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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Malfurion-US Unique Pets
1Doobjanka  Malfurion-US603Not updated
2Keraly Ride the LightningMalfurion-US588Not updated
3Jaadone Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US586Not updated
3Ashamel Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US586Not updated
3Gillan Lords of WarMalfurion-US586Not updated
6Bloodknivez Dread KnightsMalfurion-US584Not updated
6Himawari Evolution of EntropyMalfurion-US584Not updated
8Shiona  Malfurion-US583Not updated
9Arikiro The ShinigamiMalfurion-US580Not updated
10Kayla Forsaken FewMalfurion-US576Not updated
10Shadezslayer ZeitgeistMalfurion-US576Not updated
10Karan ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US576Not updated
13Maximohess  Malfurion-US574Not updated
14Dumples LegenderpyMalfurion-US572Not updated
14Burnseller Bloody HellionsMalfurion-US572Not updated
16Spikesham UnscrupulousMalfurion-US569Not updated
16Cosette Dragonfly TribeMalfurion-US569Not updated
18Fear  Malfurion-US568Not updated
19Kitane Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US567Not updated
19Sinjala Thralls AngelsMalfurion-US567Not updated
21Hadorin Hellfire AngelsMalfurion-US566Not updated
22Moonghosts Bloody HellionsMalfurion-US565Not updated
23Nadroir SquarepantsMalfurion-US564Not updated
24Erisin I Eat Murlocks For LunchMalfurion-US563Not updated
25Tara DAMAGE INCORPORATEDMalfurion-US562Not updated
25Kara TheBlackSheepMalfurion-US562Not updated
25Whispèrs Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US562Not updated
25Sara Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US562Not updated
25Valamoo ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US562Not updated
30Booziel Sonic Death MonkeyMalfurion-US561Not updated
31Ghoulpn Death Becomes UsMalfurion-US558Not updated
31Anaxis ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US558Not updated
33Crícket Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US557Not updated
34Lara TheBlackSheepMalfurion-US556Not updated
34Goldilok Noxious ConcoctionsMalfurion-US556Not updated
36Imbubbled ZephonMalfurion-US555Not updated
37Tobawae Endless NightMalfurion-US554Not updated
38Cocochanel Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US553Not updated
39Zonnie Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US552Not updated
40Eillesthis UnscrupulousMalfurion-US551Not updated
40Beansterpr Eternal KnightsMalfurion-US551Not updated
40Demodecus ZephonMalfurion-US551Not updated
40Disa Sentinels reignMalfurion-US551Not updated
44Shimmarie Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US550Not updated
45Besheke Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US549Not updated
45Mahkargh Hammer DownMalfurion-US549Not updated
47Xanthera Bat CountryMalfurion-US548Not updated
48Ozwin  Malfurion-US547Not updated
48Roleypoley playdoughMalfurion-US547Not updated
50Lobogrande Evolution of EntropyMalfurion-US546Not updated
50Amrin Fury of the HordeMalfurion-US546Not updated
50Billmürry  Malfurion-US546Not updated
53Zodiarka Thralls AngelsMalfurion-US544Not updated
53Atlan In ExileMalfurion-US544Not updated
53Astrapia  Malfurion-US544Not updated
53Iolani  Malfurion-US544Not updated
57Janette Hellfire AngelsMalfurion-US543Not updated
57Reene The FeetMalfurion-US543Not updated
57Shamanblitz Rabid Dogs of HellMalfurion-US543Not updated
60Sevinne UnscrupulousMalfurion-US542Not updated
60Gintseng  Malfurion-US542Not updated
62Raeh Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US541Not updated
62Lucidtragedy HomelandMalfurion-US541Not updated
62Taurohtar Order of ThoughtMalfurion-US541Not updated
65Simca ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US540Not updated
65Clåry Dragonfly ClanMalfurion-US540Not updated
65Littlewmon The SicknessMalfurion-US540Not updated
65Thrune Ride the LightningMalfurion-US540Not updated
69Itrapu ZeitgeistMalfurion-US539Not updated
69Zabmakin Sentinels reignMalfurion-US539Not updated
71Sudn Forsaken FewMalfurion-US538Not updated
72Moolong ZeitgeistMalfurion-US537Not updated
73Céleste Le Cercle de DionysosMalfurion-US536Not updated
73Sesmu Thralls AngelsMalfurion-US536Not updated
75Syrelliia Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US535Not updated
75Snowdancer Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US535Not updated
75Kalena Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US535Not updated
75Cirucci Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US535Not updated
75Abattlemage BrimirMalfurion-US535Not updated
75Alejlin  Malfurion-US535Not updated
75Qar Ride the LightningMalfurion-US535Not updated
82Modarr High ElvesMalfurion-US534Not updated
82Carousel ExiledMalfurion-US534Not updated
82Jeinhun DazzleMalfurion-US534Not updated
85Malian Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US533Not updated
85Cyrandan Devils RejectsMalfurion-US533Not updated
87Stòrm  Malfurion-US532Not updated
87Putricide fear is the mind killerMalfurion-US532Not updated

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