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Malygos-US Unique Pets
1Squidly Crimson RavensMalygos-US602
2Alassea LoyaltyMalygos-US594
3Artor Dev NullMalygos-US592
4Eilistraee Dev NullMalygos-US590
4Kiaransalee Dev NullMalygos-US590Not updated
6Dougal Clan BonsaiMalygos-US586Not updated
7Henna ValhallaMalygos-US585
8Nilâ Legends of LegendMalygos-US583Not updated
8Olinda Red PhoenixMalygos-US583
10Bethany Blades Of RageMalygos-US580
10Rionerse  Malygos-US580Not updated
12Severa Darn the GoatsMalygos-US579
13Daruhealer ArmageddonMalygos-US576
14Attea  Malygos-US575
15Äcid NerfedMalygos-US574
16Kiyahra Opportunity IncMalygos-US572Not updated
17Snowcap LightbearerMalygos-US571
18Mogria Warriors of the Red DawnMalygos-US569
19Acorna Fallen TitansMalygos-US567Not updated
20Cracked FracturedMalygos-US566
21Olyssa Fear The FrostMalygos-US565Not updated
22Tamaduh Clan of the Red DragonMalygos-US564
22Baux Clan BonsaiMalygos-US564
22Kaellah SoulboundMalygos-US564
25Pear LightbearerMalygos-US562
25Apricot LightbearerMalygos-US562
25Althaea LightbearerMalygos-US562
25Margot LightbearerMalygos-US562
29Zzerf Shadowmoon KnightsMalygos-US561
29Oxarra Elitist EffectMalygos-US561Not updated
29Missfluffy Critters Gone BadMalygos-US561Not updated
32Keirasy Clan of the Red DragonMalygos-US560
33Ashyria The Order of the PhoenixMalygos-US559Not updated
33Kroanen The Dragons BaneMalygos-US559Not updated
35Fidempse Freaky Fast Freaky GoodMalygos-US558
36Echylod Red PhoenixMalygos-US556
37Cocoabeast IniquitousMalygos-US554
38Hecatombe Lords of the NightMalygos-US553
38Yiago Angry HousewivesMalygos-US553Not updated
38Khyla  Malygos-US553Not updated
38Alleelynn CAPsMalygos-US553Not updated
42Jazraven ETFMalygos-US552
42Jinmay MooMalygos-US552
44Zasu Grand Theft KodoMalygos-US550Not updated
44Drakewings Mad VigilantiesMalygos-US550
46Kiffina Elitist EffectMalygos-US549
46Roninia Darn the GoatsMalygos-US549
46Fineus Darn the GoatsMalygos-US549
46Liriell Just Play the GameMalygos-US549Not updated
50Edorthian Twisted FatesMalygos-US548
50Kurupt Lords of the NightMalygos-US548Not updated
50Drompezz Elitist EffectMalygos-US548Not updated
53Borrich Darn the GoatsMalygos-US547
53Rioná ApathyMalygos-US547
53Elunacy the electric walrusMalygos-US547Not updated
56Corthander Legends of LegendMalygos-US546
56Kenai Angry HousewivesMalygos-US546
58Molpe Dev NullMalygos-US545Not updated
58Slippers Clan of the Red DragonMalygos-US545
60Jargoe Sons of ValhallaMalygos-US544
61Aszure Prophets of ArmageddonMalygos-US543Not updated
61Yersinia CornbreadMalygos-US543Not updated
63Otrera The Evil DeadMalygos-US542
63Ryma Well EquippedMalygos-US542
63Keia Random ActsMalygos-US542Not updated
63Mightysole  Malygos-US542
63Imagery ObliviousMalygos-US542
63Mightyboot  Malygos-US542
63Sanisten  Malygos-US542Not updated
70Ozzler RGVMalygos-US541
71Gooniegoogoo Down for WhateverMalygos-US540
71Darcechoke MooMalygos-US540Not updated
71Eamañi Just Play the GameMalygos-US540Not updated
74Darkservant Instruments of NightMalygos-US539Not updated
74Gnissa Imperial ArmyMalygos-US539Not updated
76Pooee Twilight AscensionMalygos-US538Not updated
77Nautious League of the SoullessMalygos-US537
77Purifiedsin EquitasMalygos-US537
77Sarlexis ApathyMalygos-US537Not updated
80Kiwanuka RevengeMalygos-US536
80Katessa Rebirth of HopeMalygos-US536
82Raithoss MitosisMalygos-US535
82Nissi FortisMalygos-US535

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