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Moon Guard-US Unique Pets
1Kailli CondottieriMoon Guard-US601
2Jaundiced Altered RealityMoon Guard-US599Not updated
3Merriwether  Moon Guard-US598Not updated
4Balyndis The Dwarven VanguardMoon Guard-US594
5Aleyria Totally OffensiveMoon Guard-US592Not updated
5Chibimaruko Totally OffensiveMoon Guard-US592Not updated
7Ephinal Argent Hymn CaptiveMoon Guard-US590Not updated
8Cygerstorm Undercity NexusMoon Guard-US588Not updated
8Burkie Bladebane MercenariesMoon Guard-US588Not updated
10Zeromont Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586
10Geshna Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US586
10Chrysantheme Midnight Rose ManorMoon Guard-US586
10Wyrm Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586
10Suzanne Midnight Rose ManorMoon Guard-US586Not updated
10Nivva Collared LegacyMoon Guard-US586Not updated
10Aurican Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586
10Beliskner Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586
10Kaisye Stygian KnightsMoon Guard-US586Not updated
10Lectral Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586
10Korril Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586
10Arctide Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586Not updated
10Bearsby Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586Not updated
10Vestige Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586
10Vizier Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586
10Diffusion Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US586Not updated
10Lunaerie Stygian KnightsMoon Guard-US586Not updated
27Adalia Comfortably NumbMoon Guard-US584
28Shailfa Call of CthulhuMoon Guard-US583
28Avraen Nocturnal OblivionMoon Guard-US583Not updated
30Rexim The Rainsong TribeMoon Guard-US582
30Serenaria Tower GreywatchMoon Guard-US582Not updated
30Moonikins Insidious AngelsMoon Guard-US582
33Sveltanie Stygian KnightsMoon Guard-US581Not updated
34Gwyndôlyn Call of CthulhuMoon Guard-US580
34Ålla Call of CthulhuMoon Guard-US580
34Imtamis Call of CthulhuMoon Guard-US580
34Zigziglar Call of CthulhuMoon Guard-US580Not updated
38Dythok ContinuumMoon Guard-US579
38Aurelia WarforgedMoon Guard-US579
38Ariannã The Bearers of LightMoon Guard-US579Not updated
38Suzanie  Moon Guard-US579Not updated
42Shadoren The StonemasonsMoon Guard-US578Not updated
42Kronok TrialsMoon Guard-US578
42Oridest EinherjarMoon Guard-US578Not updated
45Narimu Spirits of WarMoon Guard-US577
46Ashoke Silver Star DragoonsMoon Guard-US576
46Ciqalla Camp Campingston FallsMoon Guard-US576Not updated
46Gilel  Moon Guard-US576Not updated
46Cairyos Midnight Rose ManorMoon Guard-US576Not updated
46Gildina  Moon Guard-US576
51Ticity Emberstone SanctumMoon Guard-US575
52Gilina Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US573
53Giyo  Moon Guard-US572Not updated
53Callisia Posthuman SocietyMoon Guard-US572Not updated
55Meciel Ice Lance IncMoon Guard-US571
55Lyraka House SunfletcherMoon Guard-US571
55Shadokhan Not Quite Dead YetMoon Guard-US571
55Onodos FataIityMoon Guard-US571Not updated
55Ainia Burning Tusk TribeMoon Guard-US571Not updated
55Inzsayslaos AtonementMoon Guard-US571Not updated
61Mischiefskin Silver Star DragoonsMoon Guard-US570
61Praxous Dark TempestMoon Guard-US570Not updated
61Ashguard The Aetherfire OffensiveMoon Guard-US570
61Fareya Strength In NumbersMoon Guard-US570Not updated
65Makco Apocalyptic ReignMoon Guard-US569
65Ashirlexi Bad VooDooMoon Guard-US569Not updated
65Kyary Sugary SweetsMoon Guard-US569Not updated
65Aliana  Moon Guard-US569Not updated
65Ohlola  Moon Guard-US569Not updated
70Rinena Test of FaithMoon Guard-US568
70Kerilana WarforgedMoon Guard-US568
70Tij  Moon Guard-US568Not updated
73Autumnsunset Leap of FaithMoon Guard-US567
73Xenus The SunguardMoon Guard-US567
73Elfuego Demonic HordesMoon Guard-US567
73Poxxy WarforgedMoon Guard-US567
73Tusia Spirits of WarMoon Guard-US567
78Zashana Shadows of ArgusMoon Guard-US566
78Tyleinth Gold KnucklesMoon Guard-US566
78Penthea Trial by StoneMoon Guard-US566Not updated
78Oodle  Moon Guard-US566Not updated
82Jembaya Unspoken OathMoon Guard-US565
82Pascura  Moon Guard-US565Not updated
82Makisig ForgottenMoon Guard-US565Not updated
85Zalaolm Perfectly ImperfectMoon Guard-US564
86Seriniya EinherjarMoon Guard-US563
86Kellisani The Shadows of LiteMoon Guard-US563
86Yazhi LightshadowMoon Guard-US563Not updated
86Whizia Camp Campingston FallsMoon Guard-US563Not updated
86Titriga Camp Campingston FallsMoon Guard-US563Not updated
91Lazeehl Stormblade ClanMoon Guard-US562
91Tiffarra Exiled AngelsMoon Guard-US562
91Synea Mystic FlameMoon Guard-US562Not updated
91Orkadi  Moon Guard-US562Not updated
91Tastyclouds  Moon Guard-US562Not updated
91Glynzek Blades of the WickedMoon Guard-US562
91Lillian  Moon Guard-US562Not updated
98Teitei Eternal DreamsMoon Guard-US561
98Zelazowa Band of the DragonhawkMoon Guard-US561Not updated
98Kothizzle Tuar AnnwnMoon Guard-US561Not updated

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