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Lightning's Blade-EU Unique Pets
1Jarmoxz  Lightning's Blade-EU580
2Druidiq SimulacrumLightning's Blade-EU570Not updated
3Wyviku  Lightning's Blade-EU566
4Torrentino Night CrusadeLightning's Blade-EU564Not updated
5Lappe  Lightning's Blade-EU562
6Zimbro Night CrusadeLightning's Blade-EU559Not updated
7Thebota DeterminationLightning's Blade-EU556Not updated
8Arragon Might And MagicLightning's Blade-EU552Not updated
9Cursëd  Lightning's Blade-EU551Not updated
10Zirrii NazgûlLightning's Blade-EU546Not updated
11Aurayaa  Lightning's Blade-EU544Not updated
12Zulmojo Ancient PropheciesLightning's Blade-EU543Not updated
13Joanah Lord Helmets Royal GuardLightning's Blade-EU541Not updated
14Xenophics  Lightning's Blade-EU540
15Embesil High SocietyLightning's Blade-EU538
15Faidra TENLightning's Blade-EU538Not updated
17Looby VanquishersLightning's Blade-EU537Not updated
18Shawnalee TENLightning's Blade-EU536Not updated
19Klappe how i met ur sisterLightning's Blade-EU535Not updated
20Allevil Bootneckers is AFKLightning's Blade-EU530
21Tombolo  Lightning's Blade-EU528
22Entruv MystLightning's Blade-EU525
23Snuggle Archaic OrderLightning's Blade-EU523Not updated
24Darkisinme Night CrusadeLightning's Blade-EU519Not updated
25Soniapower Bootneckers is AFKLightning's Blade-EU518
26Adramalech PerseveranceLightning's Blade-EU514
26Artishock MystLightning's Blade-EU514
28Sop  Lightning's Blade-EU511
29Lukkà TENLightning's Blade-EU507Not updated
30Merel  Lightning's Blade-EU506Not updated
31Sosoka Persona GrataLightning's Blade-EU505Not updated
32Dragonwarior  Lightning's Blade-EU504Not updated
33Nienar  Lightning's Blade-EU499
34Zunguzen  Lightning's Blade-EU497Not updated
35Pantantou MystLightning's Blade-EU493
36Tresar Dead Gnomes Dont LieLightning's Blade-EU489Not updated
37Greedyz Persona GrataLightning's Blade-EU487
38Arrowofvenom Archaic OrderLightning's Blade-EU484Not updated
39Toothandnail  Lightning's Blade-EU482Not updated
40Jaelith  Lightning's Blade-EU479Not updated
41Orgasmic  Lightning's Blade-EU474Not updated
41Winrar Off TopicLightning's Blade-EU474Not updated
41Jilleanne  Lightning's Blade-EU474Not updated
44Nilae VanityLightning's Blade-EU473
45Vunter ACSELightning's Blade-EU472Not updated
46Eustoma Shades Of DeathLightning's Blade-EU469
47Kaneli  Lightning's Blade-EU467
47Themken EdgeLightning's Blade-EU467Not updated
47Triipsu eXodusLightning's Blade-EU467
50Praline  Lightning's Blade-EU465
51Kamehamehaa Memories of Lost SoulsLightning's Blade-EU462
51Zordon  Lightning's Blade-EU462Not updated
53Sydralion eXodusLightning's Blade-EU459
54Kibone Shades Of DeathLightning's Blade-EU457
55Mokär  Lightning's Blade-EU456Not updated
55Hoshiko Lord Helmets Royal GuardLightning's Blade-EU456Not updated
57Wolferin Knights of NorthrendLightning's Blade-EU454
57Xiccy  Lightning's Blade-EU454
59Kotiorja  Lightning's Blade-EU453Not updated
60Silin MystLightning's Blade-EU451
61Nâtâ Archaic OrderLightning's Blade-EU449Not updated
62Loranga NazgûlLightning's Blade-EU447
62Shadenir Leveling FriendsLightning's Blade-EU447Not updated
64Dailaoo eXodusLightning's Blade-EU445
65Bélsebub Dark Iron MononenLightning's Blade-EU443
66Spiraea Shades Of DeathLightning's Blade-EU442Not updated
66Melenir Suecia NuxLightning's Blade-EU442Not updated
66Offender DreamersLightning's Blade-EU442Not updated
69Överi Dark Iron MononenLightning's Blade-EU440Not updated
70Rammuss eXodusLightning's Blade-EU439
71Hokagge  Lightning's Blade-EU438Not updated
72Taurenzia NazgûlLightning's Blade-EU437Not updated
72Horsie Archaic OrderLightning's Blade-EU437Not updated
74Shockwáve SignaTrueLightning's Blade-EU434Not updated
75Iown eXodusLightning's Blade-EU433Not updated
76Claera The UnforgivenLightning's Blade-EU432Not updated
77Yazoo FLASHPOINTLightning's Blade-EU431Not updated
78Blitzkrieggr CAPS and s p a c e sLightning's Blade-EU430
79Luumu ParagonLightning's Blade-EU428
80Necrénkhan eXodusLightning's Blade-EU427
81Orsinx P U L S ËLightning's Blade-EU423
82Kodelka  Lightning's Blade-EU422Not updated
83Sumpanarxis  Lightning's Blade-EU419Not updated
84Mechalis MystLightning's Blade-EU417
85Skorpyo  Lightning's Blade-EU416Not updated
86Mydespair  Lightning's Blade-EU415Not updated
87Belvine Lord Helmets Royal GuardLightning's Blade-EU414Not updated
88Robbenhoof VanquishersLightning's Blade-EU413Not updated
88Siseri  Lightning's Blade-EU413Not updated
90Rohar E t e r n a l sLightning's Blade-EU408
90Lethe PANDEMICLightning's Blade-EU408Not updated
92Shaadffs eXodusLightning's Blade-EU407
92Selfless DreamcatcherLightning's Blade-EU407
92Yxido E t e r n a l sLightning's Blade-EU407
92Woopsy E t e r n a l sLightning's Blade-EU407
92Wabee E t e r n a l sLightning's Blade-EU407
92Shíre Bootneckers is AFKLightning's Blade-EU407
98Ûáë P U L S ËLightning's Blade-EU403Not updated
99Straightout The SwayLightning's Blade-EU402Not updated
100Skumt  Lightning's Blade-EU399Not updated

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