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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Muradin-US Unique Pets
1Zanthe Liquid CourageMuradin-US604Not updated
2Phate VoGMuradin-US578Not updated
3Roostér Dantes ChildrenMuradin-US576Not updated
4Undeadpam Calamitous IntentMuradin-US574Not updated
4Gilneada OblivionMuradin-US574Not updated
6Heatersmorph Casual TeesMuradin-US573Not updated
7Oorlian Liquid CourageMuradin-US572Not updated
8Malibubarbie The Northern LightMuradin-US569Not updated
9Cinedra The Forgotten OnesMuradin-US568Not updated
9Bélladonna Ultio Mea EstMuradin-US568Not updated
11Carrier First Assault DivisionMuradin-US566Not updated
12Trefoil VoGMuradin-US564Not updated
13Cherllindrea Wowz WowerzMuradin-US563Not updated
14Nellendy Knights of SerenityMuradin-US558Not updated
15Arcknite Wowz WowerzMuradin-US557Not updated
16Junô Calamitous IntentMuradin-US556Not updated
16Kitiarea Salvation in KillingMuradin-US556Not updated
16Genãsis  Muradin-US556Not updated
19Aranyszin  Muradin-US555Not updated
20Sunstrokes Northsouth ConnectionMuradin-US553Not updated
21Celyring Charlies AngelsMuradin-US551Not updated
22Artickillers Ketsueki TenshiMuradin-US550Not updated
23Lysantha SolaceMuradin-US548Not updated
23Ryuu DisturbedMuradin-US548Not updated
25Delaritas Ultio Mea EstMuradin-US547Not updated
26Krakfyre Liquid CourageMuradin-US545Not updated
26Bakkhus KimWipesMuradin-US545Not updated
26Zaibena SproutsMuradin-US545Not updated
29Wythliwu Exiled allianceMuradin-US544Not updated
30Tso Any Port in the StormMuradin-US542Not updated
31Aftermayo Charlies AngeIsMuradin-US540Not updated
31Blutmeister Celtic GodsMuradin-US540Not updated
33Aindsel  Muradin-US539Not updated
34Cassyopia Casual TeesMuradin-US538Not updated
34Pyriah Casual TeesMuradin-US538Not updated
34Ditza  Muradin-US538Not updated
37Lotophagi DoomhammerMuradin-US537Not updated
38Astrozonfear Knights of SilverhandMuradin-US536Not updated
39Gargamyll Chaos TheoryMuradin-US535Not updated
40Andruandia Wolves of ValhallaMuradin-US534Not updated
40Bluto RONINMuradin-US534Not updated
40Neasa RuinloreMuradin-US534Not updated
43Christophe Northsouth ConnectionMuradin-US533Not updated
43Tixxle  Muradin-US533Not updated
43Morbus Carpe DiemMuradin-US533Not updated
46Synistir EnvyMuradin-US531Not updated
46Bootyson Stay ThirstyMuradin-US531Not updated
48Hórdehater Apexis ReignMuradin-US530Not updated
48Ergosum First Assault DivisionMuradin-US530Not updated
48Darmonevil Ultio Mea EstMuradin-US530Not updated
51Patramia Knights of SerenityMuradin-US529Not updated
52Bonesetta The Northern LightMuradin-US528Not updated
52Kraazzle Salvation in KillingMuradin-US528Not updated
54Derad Knights of SerenityMuradin-US527Not updated
55Pamilee Live Die and LearnMuradin-US524Not updated
55Hawkin  Muradin-US524Not updated
57Eärawiel OblivionMuradin-US523Not updated
57Danney Knights of SerenityMuradin-US523Not updated
57Feyharhanna Phoenix RisingMuradin-US523Not updated
57Zugzug Path of Shattered SkiesMuradin-US523Not updated
61Markral  Muradin-US522Not updated
62Naryanyu Wolves of ValhallaMuradin-US521Not updated
62Grabetha  Muradin-US521Not updated
64Shauranne Grimiore HeartMuradin-US520Not updated
64Vixiun KimWipesMuradin-US520Not updated
64Halfsack Tastes Like CritMuradin-US520Not updated
67Lionelle VenomousMuradin-US519Not updated
67Momoki The Northern LightMuradin-US519Not updated
67Rysa Tastes Like CritMuradin-US519Not updated
70Aeon Guild for BadsMuradin-US518Not updated
70Rindora NocturnalMuradin-US518Not updated
72Pwnisher Wowz WowerzMuradin-US515Not updated
73Seahawktamer Salvation in KillingMuradin-US514Not updated
74Shayneeah RêînçåRnÄtedMuradin-US513Not updated
74Scallawag DisturbedMuradin-US513Not updated
76Drunkndots Timeless EndeavorMuradin-US512Not updated
76Shadowtalon Corsairs of Kul TirasMuradin-US512Not updated
76Wasaming Liquid CourageMuradin-US512Not updated
76Wasatacket Liquid CourageMuradin-US512Not updated
76Saiyarbarra SoulDoutMuradin-US512Not updated
76Sthaarsha Astranaar Models AgencyMuradin-US512Not updated
82Røøk ReflectionMuradin-US511Not updated
82Mÿsticall Wowz WowerzMuradin-US511Not updated
82Msvalkyrie  Muradin-US511Not updated
82Redstorm Dantes ChildrenMuradin-US511Not updated
86Swansong Knights of the ForgottenMuradin-US510Not updated
86Hyku  Muradin-US510Not updated
88Duuksilverv Wowz WowerzMuradin-US509Not updated
88Lockndroll Thirteenth LegionMuradin-US509Not updated

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