Graveyard ShiftQuel'dorei-US536Not updated
51Pondhopper Guardians of ForeverQuel'dorei-US536Not updated
51Kaylayrosis  Quel'dorei-US536Not updated
56Taleb Extreme VigilantesQuel'dorei-US535Not updated
56Unendinglies  Quel'dorei-US535Not updated
56Drakcore Eternal DamnationQuel'dorei-US535Not updated
59Chokenslide Legio RexQuel'dorei-US534Not updated
59Nolaka  Quel'dorei-US534Not updated
61Barudd Warriors EliteQuel'dorei-US533Not updated
61Pebbil The Vicious KanidsQuel'dorei-US533Not updated
61Diamondrockz Hand of BloodQuel'dorei-US533Not updated
61Malvara Knights of CàmelotQuel'dorei-US533Not updated
65Söulbound  Quel'dorei-US532Not updated
65Frosthawke  Quel'dorei-US532Not updated
65Chromia  Quel'dorei-US532Not updated
65Kethry Tasslehoffs WanderlustQuel'dorei-US532Not updated
65Vree  Quel'dorei-US532Not updated
65Pröwl  Quel'dorei-US532Not updated
65Jazira Iron AvatarQuel'dorei-US532Not updated
72Zerrikan Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US531Not updated
72Foeweather Sock PuppetsQuel'dorei-US531Not updated
72Eversoul Deadly WaterQuel'dorei-US531Not updated
72Dartanyon Horde ToughQuel'dorei-US531Not updated
72Eclairel Deadly WaterQuel'dorei-US531Not updated
77Bräille Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US530Not updated
77Valens Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US530Not updated
77Ahbbie TreewardensQuel'dorei-US530Not updated
80Caronny Arrested DevelopmentQuel'dorei-US529Not updated
80Khaleesì  Quel'dorei-US529Not updated
80Tialen  Quel'dorei-US529Not updated
83Cheider Saints RebornQuel'dorei-US528Not updated
84Yena Lightbringers KnightsQuel'dorei-US527Not updated
84Sarone Saints RebornQuel'dorei-US527Not updated
84Nemes Deadly WaterQuel'dorei-US527Not updated
84Lyrabelacqua necrophagiaQuel'dorei-US527Not updated
84Penelopee Honor GuardQuel'dorei-US527Not updated
89Zantalaz Tasslehoffs WanderlustQuel'dorei-US526Not updated
89Kochana Divinity of LoveQuel'dorei-US526Not updated
89Hoarfrosting Violates User AgreementQuel'dorei-US526Not updated
89Smashem Booty Bay Yacht ClubQuel'dorei-US526Not updated
93Pandias Riders of AzerothQuel'dorei-US525Not updated
94Sarsenet Knights TaleQuel'dorei-US524Not updated
94Valter QuelDorei RaidersQuel'dorei-US524Not updated
94Scycillia Avengers of ValorQuel'dorei-US524Not updated
97Auklet Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US523Not updated
97Scottsturn We So HordeyQuel'dorei-US523Not updated
97Sweetsins Veil of PâineaQuel'dorei-US523Not updated
100Kalune  Quel'dorei-US521Not updated

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