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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Madoran-US Unique Pets
1Doobjanka WarcraftPetsMadoran-US611Not updated
2Ravnstorm WarcraftPetsMadoran-US607Not updated
3Niblett WarcraftPetsMadoran-US606Not updated
3Vendelle WarcraftPetsMadoran-US606Not updated
5Roselga WarcraftPetsMadoran-US605Not updated
6Kyllestra Magical MenagerieMadoran-US603Not updated
7Swearengen WarcraftPetsMadoran-US602Not updated
8Bsbyuki RenovatusMadoran-US601Not updated
8Swamarama WarcraftPetsMadoran-US601Not updated
8Lumberthug WarcraftPetsMadoran-US601Not updated
8Balenor Magical MenagerieMadoran-US601Not updated
8Yosza Magical MenagerieMadoran-US601Not updated
8Thanos  Madoran-US601Not updated
14Zinjó  Madoran-US600Not updated
15Quiggle  Madoran-US599Not updated
16Moofortune Magical MenagerieMadoran-US598Not updated
16Abbizmyl WarcraftPetsMadoran-US598Not updated
16Palamoo  Madoran-US598Not updated
19Erossavia Magical MenagerieMadoran-US596Not updated
20Spenster  Madoran-US595Not updated
20Rukiah Magical MenagerieMadoran-US595Not updated
20Bingxi WarcraftPetsMadoran-US595Not updated
23Decypher WarcraftPetsMadoran-US594Not updated
23Marilena  Madoran-US594Not updated
23Infectius  Madoran-US594Not updated
23Sloane  Madoran-US594Not updated
23Berstich  Madoran-US594Not updated
28Manaburns WarcraftPetsMadoran-US593Not updated
28Darq Magical MenagerieMadoran-US593Not updated
28Milla WarcraftPetsMadoran-US593Not updated
28Aquaillusion R e l o a d e dMadoran-US593Not updated
32Murkio Magical MenagerieMadoran-US592Not updated
32Twistedvixen  Madoran-US592Not updated
34Bronx Magical MenagerieMadoran-US591Not updated
35Xenlin MisanthropyMadoran-US590Not updated
35Woonizho Magical MenagerieMadoran-US590Not updated
35Icyrose Magical MenagerieMadoran-US590Not updated
35Tarhal WarcraftPetsMadoran-US590Not updated
35Gingerlily WarcraftPetsMadoran-US590Not updated
35Tiarna WarcraftPetsMadoran-US590Not updated
41Dúrèss WarcraftPetsMadoran-US589Not updated
41Froglippz WarcraftPetsMadoran-US589Not updated
41Míssq  Madoran-US589Not updated
41Kymuri  Madoran-US589Not updated
41Taintedluv WarcraftPetsMadoran-US589Not updated
41Catharane Magical MenagerieMadoran-US589Not updated
41Taia WarcraftPetsMadoran-US589Not updated
41Taizzaa WarcraftPetsMadoran-US589Not updated
41Tamlane WarcraftPetsMadoran-US589Not updated
50Dinanda Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US588Not updated
50Nossia Magical MenagerieMadoran-US588Not updated
50Risatina Pet PeevesMadoran-US588Not updated
50Blessedone Magical MenagerieMadoran-US588Not updated
50Burnuxx WarcraftPetsMadoran-US588Not updated
50Bimberpimp Magical MenagerieMadoran-US588Not updated
56Antifu What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US587Not updated
56Maldia Magical MenagerieMadoran-US587Not updated
56Orkel  Madoran-US587Not updated
56Dysodead Magical MenagerieMadoran-US587Not updated
56Shonuf CheckmateMadoran-US587Not updated
56Slaggathor Magical MenagerieMadoran-US587Not updated
62Gripwik Magical MenagerieMadoran-US586Not updated
62Jadefang Magical MenagerieMadoran-US586Not updated
62Grasschewer Magical MenagerieMadoran-US586Not updated
62Morlìs WarcraftPetsMadoran-US586Not updated
66Zengesta Magical MenagerieMadoran-US585Not updated
66Bipsi  Madoran-US585Not updated
66Talmars WarcraftPetsMadoran-US585Not updated
66Briymstone Magical MenagerieMadoran-US585Not updated
70Gevirah Littlest Pet LeagueMadoran-US584Not updated
70Cyliara WarcraftPetsMadoran-US584Not updated
70Valeria WarcraftPetsMadoran-US584Not updated
70Lythun Littlest Pet LeagueMadoran-US584Not updated
70ßulldozer WarcraftPetsMadoran-US584Not updated
70Kendersham  Madoran-US584Not updated
76Gimdolian Magical MenagerieMadoran-US583Not updated
76Renji WarcraftPetsMadoran-US583Not updated
76Cowflop  Madoran-US583Not updated
79Ninshubur WarcraftPetsMadoran-US582Not updated
79Qixiong Pet PeevesMadoran-US582Not updated
79Nirajie Pet PeevesMadoran-US582Not updated
79Tabdor  Madoran-US582Not updated
79Donníedarko Littlest Pet LeagueMadoran-US582Not updated
79Uglyhead R e l o a d e dMadoran-US582Not updated
79Trogi DerisionMadoran-US582Not updated
86Cee HordecoreMadoran-US581Not updated
86Whimsey Magical MenagerieMadoran-US581Not updated
86Gæa WarcraftPetsMadoran-US581Not updated
86Xenomist WarcraftPetsMadoran-US581Not updated
86Spörk Magical MenagerieMadoran-US581Not updated
86Deathdoll  Madoran-US581Not updated
92Nightbîne SerpentineMadoran-US580Not updated
92Ålla WarcraftPetsMadoran-US580Not updated
92Nisdenar WarcraftPetsMadoran-US580Not updated
92Ellodie Magical MenagerieMadoran-US580Not updated
92Orcland  Madoran-US580Not updated
92Bojnick Magical MenagerieMadoran-US580Not updated
92Bikinimafia WarcraftPetsMadoran-US580Not updated
92Solarstarr Magical MenagerieMadoran-US580Not updated
100Cyruk WarcraftPetsMadoran-US579Not updated

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