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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kirin Tor-EU Unique Pets
1Seska The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU606Not updated
2Ghurdyll La Confrérie CenlanKirin Tor-EU600Not updated
3Takoda MachinistKirin Tor-EU596Not updated
4Garluk The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU595Not updated
5Hanae DestinéeKirin Tor-EU593Not updated
6Kaïylliaa OxymoreKirin Tor-EU591Not updated
7Cylïana Heaven DreamKirin Tor-EU589Not updated
8Tookha Back To BasicsKirin Tor-EU588Not updated
8Orshart Les MinotauresKirin Tor-EU588Not updated
10Liewen Born To Be AliveKirin Tor-EU586Not updated
11Étherna MakashKirin Tor-EU584Not updated
11Kalidiot Gardiens des SongesKirin Tor-EU584Not updated
13Kalidiar Gardiens des SongesKirin Tor-EU583Not updated
14Sysphe The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU582Not updated
14Zomandrya  Kirin Tor-EU582Not updated
16Yucame EngeanceKirin Tor-EU579Not updated
17Juliä Purple FeverKirin Tor-EU576Not updated
17Pändøre SlackersKirin Tor-EU576Not updated
19Antisthenis Wolf SpiritKirin Tor-EU575Not updated
20Bâst La Dernière OmbreKirin Tor-EU574Not updated
21Khalakan  Kirin Tor-EU572Not updated
22Binock Ordre de BarentonKirin Tor-EU571Not updated
22Owaki  Kirin Tor-EU571Not updated
24Æýó KwAKirin Tor-EU570Not updated
25Ventdunord The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU569Not updated
25Nerylka La logeKirin Tor-EU569Not updated
25Shenlong The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU569Not updated
28Burglar OsmoseKirin Tor-EU568Not updated
28Lethy La Confrérie CenlanKirin Tor-EU568Not updated
30Asthenie Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU567Not updated
30Manum Sancta LumenKirin Tor-EU567Not updated
30Apesh The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU567Not updated
30Antisthene Wolf SpiritKirin Tor-EU567Not updated
34Nitséléc The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU566Not updated
34Fragon ProphétiesKirin Tor-EU566Not updated
36Gaïakool Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU565Not updated
36Ankouz le coeur de la nuitKirin Tor-EU565Not updated
36Amalgamüs  Kirin Tor-EU565Not updated
36Jazz Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU565Not updated
36Shakà The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU565Not updated
41Aphrõdite ÉclipseKirin Tor-EU564Not updated
42Faélina Gildam SpiritualisKirin Tor-EU563Not updated
42Nitralyn Chienne de guerreKirin Tor-EU563Not updated
42Frèresam  Kirin Tor-EU563Not updated
42Yuhen Sérénité CélesteKirin Tor-EU563Not updated
42Jessíca  Kirin Tor-EU563Not updated
47Héliosine Songes EternelsKirin Tor-EU562Not updated
47Yükina Devoured by VerminKirin Tor-EU562Not updated
47Caítlyn Sérénité CélesteKirin Tor-EU562Not updated
50Saïsaï CallypsoKirin Tor-EU561Not updated
50Korane Lumière naissanteKirin Tor-EU561Not updated
50Célinya Songes EternelsKirin Tor-EU561Not updated
50Malhaury  Kirin Tor-EU561Not updated
54ßlackfærie Un dernier pour la routeKirin Tor-EU560Not updated
55Zoubrowskà Wolf SpiritKirin Tor-EU559Not updated
55Small Le clan FormepierreKirin Tor-EU559Not updated
57Samarÿa Aube ImaginaireKirin Tor-EU558Not updated
57Ysolabela AnastasisKirin Tor-EU558Not updated
57Damrok BerserkersKirin Tor-EU558Not updated
57Sherekhane Absølut AchievementKirin Tor-EU558Not updated
57Barbuche  Kirin Tor-EU558Not updated
57Elidryl Amicale des TrentenairesKirin Tor-EU558Not updated
63Janaa ÉvolutionKirin Tor-EU557Not updated
63Nomayé ZingaroKirin Tor-EU557Not updated
63Lilna Sursum CordaKirin Tor-EU557Not updated
66Typ PhöenixKirin Tor-EU556Not updated
66Xandern BerserkersKirin Tor-EU556Not updated
68Tishkà The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU555Not updated
68Joy The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU555Not updated
68Sikigum La logeKirin Tor-EU555Not updated
68Lhykkan  Kirin Tor-EU555Not updated
68Realmadruide KwAKirin Tor-EU555Not updated
68Ravenel  Kirin Tor-EU555Not updated
74Arcaliche Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU554Not updated
74Ayôros  Kirin Tor-EU554Not updated
74Kamiao BerserkersKirin Tor-EU554Not updated
74Bénè chez nousKirin Tor-EU554Not updated
78Dolorës BerserkersKirin Tor-EU553Not updated
78Ehio  Kirin Tor-EU553Not updated
78Qadjaar Mortelle OnctionKirin Tor-EU553Not updated
81Sÿnapse Le Village de SpectreKirin Tor-EU552Not updated
82Phtisie BerserkersKirin Tor-EU551Not updated
83Ixora BerserkersKirin Tor-EU550Not updated
84Nexya ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU549Not updated
84Cøppä Kirin Tor-EU549Not updated
86Meykoy Hérauts de SylvanasKirin Tor-EU548Not updated
86Fany RenaissanceKirin Tor-EU548Not updated
86Jesterian La Croisade d EmeraudeKirin Tor-EU548Not updated
86Plouffe ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU548Not updated
86Floralyne Les Maitres BrasseursKirin Tor-EU548Not updated
91Caarheim Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU547Not updated
91Lycielle The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU547Not updated
91Law DestinéeKirin Tor-EU547Not updated

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