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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lightbringer-US Unique Pets
1Abutabah Vorpal RabbitsLightbringer-US611Not updated
2Mutant Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US607Not updated
3Alawyn For ScienceLightbringer-US605Not updated
4Marrlle Silverdragon ClawLightbringer-US602Not updated
5Smøkë Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US601Not updated
5Slothen  Lightbringer-US601Not updated
7Nescee HeroLightbringer-US600Not updated
7Noir We Aim to MisbehaveLightbringer-US600Not updated
9Whirt No OptionsLightbringer-US598Not updated
10Vaffral PathogenLightbringer-US596Not updated
11Anúbis HalcyonLightbringer-US594Not updated
11Anyhlia Party All The TimeLightbringer-US594Not updated
11Nihiladra Iocaine Powder PalsLightbringer-US594Not updated
14Thanatosia PathogenLightbringer-US593Not updated
14Whytie Social WarfareLightbringer-US593Not updated
16Saldana Ninja FarmerLightbringer-US592Not updated
17Maegen  Lightbringer-US591Not updated
17Wodys Eternal ReignLightbringer-US591Not updated
17Velinde Tee Many MartooniesLightbringer-US591Not updated
17Morgaine Eternal ReignLightbringer-US591Not updated
21Simone DoJLightbringer-US587Not updated
21Scarletwynd AfflictionLightbringer-US587Not updated
21Jackdncoke  Lightbringer-US587Not updated
21Foxie Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US587Not updated
25Xon  Lightbringer-US586Not updated
26Kevinswife Eternal ReignLightbringer-US585Not updated
26Sagas InboundLightbringer-US585Not updated
26Haveatote DegenerationLightbringer-US585Not updated
29Hauntingwolf Wolves of LegendLightbringer-US584Not updated
29Tevlek Vorpal RabbitsLightbringer-US584Not updated
31Símone DoJLightbringer-US583Not updated
31Ka  Lightbringer-US583Not updated
33Talamund  Lightbringer-US582Not updated
33Practikill CamelotLightbringer-US582Not updated
33Laidir GlowLightbringer-US582Not updated
36Xellos The CoalitionLightbringer-US581Not updated
36Furtch PathogenLightbringer-US581Not updated
36Blondebear AfflictionLightbringer-US581Not updated
36Xenuid Tears And AshesLightbringer-US581Not updated
40Lunararies The CoalitionLightbringer-US580Not updated
40Xenage Tears And AshesLightbringer-US580Not updated
40Àsh HarbingerLightbringer-US580Not updated
43Emilymoonz Vorpal RabbitsLightbringer-US579Not updated
43Aurlune Max ThreatLightbringer-US579Not updated
43Chopz GothamLightbringer-US579Not updated
46Danicalo PathogenLightbringer-US578Not updated
46Judgewolf Wolves of LegendLightbringer-US578Not updated
46Zenon Dark UnionLightbringer-US578Not updated
49Liquidmist Risen AnarchyLightbringer-US577Not updated
49Aleivator Method to our MadnessLightbringer-US577Not updated
49Bly Dawn of VoljinLightbringer-US577Not updated
49Stormbain The OrganizationLightbringer-US577Not updated
49Midewicca  Lightbringer-US577Not updated
54Taras Hellbound AngelsLightbringer-US575Not updated
54Cupicakë  Lightbringer-US575Not updated
56Wedggie Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US574Not updated
56Karmist SerenityLightbringer-US574Not updated
56Bellaposh IntrigueLightbringer-US574Not updated
59Mysteriana  Lightbringer-US573Not updated
60Amundsen Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US572Not updated
60Cilyana HeroLightbringer-US572Not updated
60Wegie ExplicitLightbringer-US572Not updated
60Wutugu Silverdragon ClawLightbringer-US572Not updated
60Gortrek  Lightbringer-US572Not updated
60Jardoake  Lightbringer-US572Not updated
66Shlimm Vorpal RabbitsLightbringer-US571Not updated
66Walarn XiT StrategyLightbringer-US571Not updated
66Entrototem Eternal ReignLightbringer-US571Not updated
66Foomp  Lightbringer-US571Not updated
66Shócklate  Lightbringer-US571Not updated
71Tyneegeek Wolves of LegendLightbringer-US570Not updated
71Powermongrel Dominion RaidersLightbringer-US570Not updated
71Cinnamonroll DegenerationLightbringer-US570Not updated
74Magdelynn Four HorsemenLightbringer-US569Not updated
74Dalles  Lightbringer-US569Not updated
74Xeneth Animus InvictusLightbringer-US569Not updated
74Torcaa Exiled allianceLightbringer-US569Not updated
74Alemick Hellbound HeartsLightbringer-US569Not updated
79Deadmanwlkin Faded ChaosLightbringer-US568Not updated
79Vogee Last RefugeLightbringer-US568Not updated
79Karys AzerothLightbringer-US568Not updated
82Derchamp RemnantLightbringer-US567Not updated
82Eloderung Eternal ReignLightbringer-US567Not updated
82Auye  Lightbringer-US567Not updated
82Xizong Animus InvictusLightbringer-US567Not updated
82Starbees  Lightbringer-US567Not updated
87Calasaige Roll for BlameLightbringer-US566Not updated
87Fullmoom  Lightbringer-US566Not updated
87Chedder The GroupLightbringer-US566Not updated
87Attainable  Lightbringer-US566Not updated
87Cerylidae Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US566Not updated
87Executey Monkey StompLightbringer-US566Not updated
87Xenaul Animus InvictusLightbringer-US566Not updated
94Paloruky Eight Fingers DownLightbringer-US565Not updated
94Ticktokk GlowLightbringer-US565Not updated
96Torrann AfflictionLightbringer-US564Not updated
96Skylani Imagine DragonsLightbringer-US564Not updated
96Melki The CoalitionLightbringer-US564Not updated
99Wardrobe Animus InvictusLightbringer-US563Not updated

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