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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mug'thol-US Unique Pets
1Creator Drunken ProphetsMug'thol-US597Not updated
2Rattleshirt AwakeningMug'thol-US595Not updated
3Diessel T K TMug'thol-US584Not updated
3Quazzie T K TMug'thol-US584Not updated
5Rhie Twisted MindsMug'thol-US583Not updated
6Karmist  Mug'thol-US582Not updated
6Zhonya Dark AsylumMug'thol-US582Not updated
8Arya Twisted MindsMug'thol-US581Not updated
9Aleight T K TMug'thol-US579Not updated
9Vanessa Execute PhaseMug'thol-US579Not updated
11Vysca One Last StandMug'thol-US578Not updated
11Vyscababy One Last StandMug'thol-US578Not updated
11Fincayra One Last StandMug'thol-US578Not updated
14Dannica UndecidedMug'thol-US577Not updated
15Zsudanes  Mug'thol-US575Not updated
16Julescésar Made In QuébecMug'thol-US574Not updated
16Daeva DelusionMug'thol-US574Not updated
16Bastani sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US574Not updated
19Sierraleon One Last StandMug'thol-US573Not updated
20Lákh  Mug'thol-US572Not updated
20Luthorien Sunshine GamingMug'thol-US572Not updated
22Cathisrad License and RegistrationMug'thol-US570Not updated
23Carrotboy AwakeningMug'thol-US566Not updated
23Kamanchi sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US566Not updated
25Stagezilla Morior InvictusMug'thol-US564Not updated
26Cecilia License and RegistrationMug'thol-US563Not updated
27Zetssn AwakeningMug'thol-US562Not updated
28Theaxx One Last StandMug'thol-US561Not updated
28Wraths Dark AsylumMug'thol-US561Not updated
30Kriissy  Mug'thol-US560Not updated
31Dextera Immortalis MortuusMug'thol-US558Not updated
32Beezleham Dark AsylumMug'thol-US556Not updated
33Tsvok License and RegistrationMug'thol-US555Not updated
33Dorakrazul OdysseyMug'thol-US555Not updated
33Asterien Mad DecentMug'thol-US555Not updated
33Makaal  Mug'thol-US555Not updated
37Middy McDoublesMug'thol-US554Not updated
38Mielle ImminenceMug'thol-US553Not updated
39Morbidra UndecidedMug'thol-US551Not updated
39Putrëss K Bec KoiMug'thol-US551Not updated
39Hylianlinkzx  Mug'thol-US551Not updated
42Jùdas  Mug'thol-US550Not updated
43Ravencats UndecidedMug'thol-US549Not updated
44Amorescuro One Last StandMug'thol-US548Not updated
44Elderbane UndecidedMug'thol-US548Not updated
44Flummoxed One Last StandMug'thol-US548Not updated
44Aerice OdysseyMug'thol-US548Not updated
48Kuandth T K TMug'thol-US547Not updated
48Unanimated AmiciMug'thol-US547Not updated
50Probee AwakeningMug'thol-US546Not updated
50Zhvim For Great JusticeMug'thol-US546Not updated
50Tandol  Mug'thol-US546Not updated
53Gargamyl One Last StandMug'thol-US545Not updated
53Soresu One Last AttemptMug'thol-US545Not updated
53Brittlemon DemoMug'thol-US545Not updated
56Callabash AwakeningMug'thol-US542Not updated
56Ky DelusionMug'thol-US542Not updated
56Iceshards UndecidedMug'thol-US542Not updated
56Suprscopesix AwakeningMug'thol-US542Not updated
56Dogfish SnazzyMug'thol-US542Not updated
61Furbyslayer SAMCROMug'thol-US541Not updated
61Thelann One Last AttemptMug'thol-US541Not updated
61Bizel DelusionMug'thol-US541Not updated
61Keiiko Dark AsylumMug'thol-US541Not updated
65Norbon BlackguardsMug'thol-US540Not updated
65Koalabush AwakeningMug'thol-US540Not updated
65Kafpow AwakeningMug'thol-US540Not updated
65Crongo AwakeningMug'thol-US540Not updated
69Minidarkgag  Mug'thol-US538Not updated
70Minibar VoidMug'thol-US535Not updated
71Naeko ExcelMug'thol-US534Not updated
72Spokreyii  Mug'thol-US533Not updated
72Pallyssade Knight Of OathMug'thol-US533Not updated
74Neisseria Inherent ChaosMug'thol-US532Not updated
74Goodluckbear UroborusMug'thol-US532Not updated
74Kynmeill IntegrityMug'thol-US532Not updated
74Skorogh The BusinessMug'thol-US532Not updated
78Seirei The MaximumMug'thol-US531Not updated
79Maharani FatalisMug'thol-US529Not updated
79Uze One Last StandMug'thol-US529Not updated
79Maharajah  Mug'thol-US529Not updated
82Tinhadin Original BangersMug'thol-US528Not updated
83Leyaria  Mug'thol-US527Not updated
84Tame  Mug'thol-US526Not updated
85Superficial OdysseyMug'thol-US525Not updated
86Bribird AwakeningMug'thol-US523Not updated
86Thewarriior UroborusMug'thol-US523Not updated
88Wudañg sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US522Not updated
88Amoki SeiryokuMug'thol-US522Not updated
90Trollestia  Mug'thol-US521Not updated
90Zanzibarr Uben GlubenMug'thol-US521Not updated
92Lethargy DelusionMug'thol-US520Not updated
92Smokeitall LateralusMug'thol-US520Not updated
92Seniorspeedy Whisper GuardsMug'thol-US520Not updated
92Eurple  Mug'thol-US520Not updated
96Risenson Dark AsylumMug'thol-US519Not updated

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