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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU Unique Pets
1Aalfie  Outland-EU604Not updated
2Zipzepzop EnticementOutland-EU602Not updated
3Kasca The Elder GodsOutland-EU595Not updated
4Arkinne InnervateOutland-EU594Not updated
5Seriousseeds AwakeningOutland-EU590Not updated
6Qatarworld IncinerateOutland-EU588Not updated
6Mäson Fearless PvPOutland-EU588Not updated
6Pwnpvp Conquest CappedOutland-EU588Not updated
9Rubberlipz Titters Yoga ClassOutland-EU584Not updated
9Cultiva AwakeningOutland-EU584Not updated
11Raventhrone  Outland-EU583Not updated
11Caldran PeeVeePeeOutland-EU583Not updated
11Athrôn Wheelchair HijackersOutland-EU583Not updated
11Kadurcia  Outland-EU583Not updated
11Carielle subaruOutland-EU583Not updated
16Huntertreva Exalted With Your GFOutland-EU581Not updated
17Looy  Outland-EU580Not updated
18Twinklê SickOutland-EU579Not updated
18Vurpa FenimoOutland-EU579Not updated
20Yheru SickOutland-EU577Not updated
20Wtfio Honey BunnysOutland-EU577Not updated
22Menazor RavenWoodOutland-EU576Not updated
22Adej GET REKT BROOutland-EU576Not updated
22Mijorc InfamousOutland-EU576Not updated
22Tiddus Grand Theft WarhorseOutland-EU576Not updated
26Kärleksfull WTS Challenge ModeOutland-EU575Not updated
26Lêathriel  Outland-EU575Not updated
26Kattunge Fantastic TenOutland-EU575Not updated
29Ogrima FatalisOutland-EU574Not updated
29Atula Peace of CakeOutland-EU574Not updated
29Melima ReignOutland-EU574Not updated
32Ghorada MØNSTERZOutland-EU573Not updated
32Nussie  Outland-EU573Not updated
32Dudata  Outland-EU573Not updated
35Fulgoree eSPORT CLANOutland-EU572Not updated
35Naladip Beast ModeOutland-EU572Not updated
37Setsujin Malice in WonderlandOutland-EU571Not updated
37Rapeapekoni LapioSquadOutland-EU571Not updated
37Eleoriginal ExgeniusOutland-EU571Not updated
40Galladar Avengers of FaithOutland-EU570Not updated
41Bélabácsi Titans RebornOutland-EU569Not updated
41Barkinmoon LapioSquadOutland-EU569Not updated
41Absolutz ElyneOutland-EU569Not updated
41Xrulol GPCIOutland-EU569Not updated
45Catchmeow PeeVeePeeOutland-EU568Not updated
45Slaacky Arena mastersOutland-EU568Not updated
47Sirloin High InfidelityOutland-EU567Not updated
47Discusa GoaOutland-EU567Not updated
47Zaeanna  Outland-EU567Not updated
47Ursula Bunny AggravationOutland-EU567Not updated
51Issue Violent NoiseOutland-EU566Not updated
51Chamtot  Outland-EU566Not updated
53Alythtyla High SpiritsOutland-EU565Not updated
53Sinsing  Outland-EU565Not updated
53Triibik HüljatudOutland-EU565Not updated
53Matthewc IllustriousOutland-EU565Not updated
53Cloné  Outland-EU565Not updated
58Calligula VandaliersOutland-EU564Not updated
58Manonrheaume DunderOutland-EU564Not updated
58Justcute IM A DOLPHIN HIRIHIRIHIIOutland-EU564Not updated
58Icepie CleavageOutland-EU564Not updated
58Täne  Outland-EU564Not updated
58Invoken  Outland-EU564Not updated
64Fírepáw TEAM DENMARKOutland-EU563Not updated
64Angellion  Outland-EU563Not updated
64Conanraul What Does The Murloc SayOutland-EU563Not updated
64Turályon Polymorphic BehaviourOutland-EU563Not updated
64Brummos  Outland-EU563Not updated
69Maltael DUROTAR FAN CLUBOutland-EU562Not updated
69Myea Has more gold than youOutland-EU562Not updated
69Àffé Ancient ValorOutland-EU562Not updated
72Shïnø Loyal to GarroshOutland-EU561Not updated
72Redlady DeviousOutland-EU561Not updated
72Chichilala EquinoxOutland-EU561Not updated
72Suntara  Outland-EU561Not updated
72Sumek Sapped Cows Cant MooOutland-EU561Not updated
72Zlaier WolframOutland-EU561Not updated
78Aeôn ParahidiaOutland-EU560Not updated
78Sivitra  Outland-EU560Not updated
80Duggi  Outland-EU559Not updated
81Apsurde PvP EliteOutland-EU558Not updated
82Wardancer High SpiritsOutland-EU557Not updated
82Kozochka  Outland-EU557Not updated
82Enyas SKILLED CAPPEDOutland-EU557Not updated
82Darknïght ComeHonorFacesOutland-EU557Not updated
82Tevek Tutti FruttiOutland-EU557Not updated
87Slöwpöke StealthyFruityOutland-EU556Not updated
87Leysza The Elder GodsOutland-EU556Not updated
87Fuchsia AbyssOutland-EU556Not updated
87Mesmi  Outland-EU556Not updated
87Deidrea ElyneOutland-EU556Not updated
92Justtotemz Flower PowerOutland-EU555Not updated
92Nocturnall Weapon XOutland-EU555Not updated
92Eppal  Outland-EU555Not updated
95Aelendil Big PullOutland-EU554Not updated
95Dêmôn ContextOutland-EU554Not updated
97Aeriim Theramore AvengersOutland-EU553Not updated
97Elóndil TeamplayOutland-EU553Not updated
97Falkyria Ebon AngelsOutland-EU553Not updated
97Orcitect ElyneOutland-EU553Not updated

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