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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Korialstrasz-US Unique Pets
1Negam Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US592Not updated
2Kelevera I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US584Not updated
3Loriculus Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US583Not updated
4Drapiosey Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US580Not updated
5Khemi Azeroths Last ResortKorialstrasz-US578Not updated
6Desarey TwInKsKorialstrasz-US575Not updated
6Purrsephonie Middle Aged MayhemKorialstrasz-US575Not updated
8Bloodskar  Korialstrasz-US574Not updated
9Zasu MercilessKorialstrasz-US573Not updated
9Cradani The Knights TemplarKorialstrasz-US573Not updated
9Likeness Thorns and RosesKorialstrasz-US573Not updated
12Danelfinrod Hammer Of JusticeKorialstrasz-US571Not updated
13Siegürd F I L T HKorialstrasz-US564Not updated
13Alunari Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US564Not updated
15Thunderlaugh Order of the XKorialstrasz-US563Not updated
16Tigra P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US561Not updated
16Alline P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US561Not updated
18Aphera P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US560Not updated
18Freudianslip The Night OwlsKorialstrasz-US560Not updated
18Darkchilde The Night OwlsKorialstrasz-US560Not updated
18Millstipe P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US560Not updated
22Krincklesack The AinurKorialstrasz-US559Not updated
22Willowlady AbsoluteKorialstrasz-US559Not updated
24Ishna SovereigntyKorialstrasz-US558Not updated
25Halrem The Last StandKorialstrasz-US556Not updated
25Loops Jaded EdgeKorialstrasz-US556Not updated
27Peyana Jaded EdgeKorialstrasz-US555Not updated
28Pdori FirebrandsKorialstrasz-US553Not updated
29Colbey shenanigansKorialstrasz-US552Not updated
29Effa  Korialstrasz-US552Not updated
31Twiceshy Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US550Not updated
32Aurtro AbsoluteKorialstrasz-US548Not updated
32Shadylock shenanigansKorialstrasz-US548Not updated
32Leiaskywlker FadedKorialstrasz-US548Not updated
32Ankhtchi APOCALYPSISKorialstrasz-US548Not updated
36Ghanarg Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US546Not updated
36Sandaph Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US546Not updated
36Aumakua Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US546Not updated
36Whysoserious The AinurKorialstrasz-US546Not updated
40Wickedlight Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US545Not updated
41Ruthers Rockstarz RebornKorialstrasz-US543Not updated
41Irelånd Knights of EnterpriseKorialstrasz-US543Not updated
41Fuzlightgear The PequodKorialstrasz-US543Not updated
44Tiana shenanigansKorialstrasz-US542Not updated
45Jjsupercat United B A N K of JJKorialstrasz-US541Not updated
45Jjthundercat United B A N K of JJKorialstrasz-US541Not updated
45Jjtigercat  Korialstrasz-US541Not updated
48Branok MalfunctionKorialstrasz-US539Not updated
49Amorëtte P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US537Not updated
49Handock TakenKorialstrasz-US537Not updated
51Jarexx Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US535Not updated
51Pytthia The PequodKorialstrasz-US535Not updated
53Biala Kiss Our DarnassusKorialstrasz-US534Not updated
54Pwnstär Guild InterruptedKorialstrasz-US533Not updated
54Pyroto The PequodKorialstrasz-US533Not updated
56Solarus Household VengenceKorialstrasz-US531Not updated
57Ahnyoung RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US530Not updated
57Apparitions Defending HonorKorialstrasz-US530Not updated
59Drucillina Catch N ReleaseKorialstrasz-US529Not updated
60Epikphail NightstalkersKorialstrasz-US527Not updated
61Tjwagner HexedKorialstrasz-US526Not updated
61Quillolf TwInKsKorialstrasz-US526Not updated
63Kcshaman  Korialstrasz-US525Not updated
64Drusiana P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US524Not updated
64Buewolf TwInKsKorialstrasz-US524Not updated
66Dawnight Soldiers from the MistKorialstrasz-US523Not updated
67Taelthas FairyTailKorialstrasz-US522Not updated
67Edhel  Korialstrasz-US522Not updated
69Lvira The Ghostlycrumb LegionKorialstrasz-US521Not updated
69Felire The Ghostlycrumb LegionKorialstrasz-US521Not updated
69Sweetwaters Mayhem and MasqueradesKorialstrasz-US521Not updated
69Blingtron The Ghostlycrumb LegionKorialstrasz-US521Not updated
73Imperator Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US520Not updated
73Liquorcrack I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US520Not updated
75Jazzypanda  Korialstrasz-US519Not updated
76Vasunova Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US518Not updated
76Blancoblood RAID INCKorialstrasz-US518Not updated
76Cauterize Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US518Not updated
79Kiff Supernus FacultasKorialstrasz-US517Not updated
79Mackey Supernus FacultasKorialstrasz-US517Not updated
79Omegas Supernus FacultasKorialstrasz-US517Not updated
79Aniraa WyldFyreKorialstrasz-US517Not updated
79Asayna WyldFyreKorialstrasz-US517Not updated
79Shaback and My Imaginary FriendsKorialstrasz-US517Not updated
85Umbria I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US516Not updated
86Twilight Thorns and RosesKorialstrasz-US512Not updated
87Druidlstrudl Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US511Not updated
87Lonespriest Sinister UrgeKorialstrasz-US511Not updated
87Madhunter Late CrewKorialstrasz-US511Not updated
90Jinzo I Insomniaxe IKorialstrasz-US510Not updated
90Kêzia Sinister UrgeKorialstrasz-US510Not updated
90Dimsun  Korialstrasz-US510Not updated
90Bookarts Guilty PleasuresKorialstrasz-US510Not updated
94Eirdohl We Raid NakedKorialstrasz-US508Not updated
95Benjaman Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US507Not updated

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