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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Misha-US Unique Pets
1Fårore EquinoxMisha-US603Not updated
2Covet Progression PugMisha-US591Not updated
3Fallensoaldk Irish JusticeMisha-US589Not updated
4Kaelais Progression PugMisha-US588Not updated
4Haweewa A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US588Not updated
6Xanthra Sage MagykMisha-US585Not updated
7Roofus RepublicMisha-US582Not updated
8Becinaa Just Having FunMisha-US581Not updated
8Centurio Just Having FunMisha-US581Not updated
8Catrylle Just Having FunMisha-US581Not updated
8Rookes Just Having FunMisha-US581Not updated
8Maab Just Having FunMisha-US581Not updated
13Vedrong Progression PugMisha-US580Not updated
14Mochizuki Guild of ElitesMisha-US579Not updated
14Elissariâ UnhallowedMisha-US579Not updated
16Honeybrew Progression PugMisha-US577Not updated
16Earthsong EquinoxMisha-US577Not updated
16Brixi  Misha-US577Not updated
16Makemyday Wicked SensationMisha-US577Not updated
20Malpractice EquinoxMisha-US575Not updated
21Polgaraspell Is DisfunctionalMisha-US574Not updated
22Jossis PantheonMisha-US572Not updated
23Hellshelpper  Misha-US571Not updated
23Pearlmutter A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US571Not updated
25Deodall Killer BunniesMisha-US568Not updated
26Spellbounð Guild of ElitesMisha-US567Not updated
26Bitsybee TruthinessMisha-US567Not updated
26Malder Killer BunniesMisha-US567Not updated
29Calmd OrchidMisha-US564Not updated
29Forceful Kings GuardMisha-US564Not updated
29Banè  Misha-US564Not updated
32Docinthehous Just Having FunMisha-US563Not updated
33Pusifer Guild of ElitesMisha-US562Not updated
34Bloodcaster The Insáne AsylumMisha-US560Not updated
34Qwerta New EraMisha-US560Not updated
36Ixjuliexl DarkHorseDivisionMisha-US557Not updated
37Xanthern Eradicators of WarcraftMisha-US556Not updated
37ßloodcast The Insáne AsylumMisha-US556Not updated
39Beastmòde Guild of ElitesMisha-US555Not updated
39Zzegy The Sacred CrusadeMisha-US555Not updated
41Ainsley Twilight GuardiansMisha-US554Not updated
41Tassica Enchanted Tiki HamstersMisha-US554Not updated
43Snaper PantheonMisha-US553Not updated
43Tacotaco PantheonMisha-US553Not updated
45Kyuzhen A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US551Not updated
46Speäritguide The Conclave of ShadowsMisha-US550Not updated
46Cageymage  Misha-US550Not updated
46Allorah Guild of ElitesMisha-US550Not updated
46Yeva Queen Annes RevengeMisha-US550Not updated
46Chowdapot Progression PugMisha-US550Not updated
51Mdead Killer BunniesMisha-US549Not updated
51Sharkie Progression PugMisha-US549Not updated
53Profion Guild of ElitesMisha-US548Not updated
53Scarletrose The Knights Of ValorMisha-US548Not updated
55Riñ SWAGGERMisha-US546Not updated
55Solnemesis Grano SalisMisha-US546Not updated
55Taitars FamøusMisha-US546Not updated
58Torling Mercenaries Of The HordeMisha-US545Not updated
58Starfires The GelflingsMisha-US545Not updated
58Ellisabeta Disneyland After DarkMisha-US545Not updated
61Dutches  Misha-US542Not updated
61Talanian Eradicators of WarcraftMisha-US542Not updated
63Lemonke  Misha-US539Not updated
64Jartus Bearded Anvil BangersMisha-US538Not updated
64Monfel Bearded Anvil BangersMisha-US538Not updated
64Henrylol PantheonMisha-US538Not updated
64Sistermercy DecertoMisha-US538Not updated
68Adabu Dark Side of the MoonMisha-US537Not updated
69Indiancasino Progression PugMisha-US536Not updated
70Songokú AFK During TrashMisha-US533Not updated
71Pandemonimon UnrezzurectedMisha-US532Not updated
72Firefli The Knights Of ValorMisha-US531Not updated
72Pinkflame  Misha-US531Not updated
74Oilinwater Sage MagykMisha-US530Not updated
75Honeymister EquinoxMisha-US529Not updated
76Adellwyn SWAGGERMisha-US528Not updated
76Smokeysilver TruthinessMisha-US528Not updated
78Tharloch Lost DragonsMisha-US527Not updated
78Liaani  Misha-US527Not updated
80Kenyak Guild of ElitesMisha-US526Not updated
80Blot A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US526Not updated
82Idontknów Hells FuryMisha-US525Not updated
83Dreamera Devil Dog Marines of WOWMisha-US524Not updated
83Davoodoochic THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US524Not updated
85Ahnikah Dark Side of the MoonMisha-US522Not updated
85Vivisect Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US522Not updated
85Comi UnforgivingMisha-US522Not updated
88Lleztrah Cronic Needs TherapyMisha-US521Not updated
88Orious  Misha-US521Not updated
88Meimei DarkHorseDivisionMisha-US521Not updated
88Astrosus  Misha-US521Not updated
92Emeldirr One Patch BehindMisha-US520Not updated
93Brindletusk Private PartyMisha-US519Not updated
93Emilywind The Forgotten FuryMisha-US519Not updated

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