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Lothar-US Unique Pets
1Tiggindy The UnboundLothar-US603Not updated
2Penzor TalonicLothar-US598Not updated
3Pylora  Lothar-US594Not updated
4Armageddon Spectral WebLothar-US592
5Pengayau Sanctus CovenirLothar-US586Not updated
6Khlammy Plan BeeLothar-US584Not updated
6Baiter Mission AccomplishedLothar-US584
6Kenderpriest Mass Rez IncLothar-US584Not updated
9Juliea Grey CouncilLothar-US578
10Kiavdia Kindred ChaosLothar-US575
10Murdermagic  Lothar-US575
12Chaosbreaker United Powers of AzerothLothar-US574
13Uzziel Spectral WebLothar-US573
13Mozzarella Midnight ShadowsLothar-US573Not updated
15Caoilinn Kindred ChaosLothar-US572
15Lustrasza Sanctus CovenirLothar-US572Not updated
15Beckka Keep Calm Its PixelsLothar-US572
18Zarinne Towers of MidnightLothar-US571Not updated
18Jolyne Towers of MidnightLothar-US571Not updated
18Lishe Towers of MidnightLothar-US571Not updated
18Emarra Towers of MidnightLothar-US571Not updated
18Iliana Towers of MidnightLothar-US571Not updated
18Remee Towers of MidnightLothar-US571Not updated
18Wendei Towers of MidnightLothar-US571Not updated
18Nyreshma Towers of MidnightLothar-US571Not updated
26Sikarus Sacred FlameLothar-US570
27Lyrsuk The Children of MidianLothar-US566Not updated
28Kaoskat Sacred FlameLothar-US565
28Chadboy ObliterationLothar-US565
28Yunxu Champions of YseraLothar-US565Not updated
28Eart The AscendanceLothar-US565Not updated
32Ijiri Mission AccomplishedLothar-US564
32Swoops Silver BannersLothar-US564
34Tnemeletes DaylightLothar-US563Not updated
34Vdeath  Lothar-US563Not updated
34Pauladeen  Lothar-US563Not updated
37Spagirus The Daily ShowLothar-US562
38Nmancer Sacred FlameLothar-US561Not updated
39Shoan Champions of YseraLothar-US560Not updated
39Fauntleroy Silver BannersLothar-US560
41Jedward CÔNFLICTLothar-US559
42Balebear The AscendanceLothar-US558
42Ardid FC Project MayhemLothar-US558Not updated
44Orilux ObliterationLothar-US557
44Huriphoonado Mission AccomplishedLothar-US557Not updated
46Faé  Lothar-US556
46Blackpeppa OKTLothar-US556
48Derwin The AscendanceLothar-US555
48Mardickens The Children of MidianLothar-US555
48Teslacoil El Toro LocoLothar-US555
51Phantasia SlackersLothar-US553
51Auryan SlackersLothar-US553
51Phorgiven SlackersLothar-US553
51Jesikka Primal OnslaughtLothar-US553
51Wiplash The Daily ShowLothar-US553
56Victorcachat  Lothar-US551Not updated
56Amargo Æther VagrantsLothar-US551Not updated
58Ziljiin The Daily ShowLothar-US550
58Fuzzy Sword and SorceryLothar-US550Not updated
58Soo Keep Calm Its PixelsLothar-US550
61Sardoniscørn  Lothar-US549Not updated
62Lambs  Lothar-US548Not updated
62Jaguarr Hellscreams RageLothar-US548
64Colinbane El Toro LocoLothar-US547
64Isabeau Epic Knights of AllianceLothar-US547Not updated
64Annmystia El Toro LocoLothar-US547Not updated
67Zenhunter Mission AccomplishedLothar-US546
68Holypenguin MOO MOOS POWER WAGONLothar-US545Not updated
68Kinthalan Sanctus CovenirLothar-US545Not updated
68Stanfield  Lothar-US545
71Missj Silver BannersLothar-US544
71Msbtchtoyou  Lothar-US544Not updated
71Malkelith  Lothar-US544Not updated
71Rhyas  Lothar-US544Not updated
71Astrisk  Lothar-US544Not updated
71Lylyth  Lothar-US544Not updated
71Karaya  Lothar-US544Not updated
71Makeda MaximationLothar-US544Not updated
71Onca  Lothar-US544Not updated
80Papichulø ObliterationLothar-US543
81Herrodah  Lothar-US542Not updated
82Bartikosky The RelapseLothar-US541Not updated
82Dellamorte  Lothar-US541Not updated
84Kwazydog Nocens SpuriaLothar-US540
84Joliebug  Lothar-US540Not updated
84Bigribsteak Tornado of SoulsLothar-US540
87Broichan  Lothar-US539
88Moglok SlackersLothar-US538
88Darkossk The UnboundLothar-US538
88Measure Kindred ChaosLothar-US538Not updated
91Olbear We wipe on trashLothar-US536
92Kalyana The AscendanceLothar-US535
92Memak  Lothar-US535Not updated
94Hodjii Paper St Soap CoLothar-US534Not updated
94Zandelori Rolling H ThunderLothar-US534Not updated
96Mybelle ObliterationLothar-US533
96Thaxxar Rolling H ThunderLothar-US533Not updated
98Alcinia LAWL PatrolLothar-US532
99Dreanie  Lothar-US531Not updated
99Rufian The ArgonautsLothar-US531Not updated

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