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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lethon-US Unique Pets
1Gimlî  Lethon-US577Not updated
2Ketamin  Lethon-US568Not updated
3Zeba RoyaltyLethon-US560Not updated
4Deathdoug RoyaltyLethon-US555Not updated
5Lioyde Gank BusLethon-US554Not updated
5Wx AbyssLethon-US554Not updated
7Ito AbyssLethon-US551Not updated
8Eleath OP In Real LifeLethon-US546Not updated
9Gemah Crimson WarlordsLethon-US542Not updated
10Tayoftheice Legion of OmegaLethon-US539Not updated
11Solitjz SanctuaryLethon-US538Not updated
11Hiimshrek  Lethon-US538Not updated
11Elferroz The DesertedLethon-US538Not updated
11Spizzÿ Dark LegendsLethon-US538Not updated
15Richardo AbyssLethon-US536Not updated
16Susyb AchieversLethon-US529Not updated
17Levinthal Little WilliesLethon-US528Not updated
18Exorcise  Lethon-US527Not updated
19Fenom Dark EternalLethon-US526Not updated
19Aramyna  Lethon-US526Not updated
21Doropesch Dalarian CowboysLethon-US525Not updated
22Kieve Little WilliesLethon-US522Not updated
23Turok  Lethon-US520Not updated
24Alskar The Hunters BladesLethon-US519Not updated
25Zephyranth Warriors of the ValiantLethon-US517Not updated
26Neffermonkin RXLethon-US515Not updated
27Crodfoller Little WilliesLethon-US513Not updated
27Kullulu This Time With FeelingLethon-US513Not updated
29Kublaikahn The Hunters BladesLethon-US512Not updated
30Arcanice  Lethon-US501Not updated
31Aericka SanctuaryLethon-US499Not updated
32Xterminator The CorruptedLethon-US495Not updated
32Kristarïa  Lethon-US495Not updated
34Frdamien  Lethon-US491Not updated
35Usk  Lethon-US490Not updated
36Melubyou ChampionLethon-US488Not updated
37Cholerae SanctuaryLethon-US486Not updated
38Timba Defenders of LordaeronLethon-US485Not updated
39Killevildk  Lethon-US481Not updated
40Joedirtyy SanctuaryLethon-US479Not updated
41Deadtrax WardawgsLethon-US475Not updated
41Kedivra Legion of OmegaLethon-US475Not updated
43Melmie AbyssLethon-US474Not updated
44Bawlsoffire  Lethon-US472Not updated
45Callizee RelentlessLethon-US469Not updated
46Melmers  Lethon-US468Not updated
47Cyrulski K O SLethon-US462Not updated
48Faceburglar The DesertedLethon-US459Not updated
48Robella We Never Back DownLethon-US459Not updated
50Syracuse  Lethon-US457Not updated
50Magemoilpain  Lethon-US457Not updated
52Elyndra  Lethon-US456Not updated
53Rowyco  Lethon-US455Not updated
53Mortblanche The exileLethon-US455Not updated
55Oakshaspir RXLethon-US454Not updated
55Taldion Brew CrewLethon-US454Not updated
57Feralprey Dark LegendsLethon-US452Not updated
57Nisaria The ScourgeLethon-US452Not updated
59Magannie The exileLethon-US451Not updated
60Obviously  Lethon-US450Not updated
61Aquious AbyssLethon-US449Not updated
62Mightyshazam  Lethon-US448Not updated
63Nexius  Lethon-US446Not updated
64Imed The Guild of KalimdorLethon-US443Not updated
64Udderslinger The BloodbornLethon-US443Not updated
66Daddykill The Guild of KalimdorLethon-US441Not updated
66Asaliah OP In Real LifeLethon-US441Not updated
68Solipsism  Lethon-US440Not updated
68Xanasitha RXLethon-US440Not updated
68Jungleus Little WilliesLethon-US440Not updated
71Fireyone Thousand SonsLethon-US437Not updated
72Hlpmeimdrwin SanctuaryLethon-US434Not updated
73Fougère  Lethon-US432Not updated
74Deathnizzle AbyssLethon-US423Not updated
75Ðísturßëð RAAWRLethon-US420Not updated
76Spankmcpp  Lethon-US418Not updated
77Smiyth  Lethon-US417Not updated
77Seitatsu The Guild of KalimdorLethon-US417Not updated
77Kadav The exileLethon-US417Not updated
80Shortcakez GlazeLethon-US416Not updated
81Sinzar Death Skull KnightsLethon-US415Not updated
82Huutah  Lethon-US414Not updated
83Miliana RascalzLethon-US413Not updated
83Sapandtickle The BloodbornLethon-US413Not updated
83Anatole The exileLethon-US413Not updated
86Reservedroar Art of WarLethon-US412Not updated
87Icevein Call of the MastodonLethon-US410Not updated
88Kfcbeast AbyssLethon-US409Not updated
88Awsika Well Timed RNG BROLethon-US409Not updated
88Watchingcops ChampionLethon-US409Not updated
88Naxxanar  Lethon-US409Not updated
92Deadlikeme Grandview KnightsLethon-US408Not updated
93Allocution AbyssLethon-US406Not updated
94Tanîthia RâdianceLethon-US405Not updated
94Dills Rangers of SylvanasLethon-US405Not updated
96Phetustein  Lethon-US404Not updated
97Metadeity  Lethon-US403Not updated
97Galadriël Hordeland SecurityLethon-US403Not updated
99Dirtydancer  Lethon-US402Not updated
99Noheaven The exileLethon-US402Not updated

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