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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khaz Modan-EU Unique Pets
1Casusbelì  Khaz Modan-EU598Not updated
2Ieyasu Lex AeternaKhaz Modan-EU588Not updated
3Kravenjack Le ValhallaKhaz Modan-EU585Not updated
4Flüte AddïctKhaz Modan-EU583Not updated
5Medüsa Wind of DarknessKhaz Modan-EU580Not updated
5Chupacabra Wind of DarknessKhaz Modan-EU580Not updated
7Ieta GenesisKhaz Modan-EU579Not updated
8Drakma Le Conseil des SagesKhaz Modan-EU578Not updated
9Zarastor La Meute SauvageKhaz Modan-EU576Not updated
10Elfiriã  Khaz Modan-EU574Not updated
11Gronigau ExilKhaz Modan-EU573Not updated
12Brassfiel Shin SekaiKhaz Modan-EU572Not updated
13Bluntounet bLuntzKhaz Modan-EU571Not updated
14Yzocèle CrazynutsKhaz Modan-EU570Not updated
14Ascotel  Khaz Modan-EU570Not updated
16Rønin  Khaz Modan-EU569Not updated
17Morticîâ  Khaz Modan-EU568Not updated
18Mayflower angel of luminarysKhaz Modan-EU567Not updated
18Anaksinamoun CrazynutsKhaz Modan-EU567Not updated
18Gënkai  Khaz Modan-EU567Not updated
21Yunyun  Khaz Modan-EU566Not updated
22Arianne Le ValhallaKhaz Modan-EU565Not updated
23Garath Saturday Wipe FeverKhaz Modan-EU563Not updated
24Gangorom Les princes déchusKhaz Modan-EU561Not updated
25Gïvrelle Heart of VictoryKhaz Modan-EU559Not updated
26Azcatchi Shïnra cørpørationKhaz Modan-EU558Not updated
26Orios AstralsKhaz Modan-EU558Not updated
28Magerie Sleeping ForestKhaz Modan-EU557Not updated
28Bøøbsy illusiOn Of tiMeKhaz Modan-EU557Not updated
30Arakhal NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU555Not updated
31Lyrdan  Khaz Modan-EU554Not updated
31Haryä ZeitgeistKhaz Modan-EU554Not updated
31Ute La taverne d'AzerothKhaz Modan-EU554Not updated
34Gorjette GenesisKhaz Modan-EU553Not updated
34Hericke Funny RabbitKhaz Modan-EU553Not updated
34Mabuse NibelungenKhaz Modan-EU553Not updated
37Kherrozen Twenty Percent CoolerKhaz Modan-EU552Not updated
37Shaôlïn Fire HeartKhaz Modan-EU552Not updated
37Äzote Just BKhaz Modan-EU552Not updated
37Eternia YaggdrasilKhaz Modan-EU552Not updated
41Vcrina  Khaz Modan-EU551Not updated
41Grömshâ la dream teamKhaz Modan-EU551Not updated
43Altheos La Flamme d AnorKhaz Modan-EU550Not updated
44Finécorce Guilde OmegaKhaz Modan-EU549Not updated
45Barôn GamushuKhaz Modan-EU548Not updated
45Bilaz la dream teamKhaz Modan-EU548Not updated
47Irumi  Khaz Modan-EU546Not updated
47Oruko GamushuKhaz Modan-EU546Not updated
49Missa AstralsKhaz Modan-EU545Not updated
49Prîmus MERLIN ACADEMYKhaz Modan-EU545Not updated
49Rillettes NémesisKhaz Modan-EU545Not updated
52Bernaadar AuthentiqueKhaz Modan-EU544Not updated
52Utamie UmpalumpaKhaz Modan-EU544Not updated
54Yagbouse Les Sang VisagesKhaz Modan-EU543Not updated
54Dianaa les axuritsKhaz Modan-EU543Not updated
54Showen Twenty Percent CoolerKhaz Modan-EU543Not updated
54Makari DaenerysKhaz Modan-EU543Not updated
58Kâlistha NémesisKhaz Modan-EU542Not updated
58Deathvachor Démon and WizardKhaz Modan-EU542Not updated
58Lîly  Khaz Modan-EU542Not updated
58Maganée  Khaz Modan-EU542Not updated
62Alanus chtit guildKhaz Modan-EU541Not updated
63Eloa GenesisKhaz Modan-EU540Not updated
63Kaïlas NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU540Not updated
65Smalou NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU539Not updated
65Yänis EdenLørdsKhaz Modan-EU539Not updated
65Gobtonium ManifesteKhaz Modan-EU539Not updated
68Vadony SpartïateSKhaz Modan-EU538Not updated
68Sonydigital  Khaz Modan-EU538Not updated
68Strongest NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU538Not updated
71Uzebius Shin SekaiKhaz Modan-EU537Not updated
71Melmac la légion de khazmodanKhaz Modan-EU537Not updated
71Iroel NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU537Not updated
71Fimbulvetr La Fraternité VerbenaKhaz Modan-EU537Not updated
75Gomenasai Shïnra cørpørationKhaz Modan-EU535Not updated
75Missise La Légende des TimbrésKhaz Modan-EU535Not updated
75Mhauxe Les VétéransKhaz Modan-EU535Not updated
75Jaipudidé  Khaz Modan-EU535Not updated
79Kabutteur NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU534Not updated
79Davil angel of luminarysKhaz Modan-EU534Not updated
79Calicedevie Wind of DarknessKhaz Modan-EU534Not updated

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