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Korialstrasz-US Unique Pets
1Mylife The Knights TemplarKorialstrasz-US586
2Hellsbelle WinterStormKorialstrasz-US573Not updated
3Meatloaf The Knights TemplarKorialstrasz-US572
3Gokuz Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US572Not updated
3Kelevera I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US572
6Danelfinrod Hammer Of JusticeKorialstrasz-US571Not updated
7Myrthelyna Late CrewKorialstrasz-US570Not updated
8Bloodskar Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US569
9Thunderlaugh Order of the XKorialstrasz-US563Not updated
10Kilashandra Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US561
11Tigra P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US560
11Aphera P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US560
11Millstipe P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US560
11Alline P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US560
15Maelfeus Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US559Not updated
16Ishna SovereigntyKorialstrasz-US558Not updated
17Loriculus Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US557
17Krincklesack The AinurKorialstrasz-US557
19Relaria Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US555
20Desarey TwInKsKorialstrasz-US549Not updated
21Ankhtchi APOCALYPSISKorialstrasz-US548Not updated
22Dragonzz DarkloreKorialstrasz-US547
23Whysoserious The AinurKorialstrasz-US546
23Sdori FirebrandsKorialstrasz-US546Not updated
25Leiaskywlker FadedKorialstrasz-US545Not updated
25Twiceshy Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US545Not updated
25Liechen The Last StandKorialstrasz-US545Not updated
25Shylene  Korialstrasz-US545Not updated
29Sandaph Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US544
29Koby shenanigansKorialstrasz-US544
29Shadylock shenanigansKorialstrasz-US544
32Irelånd Knights of EnterpriseKorialstrasz-US539
33Jjthundercat  Korialstrasz-US536
33Jjsupercat  Korialstrasz-US536
33Jjtigercat  Korialstrasz-US536
36Pytthia The PequodKorialstrasz-US535Not updated
36Aumakua Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US535
36Rupi Jaded EdgeKorialstrasz-US535Not updated
39Jadedmage Jaded EdgeKorialstrasz-US534Not updated
40Pyroto The PequodKorialstrasz-US533Not updated
41Ghanarg  Korialstrasz-US532
41Wickedlight Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US532
43Solarus Household VengenceKorialstrasz-US531Not updated
43Tiana shenanigansKorialstrasz-US531
45Candiman R A P T U R EKorialstrasz-US530Not updated
45Apparitions Defending HonorKorialstrasz-US530Not updated
47Reboga Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US529
48Jarexx Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US527
48Epikphail NightstalkersKorialstrasz-US527Not updated
48Freudianslip  Korialstrasz-US527Not updated
51Taishibear Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US525
51Handock TakenKorialstrasz-US525
53Kcshaman Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US524
53Marieila RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US524
55Mystïque P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US523
56Edhel  Korialstrasz-US522Not updated
57Ashenlock shenanigansKorialstrasz-US521Not updated
58Liquorcrack I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US520Not updated
58Sentio  Korialstrasz-US520Not updated
60Bluraham The Ghostlycrumb LegionKorialstrasz-US519
60Sweetwaters Mayhem and MasqueradesKorialstrasz-US519
62Blancoblood RAID INCKorialstrasz-US518Not updated
63Taelthas FairyTailKorialstrasz-US517
63Shaback and My Imaginary FriendsKorialstrasz-US517Not updated
65Imperator Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US516
65Umbria I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US516Not updated
65Cauterize Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US516Not updated
68Scylon The Ghostlycrumb LegionKorialstrasz-US514Not updated
69Octorra Death AngelsKorialstrasz-US513Not updated
70Drucillina Catch N ReleaseKorialstrasz-US512Not updated
71Dillock P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US511
71Lonespriest Sinister UrgeKorialstrasz-US511
71Madhunter Late CrewKorialstrasz-US511Not updated
71Taumorianus DistinctiveSoulsKorialstrasz-US511Not updated
75Changodeath I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US510
76Vasunova  Korialstrasz-US508
76Kiff Supernus FacultasKorialstrasz-US508
76Mackey Supernus FacultasKorialstrasz-US508
76Scorpius Supernus FacultasKorialstrasz-US508
80Benjaman Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US507
81Sunthseed  Korialstrasz-US506Not updated
81Augura The Council of SixKorialstrasz-US506
81Cèlestina  Korialstrasz-US506Not updated
84Jori  Korialstrasz-US504Not updated
85Dimsun rockingchair warriorsKorialstrasz-US503Not updated
85Lonesmonk Late CrewKorialstrasz-US503Not updated
87Monkljacksn Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US502Not updated
88Justfookit Infected CaressKorialstrasz-US501
88Caydee The Knights That Say NiKorialstrasz-US501
90Dikembe The AinurKorialstrasz-US500Not updated
91Kêzia Sinister UrgeKorialstrasz-US499
91Pixysticks P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US499
91Caitrenn Hammer Of JusticeKorialstrasz-US499Not updated
94Stellamarie shenanigansKorialstrasz-US498Not updated
94Imahuntergui SovereigntyKorialstrasz-US498Not updated
94Xzena greedyguysKorialstrasz-US498Not updated
97Squíshypants WipeKorialstrasz-US497
97Siegürd F I L T HKorialstrasz-US497
99Aevaris The Council of SixKorialstrasz-US496Not updated
100Cloydne Hammer Of JusticeKorialstrasz-US494Not updated

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