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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nozdormu-EU Unique Pets
1Thustrak FateNozdormu-EU603Not updated
2Neele BlackAngelsNozdormu-EU601Not updated
3Ashlan EpicsNozdormu-EU587Not updated
4Gwînnî SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU586Not updated
4Lorlaine flipmødeNozdormu-EU586Not updated
6Tatzitus  Nozdormu-EU583Not updated
7Steelrose BaseNozdormu-EU581Not updated
8Krystan BaseNozdormu-EU574Not updated
9Necromonnger HimmelsfeuerNozdormu-EU568Not updated
9Lavaya SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU568Not updated
11Mitria Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU566Not updated
12Franca TrucidareNozdormu-EU565Not updated
12Bhikkhu PathfindersNozdormu-EU565Not updated
14Atia MondyNozdormu-EU564Not updated
15Silvershine EpicsNozdormu-EU560Not updated
15Falran Ironforge AngelsNozdormu-EU560Not updated
15Ernachen Die SilberfüchseNozdormu-EU560Not updated
18Alfauswor XindaluNozdormu-EU559Not updated
18Pama Die NordmännerNozdormu-EU559Not updated
18Chaosweaver SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU559Not updated
18Yerico Legion der HeldenNozdormu-EU559Not updated
18Alanna Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU559Not updated
23Frehr Last ResortNozdormu-EU558Not updated
23Minimimi Inuit des NordensNozdormu-EU558Not updated
25Armorika Lux AeternaNozdormu-EU557Not updated
26Magâ Die SilberfüchseNozdormu-EU556Not updated
27Kirasay The Dark RiderNozdormu-EU555Not updated
28Alicianna Wächter des NordsternsNozdormu-EU551Not updated
29Roach Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU548Not updated
30Mìà EpicsNozdormu-EU546Not updated
30Holowhost SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU546Not updated
30Bulmâ Dragonguard of WarNozdormu-EU546Not updated
30Hortass Wölfe der HordeNozdormu-EU546Not updated
30Vesprit SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU546Not updated
35Cruela Wölfe der HordeNozdormu-EU545Not updated
35Lettbrun EpicsNozdormu-EU545Not updated
37Gundamsuit Unleashed RageNozdormu-EU544Not updated
38Isarmar  Nozdormu-EU543Not updated
38Lausbua AenigmaNozdormu-EU543Not updated
38Tarostar Schatten LogeNozdormu-EU543Not updated
41Xartan Ostblock OrgrimmarNozdormu-EU542Not updated
41Missmaja Use at your own riskNozdormu-EU542Not updated
41Kalifa Knights who say NiNozdormu-EU542Not updated
44Lederbart AenigmaNozdormu-EU541Not updated
44Shurâ Wölfe der HordeNozdormu-EU541Not updated
44Alai Hain des TodesNozdormu-EU541Not updated
44Mílou XindaluNozdormu-EU541Not updated
48Cosmolio EwigkeitNozdormu-EU540Not updated
48Yoyo  Nozdormu-EU540Not updated
48Toras Aurigena AquilaNozdormu-EU540Not updated
51Crispyroll SupernaturalNozdormu-EU539Not updated
52Melodii SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU538Not updated
52Ethoron  Nozdormu-EU538Not updated
52Zensy  Nozdormu-EU538Not updated
55Paynelord XindaluNozdormu-EU537Not updated
55Choppsuey EpicsNozdormu-EU537Not updated
57Käsestûlle DecagonNozdormu-EU536Not updated
57Tishir The Dark GamerNozdormu-EU536Not updated
57Shallowayne EpicsNozdormu-EU536Not updated
60Callyra The Weird turn ProNozdormu-EU535Not updated
60Twaron flipmødeNozdormu-EU535Not updated
60Valencia Lux AeternaNozdormu-EU535Not updated
60Dahara Lux AeternaNozdormu-EU535Not updated
64Sesshomaru The Weird turn ProNozdormu-EU534Not updated
65Ronium FarstridersNozdormu-EU533Not updated
66Elfor Loge der GerechtenNozdormu-EU531Not updated
66Arlanah The Dark GamerNozdormu-EU531Not updated
66Phantastica Wächter des NordsternsNozdormu-EU531Not updated
66Mennet Legion der HeldenNozdormu-EU531Not updated
66Konata Legion der HeldenNozdormu-EU531Not updated
66Blackwulf  Nozdormu-EU531Not updated
72Fenjâ EpicsNozdormu-EU530Not updated
72Kcharika Wächter des NordsternsNozdormu-EU530Not updated
72Amilo Ritter der TafelrundeNozdormu-EU530Not updated
72Epinicia Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU530Not updated
76Anguna DunkelheitNozdormu-EU529Not updated
76Velilaz bankcharallstarsNozdormu-EU529Not updated
76Xaideè TrucidareNozdormu-EU529Not updated
76Narescha XindaluNozdormu-EU529Not updated
76Kleinessüßes Meet the FeeblesNozdormu-EU529Not updated
76Mago HimmelsfeuerNozdormu-EU529Not updated
82Wjuliette custodes veritatisNozdormu-EU527Not updated
82Kijana von den NordlichternNozdormu-EU527Not updated
82Arion Blind Guardian CrewNozdormu-EU527Not updated

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