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Nazgrel-US Unique Pets
1Meargvil StormrageNazgrel-US597
2Groupwhunter The Honor BoundNazgrel-US593
3Devire  Nazgrel-US588Not updated
4Legacyhunter RaidBrigadeNazgrel-US581
5Hüntard StormrageNazgrel-US578
6Bloodguzzler RegulatorsNazgrel-US573
6Catraa AddonexusNazgrel-US573
6Ladyshadow Good EatsNazgrel-US573
9Cleår  Nazgrel-US572Not updated
10Devreaux PsychostimulantNazgrel-US570
11Duskara Moon RageNazgrel-US567Not updated
12Glorenthan Just a BankNazgrel-US565
13Zkingshadow The Riddle of SteelNazgrel-US563Not updated
14Phosphoro The Riddle of SteelNazgrel-US562
15Erniehudson HonorNazgrel-US561
16Phyress Equivalent ExchangeNazgrel-US560
17Millyndra  Nazgrel-US559Not updated
17Arrolyn Good EatsNazgrel-US559
19Firefoxie JinxNazgrel-US558Not updated
20Eeta Good EatsNazgrel-US553
20Cagero The Riddle of SteelNazgrel-US553
22Dippindots UnavoidableNazgrel-US549Not updated
23Baddock Good EatsNazgrel-US546
24Creamsauce  Nazgrel-US545Not updated
25Antiope AftermathNazgrel-US544Not updated
26Pootetang HonorNazgrel-US542
26Mikhael NoctaNazgrel-US542Not updated
28Azpirin Whats in YOUR GuildNazgrel-US541
28Attreides StormrageNazgrel-US541
30Zelgoddess KanadaNazgrel-US539Not updated
31Brinity Champions of LightNazgrel-US538
31Quikrete RegulatorsNazgrel-US538
33Hordrule The Dark HordeNazgrel-US534
33Lyndalor MayhemNazgrel-US534Not updated
35Icecis HellscreamNazgrel-US533
35Unnamedone The Honor BoundNazgrel-US533
35Snowsofeor Remorseless AssassinsNazgrel-US533
38Mosraell MidKnight RaidersNazgrel-US532
39Zevijira Up The IronsNazgrel-US531
39Clamoot Fear IncNazgrel-US531
39Avanguard Never Back DownNazgrel-US531
42Voogie Never Back DownNazgrel-US528Not updated
43Zebriel  Nazgrel-US527
43Rythim PsychostimulantNazgrel-US527
43Teestafermi A Restless HordeNazgrel-US527Not updated
46Sondrasa WeRaidNakedNazgrel-US526
47Ishnu The Nights WatchNazgrel-US525
47Omgimmacow Eternal DarknessNazgrel-US525
49Shennong OutsidersNazgrel-US524Not updated
50Roami StormrageNazgrel-US523Not updated
51Alcinoe RegulatorsNazgrel-US522
51Kellieandria Elders of LegendNazgrel-US522Not updated
53Kaiy FAITH RebornNazgrel-US520
53Teritha SOS BrigadeNazgrel-US520Not updated
55Mugtha Death CrusadersNazgrel-US519Not updated
56Pitamage EquipmentNazgrel-US516Not updated
56Days ResurgenceNazgrel-US516Not updated
58Zibaz Twisted EmpireNazgrel-US515Not updated
58Theimp  Nazgrel-US515Not updated
60Ormak  Nazgrel-US514
60Belfpalsy Horde RevelationNazgrel-US514Not updated
60Brattyone AdrastiaNazgrel-US514Not updated
63Cremate PandoraNazgrel-US513
64Ishanna Trash WipeNazgrel-US512
64Elhoof ResurgenceNazgrel-US512Not updated
66Pandorah Live Free or Die HordeNazgrel-US511
66Fælynn Wicked IntentNazgrel-US511
68Brehan The Good Bad and UglyNazgrel-US510Not updated
69Kalypta The Riddle of SteelNazgrel-US509
69Chaara Queens ShadowNazgrel-US509Not updated
71Zeratuul StormrageNazgrel-US507
71Babygahnoosh The Cartoon NightmaresNazgrel-US507Not updated
71Beerthirty Destroy EverythingNazgrel-US507Not updated
74Beetrix Ashes of EuphoriaNazgrel-US506

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