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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Norgannon-EU Unique Pets
1Albiantaria DignitasNorgannon-EU596Not updated
2Carine Prime SolitudeNorgannon-EU594Not updated
2Paindaria Prime SolitudeNorgannon-EU594Not updated
4Sweetdarling DignitasNorgannon-EU592Not updated
5Preestess  Norgannon-EU589Not updated
6Chlo HEAVEN and HELLNorgannon-EU580Not updated
7Fletlia Ace of ShadowNorgannon-EU576Not updated
8Yura  Norgannon-EU573Not updated
9Anamora DignitasNorgannon-EU570Not updated
10Batraviell The Free FightersNorgannon-EU569Not updated
10Macia Semper FidesNorgannon-EU569Not updated
12Nadeschkin WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU568Not updated
12Aubry nil desperandumNorgannon-EU568Not updated
14Shizuro Unborn RageNorgannon-EU567Not updated
15Tünnes Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU565Not updated
16Marahli DignitasNorgannon-EU564Not updated
17Thipsy AncientNorgannon-EU563Not updated
17Xyrasz HellDogZNorgannon-EU563Not updated
19Titanuz Mortis VelesNorgannon-EU559Not updated
20Kôrihana InitiumNorgannon-EU558Not updated
21Bløødfløwer MetalMagicNorgannon-EU557Not updated
22Dresbart Circle of LightNorgannon-EU556Not updated
23Banuruther Symphony of DestructionNorgannon-EU553Not updated
24Alashaa Drachentöter von AzerothNorgannon-EU552Not updated
25Eldonary  Norgannon-EU551Not updated
25Hippo DignitasNorgannon-EU551Not updated
27Hikuma  Norgannon-EU550Not updated
28Azrïæl Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU548Not updated
29Thlither GoftarNorgannon-EU547Not updated
29Palamenteus Pirates of the AllianceNorgannon-EU547Not updated
31Roxié Thralls GardeNorgannon-EU546Not updated
32Sholana Pirates of the CaribbeanNorgannon-EU545Not updated
32Sichtbar SEVEN OF NINENorgannon-EU545Not updated
32Hadha  Norgannon-EU545Not updated
35Branky NachtschwärmerNorgannon-EU544Not updated
35Yaleria  Norgannon-EU544Not updated
35Morthak Blood for BloodNorgannon-EU544Not updated
38Panem InitiumNorgannon-EU543Not updated
39Airwinger DarklegionNorgannon-EU542Not updated
39Yashina TamashiiNorgannon-EU542Not updated
41Toschka Hammer of DarknessNorgannon-EU541Not updated
41Allesschreck CosmicosNorgannon-EU541Not updated
41Pastmaster RouquinNorgannon-EU541Not updated
41Zappafrank ÇhroniçleNorgannon-EU541Not updated
45Tealinchen Out of OrderNorgannon-EU539Not updated
45Tòxíc Orden der WeisheitNorgannon-EU539Not updated
45Kasparaitis MisanthropNorgannon-EU539Not updated
45Monschi Out of OrderNorgannon-EU539Not updated
49Zolitan Die RächerNorgannon-EU538Not updated
49Tâyâ Die RächerNorgannon-EU538Not updated
51Scøtchy Dunkle WandererNorgannon-EU537Not updated
51Imdead Klein aber OhoNorgannon-EU537Not updated
53Firesword LegendeNorgannon-EU536Not updated
53Zazouri Mental OverloadNorgannon-EU536Not updated
53Pikka Rising PhoenixNorgannon-EU536Not updated
56Linà DignitasNorgannon-EU535Not updated
56Sarungal  Norgannon-EU535Not updated
58Astui DarklegionNorgannon-EU534Not updated
58Alagwen Die GefährtenNorgannon-EU534Not updated
60Ayraia Orden der WeisheitNorgannon-EU533Not updated
61Morialqua Dunkle WandererNorgannon-EU532Not updated
62Nòva Die Erben der AllianzNorgannon-EU531Not updated
62Kangoo ÍmmortalNorgannon-EU531Not updated
64Lisbet Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU530Not updated
64Malîa Might and HonorNorgannon-EU530Not updated
66Zelandonii Murphys LawNorgannon-EU529Not updated
66Coscina DinnerpartyNorgannon-EU529Not updated
66Mairasa  Norgannon-EU529Not updated
69Celere DrêâmtêâmNorgannon-EU528Not updated
70Rilyna MisanthropNorgannon-EU527Not updated
70Tecumsbiene Der Clan der BlutfalkenNorgannon-EU527Not updated
70Kreko DeathwingNorgannon-EU527Not updated
70Bartender Azeroths VeteranenNorgannon-EU527Not updated
74Diabla WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU524Not updated
75Pennelope SubstituteNorgannon-EU523Not updated
76Sanctina WolfsrudelNorgannon-EU521Not updated
76Síx AbsoluteNorgannon-EU521Not updated
78Juuhi Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU520Not updated
78Vènus Der Clan der BlutfalkenNorgannon-EU520Not updated
78Aramide GhostunitNorgannon-EU520Not updated
78Wínd GhostunitNorgannon-EU520Not updated
78Ravenwing GhostunitNorgannon-EU520Not updated
78Minjah Pirates of the CaribbeanNorgannon-EU520Not updated
78Gelal DarklegionNorgannon-EU520Not updated
78Kruse Die Erben der AllianzNorgannon-EU520Not updated
86Tyurru AncientNorgannon-EU519Not updated
86Alphatier  Norgannon-EU519Not updated
86Furella MisanthropNorgannon-EU519Not updated
86Viviennâ Da CapoNorgannon-EU519Not updated
90Sahne DrêâmtêâmNorgannon-EU518Not updated
91Ensíferum  Norgannon-EU517Not updated
91Rouquin RouquinNorgannon-EU517Not updated
91Beldaran  Norgannon-EU517Not updated
91Kirilyana Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU517Not updated
95Katìnka Semper FidesNorgannon-EU516Not updated

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