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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Perenolde-US Unique Pets
1Drdoolittle UnboundPerenolde-US602
2Charyse CollisionPerenolde-US599Not updated
3Asenath Aegis of the EldersPerenolde-US590
4Murderfåce UnboundPerenolde-US589
5Zeti Crimson Sun AcolytesPerenolde-US588Not updated
6Applepie Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US586Not updated
7Lachrymae Red Ring of DeathPerenolde-US585
8Mavi Die SectionPerenolde-US584Not updated
8Holymooder Epic DollsPerenolde-US584Not updated
8Alenka Hand Of PalandinePerenolde-US584
11Darkkib Holy Order Of AzerothPerenolde-US583Not updated
12Jadette Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US582
12Ivonna Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US582
12Adoring Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US582
12Erozzak Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US582
12Sacredgrape All DayPerenolde-US582
17Terpsichorie Red Ring of DeathPerenolde-US580Not updated
17Terentia Red Ring of DeathPerenolde-US580Not updated
19Amike Sleeper CartelPerenolde-US579Not updated
19Sherol Crimson Sun AcolytesPerenolde-US579Not updated
19Kamikaze Guden in aller WeltPerenolde-US579
22Myrinn B r o t h e r h o o DPerenolde-US578
23Tekanna AnxietyPerenolde-US577Not updated
23Fénris Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US577Not updated
23Yvonna Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US577Not updated
23Rainna Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US577Not updated
27Naminé Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US576Not updated
27Exhumed Deadbeat ClubPerenolde-US576Not updated
29Iseel  Perenolde-US575Not updated
30Adaragona B r o t h e r h o o DPerenolde-US572
30Dyree Abuse MachinePerenolde-US572Not updated
32Simplewishes The ImperiumPerenolde-US570
33Nephris Holy Order of the LambPerenolde-US569
34Brayydee ArghPerenolde-US567Not updated
35Ashlind The GuildlessPerenolde-US566Not updated
35Juderius Legion of DoofPerenolde-US566Not updated
37Ishamael Know EwePerenolde-US565
38Kaste All DayPerenolde-US564
38Rarespawn Insane but MedicatedPerenolde-US564Not updated
40Roobuur  Perenolde-US563
41Captbly Stick to the PlanPerenolde-US562
41Aliskiren Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US562Not updated
43Ilga UnboundPerenolde-US560
43Hitomi Legion of DoofPerenolde-US560Not updated
43Hunas Semper VigilansPerenolde-US560Not updated
46Path Saecula SaeculorumPerenolde-US559Not updated
47Earthangel The ImperiumPerenolde-US558
47Syrul Deadly VixensPerenolde-US558Not updated
49Voychek Hand Of PalandinePerenolde-US556
49Rainynight ArghPerenolde-US556Not updated
51Saine Gnomish Special ForcesPerenolde-US555Not updated
51Maors Gnomish Special ForcesPerenolde-US555Not updated
51Tillit Arise chicken ArisePerenolde-US555
54Krodys Abuse MachinePerenolde-US554
54Blackback Blood DrunkPerenolde-US554
56Panda Banks UnlimitedPerenolde-US553Not updated
57Xb Semper VigilansPerenolde-US552Not updated
57Vàmpirè  Perenolde-US552Not updated
59Intereo Dark HarvestPerenolde-US551Not updated
60Haleakala Semper VigilansPerenolde-US550Not updated
60Fenelon Dragon SlavePerenolde-US550
60Irta  Perenolde-US550Not updated
60Zaxxiblibi  Perenolde-US550Not updated
64Rhakun Nocturnal ChaosPerenolde-US549
64Nathul Failed Anger ManagementPerenolde-US549Not updated
64Aggralan Semper VigilansPerenolde-US549Not updated
67Silynna Just a Flesh WoundPerenolde-US548Not updated
67Istarra IHOPPerenolde-US548
69Lilchaosbolt celebritiesPerenolde-US547
69Ata AnxietyPerenolde-US547Not updated
69Brewmistress AnxietyPerenolde-US547Not updated
69Tazo AnxietyPerenolde-US547Not updated
69Soulbunny AnxietyPerenolde-US547Not updated
74Soolah AnxietyPerenolde-US546Not updated
74Yaan AnxietyPerenolde-US546Not updated
74Booty AnxietyPerenolde-US546Not updated
74Whyst AnxietyPerenolde-US546Not updated
78Semyra PolemologyPerenolde-US545Not updated
78Badpuppy The KindredPerenolde-US545
80Riverrun Mithril RaidersPerenolde-US543Not updated
80Serenita The Bloody HordePerenolde-US543Not updated
82Pandemiic Legacy of the VoidPerenolde-US542Not updated
82Cozen The Fellowship of KingsPerenolde-US542
82Golo Prey for MercyPerenolde-US542
85Munchkins Deadly VixensPerenolde-US541Not updated

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