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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU Unique Pets
1Jaydenn Manifest DestinyOutland-EU525Not updated
2Sfhinxi Manifest DestinyOutland-EU472Not updated
3Glennas Manifest DestinyOutland-EU465Not updated
4Uncalled Manifest DestinyOutland-EU437Not updated
5Thundërcall Manifest DestinyOutland-EU372Not updated
6Eyoun Manifest DestinyOutland-EU362Not updated
7Neogen Manifest DestinyOutland-EU351Not updated
8Drahmin Manifest DestinyOutland-EU335Not updated
9Salso Manifest DestinyOutland-EU300Not updated
10Aeyala Manifest DestinyOutland-EU288Not updated
11Chucklee Manifest DestinyOutland-EU281Not updated
12Bossleeyo Manifest DestinyOutland-EU276Not updated
13Roadin Manifest DestinyOutland-EU243Not updated
14Morgraina Manifest DestinyOutland-EU232Not updated
15Dunck Manifest DestinyOutland-EU202Not updated
16Brucemcclane Manifest DestinyOutland-EU191Not updated
17Doshka Manifest DestinyOutland-EU167Not updated
18Daki Manifest DestinyOutland-EU164Not updated
19Kleptoman Manifest DestinyOutland-EU163Not updated
20Quiggle Manifest DestinyOutland-EU162Not updated
21Väinönen Manifest DestinyOutland-EU160Not updated
22Xperìa Manifest DestinyOutland-EU158Not updated
23Masonn Manifest DestinyOutland-EU153Not updated
24Dorón Manifest DestinyOutland-EU140Not updated
25Chogge Manifest DestinyOutland-EU137Not updated
26Drandra Manifest DestinyOutland-EU132Not updated
27Reakt Manifest DestinyOutland-EU129Not updated
28Pec Manifest DestinyOutland-EU124Not updated
29Choref Manifest DestinyOutland-EU118Not updated
30Newageoutlaw Manifest DestinyOutland-EU113Not updated
31Kanimortiana Manifest DestinyOutland-EU111Not updated
32Sasuki Manifest DestinyOutland-EU108Not updated
33Gizdavi Manifest DestinyOutland-EU106Not updated
34Nizkull Manifest DestinyOutland-EU105Not updated
35Antitrashx Manifest DestinyOutland-EU104Not updated
36Shøot Manifest DestinyOutland-EU102Not updated
37Dêad Manifest DestinyOutland-EU99Not updated
37Whirlybird Manifest DestinyOutland-EU99Not updated
39Laybackjr Manifest DestinyOutland-EU95Not updated
39Sahrem Manifest DestinyOutland-EU95Not updated
41Elebursts Manifest DestinyOutland-EU92Not updated
42Lokout Manifest DestinyOutland-EU91Not updated
43Paramore Manifest DestinyOutland-EU90Not updated
44Langelummel Manifest DestinyOutland-EU88Not updated
45Coffeehaze Manifest DestinyOutland-EU87Not updated
46Íux Manifest DestinyOutland-EU85Not updated
47Thulis Manifest DestinyOutland-EU79Not updated
48Stampees Manifest DestinyOutland-EU77Not updated
49Kråkpräst Manifest DestinyOutland-EU74Not updated
50Jineau Manifest DestinyOutland-EU70Not updated
51Cecília Manifest DestinyOutland-EU68Not updated
52Trendeon Manifest DestinyOutland-EU65Not updated
52Gotztadie Manifest DestinyOutland-EU65Not updated
54Zhota Manifest DestinyOutland-EU64Not updated
55Zamoss Manifest DestinyOutland-EU62Not updated
56Ravzz Manifest DestinyOutland-EU61Not updated
56Rekex Manifest DestinyOutland-EU61Not updated
58Lacke Manifest DestinyOutland-EU59Not updated
59Horrorclaw Manifest DestinyOutland-EU58Not updated
59Serephis Manifest DestinyOutland-EU58Not updated
59Danaki Manifest DestinyOutland-EU58Not updated
62Dilosronir Manifest DestinyOutland-EU57Not updated
63Sandiria Manifest DestinyOutland-EU51Not updated
64Daelie Manifest DestinyOutland-EU49Not updated
64Lazørkøta Manifest DestinyOutland-EU49Not updated
66Bolbun Manifest DestinyOutland-EU48Not updated
66Eme Manifest DestinyOutland-EU48Not updated
66Rutknut Manifest DestinyOutland-EU48Not updated
66Sansforme Manifest DestinyOutland-EU48Not updated
70Ulvekvinden Manifest DestinyOutland-EU47Not updated
71Shogune Manifest DestinyOutland-EU46Not updated
71Tutuutchkchk Manifest DestinyOutland-EU46Not updated
71Littlevyper Manifest DestinyOutland-EU46Not updated
74Snypez Manifest DestinyOutland-EU44Not updated
74Ariáná Manifest DestinyOutland-EU44Not updated
76Ayspiaw Manifest DestinyOutland-EU43Not updated
77Mateeck Manifest DestinyOutland-EU41Not updated
78Sandraya Manifest DestinyOutland-EU38Not updated
78Levélo Manifest DestinyOutland-EU38Not updated
80Finalchapter Manifest DestinyOutland-EU37Not updated
81Falindran Manifest DestinyOutland-EU36Not updated
82Maakikkoko Manifest DestinyOutland-EU35Not updated
82Thegodlaran Manifest DestinyOutland-EU35Not updated
84Whopyy Manifest DestinyOutland-EU33Not updated
84Felía Manifest DestinyOutland-EU33Not updated
86Zerà Manifest DestinyOutland-EU32Not updated
86Beastykazz Manifest DestinyOutland-EU32Not updated
88Steakzz Manifest DestinyOutland-EU31Not updated
88Opé Manifest DestinyOutland-EU31Not updated
88Djmike Manifest DestinyOutland-EU31Not updated
91Taureensfire Manifest DestinyOutland-EU30Not updated
92Alilol Manifest DestinyOutland-EU28Not updated
93Jebstamonia Manifest DestinyOutland-EU27Not updated
93Durák Manifest DestinyOutland-EU27Not updated
95Lillefitte Manifest DestinyOutland-EU25Not updated
95Onebuttonfun Manifest DestinyOutland-EU25Not updated
95Weedwoman Manifest DestinyOutland-EU25Not updated
98Noemah Manifest DestinyOutland-EU24Not updated
98Xéw Manifest DestinyOutland-EU24Not updated
98Retrimation Manifest DestinyOutland-EU24Not updated

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