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Magtheridon-US Unique Pets
1Catarik WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US600
2Icehole Euphoric MethodMagtheridon-US596
2Iceshock Euphoric MethodMagtheridon-US596
4Rumi The Immortal HuntMagtheridon-US595
5Devare Here to Ruin Your DayMagtheridon-US592
6Rain Guildless NoobsMagtheridon-US590
6Quarla Superiority ComplexMagtheridon-US590
8Morojin Horde VeritasMagtheridon-US584
9Esaa  Magtheridon-US580Not updated
10Tangerine R U NMagtheridon-US576
11Kittcatt Forsaken IlluminatiMagtheridon-US571Not updated
12Acideyeliner WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US569
13Sunqi TribeMagtheridon-US568
14Toes  Magtheridon-US566Not updated
14Eirina Knights Of ValorMagtheridon-US566
16Cindër ElysiumMagtheridon-US564
17Dianochka Free Loot TuesdaysMagtheridon-US563
17Dockworker  Magtheridon-US563
17Mudjugu Forsaken IlluminatiMagtheridon-US563
17Cathisrad At least im guildedMagtheridon-US563Not updated
21Owlz PremonitionMagtheridon-US562Not updated
22Mysticmet GramaryeMagtheridon-US561
23Krague VexationMagtheridon-US559
24Sheehun Guildless NoobsMagtheridon-US558
24Flowerpicker InsanityMagtheridon-US558Not updated
26Magiiolo so cuteMagtheridon-US556Not updated
27Jimileadkock The Censored HeroesMagtheridon-US555Not updated
27Gart DORFS ONLYMagtheridon-US555Not updated
29Fistavust WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US552Not updated
30Celadorada PandamoniumMagtheridon-US551
31Breener  Magtheridon-US549Not updated
32Cubedefense Axis Of EvilMagtheridon-US546
32Healani Forward Slash FlexMagtheridon-US546Not updated
34Valana  Magtheridon-US543Not updated
35Baberuthless  Magtheridon-US542Not updated
36Shoa Forgotten RelicMagtheridon-US541
36Leriáh RecklessMagtheridon-US541
36Quintessance Limit BreaksMagtheridon-US541Not updated
39Giozos The Censored HeroesMagtheridon-US539
39Cecilià At least im guildedMagtheridon-US539Not updated
41Sassylashes Euphoric MethodMagtheridon-US538
41Talore Guiles Theme SongMagtheridon-US538Not updated
41Vikktoria  Magtheridon-US538
41Hoshisabi Power Word NoobMagtheridon-US538Not updated
41Adipocere  Magtheridon-US538
46Illsa  Magtheridon-US535
46Ano Dream TeamMagtheridon-US535
46Lonigan RegulatorsMagtheridon-US535
49Starline Blue Screen Of DeathMagtheridon-US534Not updated
50Narij WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US533
51Huntercolt PandamoniumMagtheridon-US532
51Heycutiesup  Magtheridon-US532Not updated
53Monkeybunz Rubber Ducky SocietyMagtheridon-US531
53Razull Wrath Of A MenaceMagtheridon-US531
55Thoss PagansMagtheridon-US530
55Bellaira Last AttemptMagtheridon-US530
55Beefwildfire AfterworldMagtheridon-US530
58Gweinivere Knights round tableMagtheridon-US529
59Kisetsu PandamoniumMagtheridon-US528
60Keilania ElysiumMagtheridon-US527
61Reirei Kodan ArmadaMagtheridon-US526
61Cazdow Banned from eHarmonyMagtheridon-US526Not updated
61Eternyty The EnemyMagtheridon-US526Not updated
61Kimmey Kodan ArmadaMagtheridon-US526
65Sarky WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US525
65Jaina  Magtheridon-US525Not updated
65Mccready Hordes AngelsMagtheridon-US525Not updated
68Dettocs PandamoniumMagtheridon-US524
68Sahyurie PandamoniumMagtheridon-US524
70Cackler The RequiemMagtheridon-US523
71Nautia Guildless NoobsMagtheridon-US520
72Plagiarized The RequiemMagtheridon-US519
72Striphe Templar of SteelMagtheridon-US519
74Shadowbubble DarkLordsOfTheUnderWorldMagtheridon-US518Not updated

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