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Mannoroth-EU Unique Pets
1Fumaro  Mannoroth-EU591Not updated
2Emerald InsomniaMannoroth-EU586Not updated
3Morrdus Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU573Not updated
4Kamile  Mannoroth-EU563Not updated
5Lynnlynn  Mannoroth-EU559Not updated
5Darkidefix from the barrelMannoroth-EU559Not updated
7Neluk  Mannoroth-EU557Not updated
8Tubenstiger Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU556Not updated
9Lisanda  Mannoroth-EU555Not updated
9Mietzé  Mannoroth-EU555Not updated
11Bløødprinces Prinzessinnen AGMannoroth-EU554Not updated
12Schaefchen Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU553Not updated
13Laxsica decimateMannoroth-EU552Not updated
14Saxana  Mannoroth-EU547Not updated
14Sheena ReloadedMannoroth-EU547Not updated
14Garibaldi almost famousMannoroth-EU547Not updated
17Nynui  Mannoroth-EU545Not updated
18Nitchi  Mannoroth-EU544Not updated
18Héra PlaceholderMannoroth-EU544Not updated
20Rocahn Die Bajuwaren der HordeMannoroth-EU542Not updated
21Sephius Trinker und HeldenMannoroth-EU539Not updated
21Quanzhin SkullhunterSMannoroth-EU539Not updated
21Kromrand Trinker und HeldenMannoroth-EU539Not updated
24Bærbel Der kleine TaureMannoroth-EU537Not updated
24Tringo SynergyMannoroth-EU537Not updated
24Danlee  Mannoroth-EU537Not updated
27Piran  Mannoroth-EU536Not updated
28Caydee BettnässerMannoroth-EU535Not updated
29Liath  Mannoroth-EU534Not updated
30Lygia Mord ist ihr HobbyMannoroth-EU531Not updated
31Noxyia  Mannoroth-EU530Not updated
32Miscreant Farming and the FuriousMannoroth-EU526Not updated
33Ethalia Øld SchoolMannoroth-EU525Not updated
34Skullshaker  Mannoroth-EU524Not updated
35Schams  Mannoroth-EU523Not updated
35Angelyna DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU523Not updated
37Makida WitchhunterMannoroth-EU522Not updated
37Gnaash bites when picked upMannoroth-EU522Not updated
39Æida  Mannoroth-EU521Not updated
40Liquidgold  Mannoroth-EU519Not updated
40Taronka is a HimugüegeliMannoroth-EU519Not updated
40Gorwak is a HimugüegeliMannoroth-EU519Not updated
43Loxlee  Mannoroth-EU517Not updated
44Velcra Harige MaagMannoroth-EU516Not updated
45Astradena  Mannoroth-EU515Not updated
45Branrock  Mannoroth-EU515Not updated
45Sinay  Mannoroth-EU515Not updated
48Waltraudt  Mannoroth-EU514Not updated
49Shenun Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU513Not updated
49Ombaala  Mannoroth-EU513Not updated
49Landis  Mannoroth-EU513Not updated
52Waldmonk  Mannoroth-EU511Not updated
53Griggz Selection of the HordeMannoroth-EU510Not updated
54Zenhai  Mannoroth-EU509Not updated
55Lyên  Mannoroth-EU508Not updated
56Rämmidämmi WaldfruchtmandarInenMannoroth-EU507Not updated
56Erecura  Mannoroth-EU507Not updated
56Zûma  Mannoroth-EU507Not updated
59Aloriel  Mannoroth-EU506Not updated
59Nayuka  Mannoroth-EU506Not updated
61Artilla cadeyrnMannoroth-EU505Not updated
61Noxie WaldfruchtmandarInenMannoroth-EU505Not updated
61Alraith  Mannoroth-EU505Not updated
64Andelas die legendeMannoroth-EU503Not updated
64Rathok  Mannoroth-EU503Not updated
64Snorbie DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU503Not updated
64Nourii  Mannoroth-EU503Not updated
68Tia  Mannoroth-EU502Not updated
68Taola  Mannoroth-EU502Not updated
70Nóriko  Mannoroth-EU501Not updated
71Bloodkiss Knights of the FightsMannoroth-EU500Not updated
71Cairina  Mannoroth-EU500Not updated
71Actres The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU500Not updated
74Truthp  Mannoroth-EU498Not updated
74Haayjagor Die Bajuwaren der HordeMannoroth-EU498Not updated
74Highheals  Mannoroth-EU498Not updated
77Meryna DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU497Not updated
78Ryõko  Mannoroth-EU496Not updated
78Swêêtangel BackToBashMannoroth-EU496Not updated
80Bahira Trinker und HeldenMannoroth-EU495Not updated
81Stomos InsidiousMannoroth-EU493Not updated
82Nesora  Mannoroth-EU492Not updated
83Azyrus Break ya NeckMannoroth-EU491Not updated
83Paleraider  Mannoroth-EU491Not updated
85Evilyn belehrungsresistentMannoroth-EU490Not updated
85Crazyzicke XR HoOlsMannoroth-EU490Not updated
87Grünschnabel WitchhunterMannoroth-EU489Not updated
87Kandara  Mannoroth-EU489Not updated
89Syriora  Mannoroth-EU488Not updated
89Axas Cohortis PraetoriaMannoroth-EU488Not updated
91Manouk Are U ScaredMannoroth-EU487Not updated
92Kath Cohortis PraetoriaMannoroth-EU486Not updated
93Scherbatsky The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU485Not updated
93Kethya  Mannoroth-EU485Not updated
95Multiplyz HazeMannoroth-EU484Not updated
96Zhyszhak  Mannoroth-EU483Not updated
96Sanchez Dark RefugeMannoroth-EU483Not updated
98Punica decimateMannoroth-EU482Not updated
98Tazuki  Mannoroth-EU482Not updated
98Zanju  Mannoroth-EU482Not updated

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