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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Onyxia-EU Unique Pets
1Boraso BoraBoraOnyxia-EU595Not updated
2Taure ImpactOnyxia-EU588Not updated
3Lôrelâi  Onyxia-EU587Not updated
4Blacknurse CorvusOnyxia-EU585Not updated
5Kobayasimaru FubarOnyxia-EU584Not updated
5Rashvoo All InOnyxia-EU584Not updated
7Windfeger CoinflipOnyxia-EU580Not updated
8Felizitass HappyDayOnyxia-EU578Not updated
9Kormac ImpactOnyxia-EU577Not updated
10Merith not good cherry eatingOnyxia-EU576Not updated
11Antenos dream bigOnyxia-EU575Not updated
12Mìraculí HappyDayOnyxia-EU574Not updated
13Fentaja Bunch of BoonsOnyxia-EU571Not updated
13Sephnta WalhallaOnyxia-EU571Not updated
15Lemoyne  Onyxia-EU568Not updated
16Fîonâ TitaniumOnyxia-EU567Not updated
16Chargekanta InnocentiaOnyxia-EU567Not updated
16Moju DragonclawOnyxia-EU567Not updated
16Nêstea  Onyxia-EU567Not updated
20Waynestatic Never RegretOnyxia-EU565Not updated
20Zelgads SturmklingeOnyxia-EU565Not updated
22Däwö The goodfellasOnyxia-EU564Not updated
23Malcoth exitiumOnyxia-EU563Not updated
23Heledriel Divine PrideOnyxia-EU563Not updated
23Conchî  Onyxia-EU563Not updated
26Odioon ÐoublegamersOnyxia-EU561Not updated
27Aleski VreakyOnyxia-EU557Not updated
28Leônora  Onyxia-EU556Not updated
29Pyrà tbaOnyxia-EU555Not updated
30Cabrita  Onyxia-EU554Not updated
31Volvex SturmklingeOnyxia-EU552Not updated
31Dônnâ Wächter der DunkelheitOnyxia-EU552Not updated
33Kiyona  Onyxia-EU551Not updated
33Rêgenwurm die kaoten von wowOnyxia-EU551Not updated
33Tôra dream bigOnyxia-EU551Not updated
33Kelzort HerzensrächerOnyxia-EU551Not updated
37Álicé Death WishOnyxia-EU550Not updated
37Arîana Vanilla CupcakesOnyxia-EU550Not updated
39Jagdwûrst connectedOnyxia-EU548Not updated
39Jagdwùrst connectedOnyxia-EU548Not updated
39Starzky FlawlessOnyxia-EU548Not updated
39Caitlynn DragonforcéOnyxia-EU548Not updated
43Clickz dream bigOnyxia-EU547Not updated
43Nihobsix first aidOnyxia-EU547Not updated
45Zariell Shadar LogothOnyxia-EU546Not updated
45Eviled Schatten des DunkelmondsOnyxia-EU546Not updated
47Constellar RejoyOnyxia-EU545Not updated
47Danag connectedOnyxia-EU545Not updated
49Mescalero Shadow PhantomsOnyxia-EU544Not updated
50Helgrid Cøld BrutalityOnyxia-EU543Not updated
50Nemesos Bruderschaft des NordensOnyxia-EU543Not updated
50Lesliie chains of destinyOnyxia-EU543Not updated
50Katalina RinderhilfswerkOnyxia-EU543Not updated
50Soprano  Onyxia-EU543Not updated
55Vacbustiøn  Onyxia-EU540Not updated
55Devas  Onyxia-EU540Not updated
55Mescalera Veritas et AequitasOnyxia-EU540Not updated
58Zelos Last HopeOnyxia-EU539Not updated
58Teewûrst connectedOnyxia-EU539Not updated
58Blutwùrst connectedOnyxia-EU539Not updated
61Niacyna SturmklingeOnyxia-EU538Not updated
61Zumie Under ConstructionOnyxia-EU538Not updated
63Tod  Onyxia-EU537Not updated
63Lassmaranda Little HerosOnyxia-EU537Not updated
63Sherva GeneticOnyxia-EU537Not updated
66Trolltara seven strikesOnyxia-EU536Not updated
67Mosambiq InnocentiaOnyxia-EU534Not updated
67Drpuschel wie jetztOnyxia-EU534Not updated
69Emeraldâ InnocentiaOnyxia-EU533Not updated
69Anksû Im Namen der EhreOnyxia-EU533Not updated
71Shameonus ImpactOnyxia-EU532Not updated
71Shamechain ImpactOnyxia-EU532Not updated
71Zojia ReloadOnyxia-EU532Not updated
71Ajuro TiTanS ArmYOnyxia-EU532Not updated
75Lau Bad MojoOnyxia-EU531Not updated
76Praystatiøn ChromeOnyxia-EU529Not updated
76Schrumschrum  Onyxia-EU529Not updated
76Verelyse WorgslayersOnyxia-EU529Not updated
76Felise InnervisionOnyxia-EU529Not updated
80Luneth Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU528Not updated
80Rhanyu Chaos LegionOnyxia-EU528Not updated
80Nyuusha FlawlessOnyxia-EU528Not updated
80Qilocky Go to HellOnyxia-EU528Not updated
80Xajan  Onyxia-EU528Not updated
80Zombiegift Go to HellOnyxia-EU528Not updated
86Accura Burning SwordOnyxia-EU527Not updated
87Sargron Endstation HoffnungOnyxia-EU526Not updated
87Doree Oh NoesOnyxia-EU526Not updated
89Knötti clearOnyxia-EU525Not updated
89Wusai Sickness CrewOnyxia-EU525Not updated
89Marceline Im Namen der EhreOnyxia-EU525Not updated
89Schanksu controlledChaosOnyxia-EU525Not updated
93Colly Ad RemOnyxia-EU524Not updated
93Géné Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU524Not updated
95Marisou InnocentiaOnyxia-EU523Not updated
96Azzaro Orden des BlutesOnyxia-EU522Not updated
96Thakira Unbändiger ZornOnyxia-EU522Not updated

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