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Llane-US Unique Pets
1Thauronis JudgementLlane-US595
2Maximusrex Alliance RebornLlane-US594Not updated
3Briannafae BlackDeathLlane-US590
4Meilyn Irate PiratesLlane-US589Not updated
5Impactor Red ShadowsLlane-US585Not updated
5Kenzîe FuseLlane-US585
7Amethystdrac NemesisLlane-US584
7Aquendelsa Molten CorpsesLlane-US584
9Peaches NemesisLlane-US583
9Lapetitemort Irate PiratesLlane-US583
9Nìghtshifter The GuildlessLlane-US583Not updated
12Marky PandamoniumLlane-US580
13Torsdan AegisLlane-US579
13Tageran  Llane-US579Not updated
13Vordaelen House AtreidesLlane-US579Not updated
16Misszeta We Killed KennyLlane-US577
17Sagetotem The WolfpackLlane-US575
18Sefaya Irate PiratesLlane-US574
18Neci Irate PiratesLlane-US574
20Emylann BlackDeathLlane-US571
21Vincenzos House AtreidesLlane-US570Not updated
21Twisp  Llane-US570Not updated
21Ethereall Dark OathLlane-US570Not updated
21Fires Irate PiratesLlane-US570Not updated
25Yatch SeveredLlane-US569
26Ahlystia DunmharuLlane-US568Not updated
27Ruana Iron CircleLlane-US565
28Hornady Dark OathLlane-US564
28Elenjel Window LickersLlane-US564
28Lyrsuk Tribal MoonshinersLlane-US564Not updated
28Augusta Last AttemptLlane-US564
32Roadrünnèrs Hollywood UndeadLlane-US563Not updated
33Sunbringer Iron MonkeyLlane-US562Not updated
33Kimimila SeveredLlane-US562
35Alyson FahrenheitLlane-US561Not updated
35Alvarmoon Knight of the NocturnalLlane-US561Not updated
37Vervaine EquinoxLlane-US559
37Medirku EquinoxLlane-US559
37Brautigan Nos ImmortalisLlane-US559Not updated
37Kandira Iron CircleLlane-US559
41Asakawi JudgementLlane-US558Not updated
42Caelynn Irate PiratesLlane-US557
42Umblout Forsaken EnclaveLlane-US557
44Judis NemesisLlane-US556
44Tevah AegisLlane-US556
44Aeriehola The WolfpackLlane-US556Not updated
47Xak Identity CrisisLlane-US555
47Vortre Dark OathLlane-US555
47Stormhorn Requiem EternumLlane-US555
47Harpìe Last AttemptLlane-US555Not updated
47Zomgbear Nos ImmortalisLlane-US555Not updated
52Deathtyr DecimateLlane-US554
53Slobbydwarf NemesisLlane-US553
53Sabrar JudgementLlane-US553
53Moousse  Llane-US553Not updated
56Guenther Universal ExportsLlane-US552
56Puggles  Llane-US552Not updated
58Zinhahn Last AttemptLlane-US551
58Rykers Last AttemptLlane-US551Not updated
58Nosher JudgementLlane-US551
61Roymustang AegisLlane-US550Not updated
61Perdicao Iron CircleLlane-US550
61Footfrombelo Mental IllnessLlane-US550
61Mysticalie Lost PurposeLlane-US550Not updated
61Minta Iron CircleLlane-US550Not updated
66Minxx Ðreaming ÐragonsLlane-US549Not updated
67Evangelistia Elrendar RangersLlane-US548Not updated
68Hypatia FuseLlane-US547
68Sorcerxx InsomniacsLlane-US547
70Kurie Paradigm ReduxLlane-US546
70Saskàmo Requiem EternumLlane-US546
70Ziva Ravaged SoulsLlane-US546Not updated
73Shadryth Lights ReminiscenceLlane-US545Not updated
74Taliyah New Dawn DisciplesLlane-US544
75Dakkarion CastawayLlane-US543Not updated
75Lillais Dragonlords of MiseryLlane-US543Not updated
77Valionus  Llane-US541Not updated
77Feododen Knights of the StormLlane-US541Not updated
79Outolunch  Llane-US540

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