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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ner'zhul-US Unique Pets
1Cixi Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US611Not updated
2Nerealu Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US609Not updated
3Blueberry Last WordNer'zhul-US606Not updated
3Sylver Last WordNer'zhul-US606Not updated
5Quidward Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US601Not updated
6Dia IncarnateNer'zhul-US597Not updated
7Polygasms ConquestNer'zhul-US593Not updated
7Kneestabber ConquestNer'zhul-US593Not updated
9Sinshocka Last WordNer'zhul-US590Not updated
10Beruwhitesun Local DefenseNer'zhul-US587Not updated
11Abate EpicdemicNer'zhul-US583Not updated
11Twrez InfinityNer'zhul-US583Not updated
11Thearbiter Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US583Not updated
14Shelleycat Konoha VillageNer'zhul-US581Not updated
14Xenomist VagrantsNer'zhul-US581Not updated
14Djvz Søns Øf AzerøthNer'zhul-US581Not updated
17Tiggie VigilantNer'zhul-US580Not updated
17Probisham IncarnateNer'zhul-US580Not updated
19Taralol Project IcarusNer'zhul-US579Not updated
20Maxtrolling CompoundNer'zhul-US578Not updated
20Miserÿ  Ner'zhul-US578Not updated
22Shirushi Straw Hat PiratesNer'zhul-US577Not updated
23Pkflash Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US573Not updated
23Chicky IncarnateNer'zhul-US573Not updated
23Eyekandy Dark ReignNer'zhul-US573Not updated
23Microvain Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US573Not updated
27Lillitai Ridiculous ShenanigansNer'zhul-US572Not updated
28Deadflsh GtendoNer'zhul-US571Not updated
28Honeymint indifferenceNer'zhul-US571Not updated
28Xarubi Last WordNer'zhul-US571Not updated
28Tiberiea  Ner'zhul-US571Not updated
32Pingua Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US570Not updated
32Sierraleon  Ner'zhul-US570Not updated
34Studliest IncarnateNer'zhul-US568Not updated
34Pwnetailz SugarBearSaintsNer'zhul-US568Not updated
36Chodah  Ner'zhul-US567Not updated
37Moveit ConquestNer'zhul-US566Not updated
37Paranoia Dark LotusNer'zhul-US566Not updated
39Aurelien No Individual SkillNer'zhul-US565Not updated
40Ruar Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US562Not updated
40Arlara BuiIt Horde ToughNer'zhul-US562Not updated
40Ujvaltarak ForsetiNer'zhul-US562Not updated
43Flanxx Last WordNer'zhul-US561Not updated
43Ravenxill The Horde BankNer'zhul-US561Not updated
43Nordies Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US561Not updated
46Atabo Friend of EyeconNer'zhul-US560Not updated
46Cupyd  Ner'zhul-US560Not updated
48Wontletudie DissonanceNer'zhul-US559Not updated
49Hymne  Ner'zhul-US558Not updated
50Elore Soul SocietyNer'zhul-US557Not updated
50Cuddlymcbear  Ner'zhul-US557Not updated
52Arausio Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US556Not updated
53Squeeshie Project IcarusNer'zhul-US555Not updated
53Juliè  Ner'zhul-US555Not updated
53Astronica Tauren It UpNer'zhul-US555Not updated
53Ctfd LIKE A BOSSNer'zhul-US555Not updated
57Unclechu Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US554Not updated
57Leberecht Blood MoneyNer'zhul-US554Not updated
57Khurul Blood MoneyNer'zhul-US554Not updated
57Hellsmax Prelude to ChaosNer'zhul-US554Not updated
61Lirenda IntensityNer'zhul-US553Not updated
62Donnamartin Last WordNer'zhul-US552Not updated
62Tialia  Ner'zhul-US552Not updated
62Oddot NerveNer'zhul-US552Not updated
62Seckzee Tunnel VisionNer'zhul-US552Not updated
62Rhyannyn Knights EquitableNer'zhul-US552Not updated
67Centicus Local DefenseNer'zhul-US551Not updated
68Tricuspid Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US550Not updated
68Herbagge Astute VigorNer'zhul-US550Not updated
68Maee MKD GamingNer'zhul-US550Not updated
71Ogrind  Ner'zhul-US549Not updated
72Ishiftalot Full Frontal NerdityNer'zhul-US548Not updated
73Senei WithstandNer'zhul-US547Not updated
73Moveitman Dastardly DeedsNer'zhul-US547Not updated
75Skotadi My Guild Name is too LonNer'zhul-US546Not updated
75Magine ArisenNer'zhul-US546Not updated
77Wreckids IncarnateNer'zhul-US545Not updated
77Mordead  Ner'zhul-US545Not updated
79Caytum Duh WinningNer'zhul-US544Not updated
80Jobarro Project IcarusNer'zhul-US543Not updated

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