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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ner'zhul-EU Unique Pets
1Alyssa PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU602Not updated
2Seraphia NightfallNer'zhul-EU592Not updated
3Wutangpan PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU573Not updated
4Helmule DepthCoreNer'zhul-EU572Not updated
5Pyther SentenceNer'zhul-EU570Not updated
5Poulpybat PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU570Not updated
7Elionagan NightfallNer'zhul-EU569Not updated
8Rhapsødy Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU567Not updated
9Misstigris RécidiveNer'zhul-EU566Not updated
10Frakc rulerzNer'zhul-EU555Not updated
11Nobius InheritNer'zhul-EU553Not updated
12Sebtintin NamelessNer'zhul-EU552Not updated
13Goblamouche In Chaotiks We TrustNer'zhul-EU545Not updated
14Nonosselette Wipe SpiritNer'zhul-EU544Not updated
15Filonia SentenceNer'zhul-EU542Not updated
16Prunel eXileNer'zhul-EU541Not updated
17Golindar In Chaotiks We TrustNer'zhul-EU538Not updated
18Mizor PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU532Not updated
19Gorbete ForsakenNer'zhul-EU531Not updated
19Eîckîchî Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU531Not updated
19Nattydred GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU531Not updated
22Wartist la MeuteNer'zhul-EU528Not updated
22Dzmonk  Ner'zhul-EU528Not updated
22Wôlverins RécidiveNer'zhul-EU528Not updated
25Voluptia ExsiliumNer'zhul-EU527Not updated
26Gwernahy RécidiveNer'zhul-EU525Not updated
26Philimat InvictusNer'zhul-EU525Not updated
26Trollibus Malleus MalificarumNer'zhul-EU525Not updated
29Hatilah In Chaotiks We TrustNer'zhul-EU524Not updated
30Heavÿ  Ner'zhul-EU521Not updated
30Calypsô NightfallNer'zhul-EU521Not updated
30Eryane Wipe SpiritNer'zhul-EU521Not updated
33Sniizz Les Freres de SangNer'zhul-EU519Not updated
34Rroïde FestayrNer'zhul-EU518Not updated
34Minkymomo  Ner'zhul-EU518Not updated
36Élaïna PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU517Not updated
36Nébysa InvictusNer'zhul-EU517Not updated
36Dkouin  Ner'zhul-EU517Not updated
39Leffes  Ner'zhul-EU512Not updated
39Zaggzagg Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU512Not updated
41Ivalo RadiumNer'zhul-EU511Not updated
41Crapunk Heroes Of NightmareNer'zhul-EU511Not updated
43Khillya Murloc EnragéNer'zhul-EU509Not updated
44Drakara Executus NevrosisNer'zhul-EU508Not updated
45Keïnah  Ner'zhul-EU507Not updated
46Shïnaelle InvictusNer'zhul-EU505Not updated
47Ericnouveau la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU502Not updated
47Pânpân  Ner'zhul-EU502Not updated
47Roteskreuz The LegionsNer'zhul-EU502Not updated
47Voronwe ClusterNer'zhul-EU502Not updated
51Kotøn Les Gardiens CelestesNer'zhul-EU500Not updated
52Emorya MadnessNer'zhul-EU498Not updated
52Zealord  Ner'zhul-EU498Not updated
54Menthus la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU493Not updated
55Friendlyhost RécidiveNer'zhul-EU490Not updated
55Wangwuchang Exalté ApéroNer'zhul-EU490Not updated
57Nephanae MominousNer'zhul-EU489Not updated
58Sweetsmok Compte SuisseNer'zhul-EU487Not updated
59Pyrolys VersusNer'zhul-EU486Not updated
60Médée GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU485Not updated
61Shipala MominousNer'zhul-EU483Not updated
62Xylomi lord of nightNer'zhul-EU482Not updated
63Midsommar ObsidiumNer'zhul-EU481Not updated
63Drogoth ToasTNer'zhul-EU481Not updated
65Véronika RécidiveNer'zhul-EU480Not updated
66Härakir MominousNer'zhul-EU479Not updated
66Kazadora VersusNer'zhul-EU479Not updated
66Gilbertø  Ner'zhul-EU479Not updated
69Klerin InvictusNer'zhul-EU478Not updated
70Seferight  Ner'zhul-EU477Not updated
71Melie TROYNer'zhul-EU475Not updated
71Kosurof Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU475Not updated
71Asmatique over bleedNer'zhul-EU475Not updated
74Havada Les Vents InfernauxNer'zhul-EU473Not updated
75Darkchag la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU469Not updated
75Analayo CleanNer'zhul-EU469Not updated
75Thortöf Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU469Not updated
75Lucifia RécidiveNer'zhul-EU469Not updated
79Akâ EvølutïønNer'zhul-EU465Not updated
80Kelloh Les Chauds MeurtNer'zhul-EU464Not updated
81Mamoot CleanNer'zhul-EU463Not updated
81Chagnarok la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU463Not updated
81Jetaimebb l océaneNer'zhul-EU463Not updated
84Hisui Executus NevrosisNer'zhul-EU460Not updated
85Shéryl ImmortelsNer'zhul-EU459Not updated
85Herendi TyrannieNer'zhul-EU459Not updated
87Shynra RécidiveNer'zhul-EU458Not updated
88Darkvicius GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU456Not updated
88Totö DryadeNer'zhul-EU456Not updated
90Clouc SentenceNer'zhul-EU453Not updated
91Tankilpleupo  Ner'zhul-EU452Not updated

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