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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mal'Ganis-EU Unique Pets
1Blondangel InstinctMal'Ganis-EU600Not updated
1Zangela wasted yearsMal'Ganis-EU600Not updated
3Diotíma nRageMal'Ganis-EU592Not updated
4Spandex RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU585Not updated
4Chasy RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU585Not updated
6Duddit Forsaken MindsMal'Ganis-EU584Not updated
6Worgaholik There is no RL only AFKMal'Ganis-EU584Not updated
6Fluchti  Mal'Ganis-EU584Not updated
9Frittierfett RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU580Not updated
10Meistergnom InstinctMal'Ganis-EU579Not updated
10Saarstahl RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU579Not updated
10Merliin ClubbüroMal'Ganis-EU579Not updated
13Chiimii Schwert und RoseMal'Ganis-EU577Not updated
14Khairne  Mal'Ganis-EU575Not updated
14Olívia RiotMal'Ganis-EU575Not updated
16Hestix Rat PackMal'Ganis-EU573Not updated
17Ylidrial ApocalypseMal'Ganis-EU572Not updated
17Chíco Baiindhe DubMal'Ganis-EU572Not updated
17Euphrosine RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU572Not updated
20Kaejin ChaotixMal'Ganis-EU570Not updated
21Johnnyshockr  Mal'Ganis-EU569Not updated
21Quinned The Infinity ReloadedMal'Ganis-EU569Not updated
23Leaunoir senseMal'Ganis-EU568Not updated
23Hansi ChronosMal'Ganis-EU568Not updated
25Málagos  Mal'Ganis-EU567Not updated
25Primavery  Mal'Ganis-EU567Not updated
25Eutropia ChronosMal'Ganis-EU567Not updated
28Zrajfara Spirits of the ShadowMal'Ganis-EU566Not updated
28Zêrdafir AndromedarMal'Ganis-EU566Not updated
30Jôelie LegionMal'Ganis-EU565Not updated
30Boehseronkel PressureMal'Ganis-EU565Not updated
32Sambucus Twilight Hammer ClanMal'Ganis-EU562Not updated
32Bluesree Souls of InfinityMal'Ganis-EU562Not updated
34Hawik Psycho KlinikMal'Ganis-EU561Not updated
34Kíssbaby whirlMal'Ganis-EU561Not updated
34Shinava FrontschweineMal'Ganis-EU561Not updated
37Sharyjn RevivalMal'Ganis-EU559Not updated
38Siegrid MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU558Not updated
38Kururu MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU558Not updated
38Kumquats MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU558Not updated
38Isnah MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU558Not updated
38Evangelina MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU558Not updated
43Ellíot Our RevengeMal'Ganis-EU557Not updated
44Misharo Mia san miaMal'Ganis-EU554Not updated
45Aveyana kitty goes RAWRMal'Ganis-EU553Not updated
46Doji The Infinity ReloadedMal'Ganis-EU550Not updated
47Malakor Baiindhe DubMal'Ganis-EU549Not updated
47Ãrtemis Baiindhe DubMal'Ganis-EU549Not updated
47Ebenholz InstinctMal'Ganis-EU549Not updated
47Zyx AscardiaMal'Ganis-EU549Not updated
47Lëxa senseMal'Ganis-EU549Not updated
47Njauknjauk macht DRUCKMal'Ganis-EU549Not updated
47Diora Rat PackMal'Ganis-EU549Not updated
47Herminee  Mal'Ganis-EU549Not updated
55Xsichtgeber Billionaires ClubMal'Ganis-EU548Not updated
55Mirijel VanityMal'Ganis-EU548Not updated
57Nolis VanityMal'Ganis-EU547Not updated
57Eylêên synoMal'Ganis-EU547Not updated
59Painí queXilverMal'Ganis-EU546Not updated
60Pürzelchen epochMal'Ganis-EU545Not updated
60Calanti Lack of UnityMal'Ganis-EU545Not updated
60Silentowl SchattenlichterMal'Ganis-EU545Not updated
63Tarîa Spirit of AzerothMal'Ganis-EU544Not updated
63Luzl DrachensturmMal'Ganis-EU544Not updated
63Schocky KernölprinzenMal'Ganis-EU544Not updated
66Ärîâ VanityMal'Ganis-EU543Not updated
67Chajare BlueStormMal'Ganis-EU542Not updated
67Dragorah Spirits of the ShadowMal'Ganis-EU542Not updated
69Yimoi PrôphecyMal'Ganis-EU541Not updated
69Paladius Ex InferisMal'Ganis-EU541Not updated
69Nievesh epochMal'Ganis-EU541Not updated
69Xaniane Wuschl PuschlMal'Ganis-EU541Not updated
73Lastik Lorem IpsumMal'Ganis-EU539Not updated
73Tragul DragonsMal'Ganis-EU539Not updated
73Reidartyr Blutrote PhalanxMal'Ganis-EU539Not updated
73Yelvawig InitiumMal'Ganis-EU539Not updated
73Bebhionn Glut der ErneuerungMal'Ganis-EU539Not updated
73Maeda  Mal'Ganis-EU539Not updated
79Rajâh CæremoniaMal'Ganis-EU538Not updated
79Gothmor The Infinity ReloadedMal'Ganis-EU538Not updated
79Fylgja CalacyriaMal'Ganis-EU538Not updated
79Bogrod Glut der ErneuerungMal'Ganis-EU538Not updated
79Keomanight  Mal'Ganis-EU538Not updated
84Tønks LawrenciumMal'Ganis-EU537Not updated
84Nádua  Mal'Ganis-EU537Not updated
84Vále SynergyMal'Ganis-EU537Not updated
84Electic Monsters IncMal'Ganis-EU537Not updated
88Ptanthorec Spirits of the ShadowMal'Ganis-EU536Not updated
88Moonwalker Spirit of AzerothMal'Ganis-EU536Not updated

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