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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Khadgar-US Unique Pets
1Phaleno Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US601
2Penitence RemnantKhadgar-US600Not updated
3Desmuerta RemnantKhadgar-US597
3Jonstark Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US597Not updated
5Lybohske VoltageKhadgar-US593
6Greetings Lions of JudahKhadgar-US582Not updated
7Ultradthsaus Hopes EternalKhadgar-US581
8Animus HavocKhadgar-US577
8Lipps HavocKhadgar-US577Not updated
8Rowanravyn RoughStuffKhadgar-US577Not updated
8Thefaceofboe HavocKhadgar-US577Not updated
8Valyntine HavocKhadgar-US577Not updated
8Garrix HavocKhadgar-US577Not updated
8Rhllor HavocKhadgar-US577Not updated
8Annabeel HavocKhadgar-US577Not updated
8Judecca HavocKhadgar-US577Not updated
8Wonghungloo HavocKhadgar-US577Not updated
18Witwicky HavocKhadgar-US575Not updated
18Gordone Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US575Not updated
20Iskrå Age of ReasonKhadgar-US572
20Verkäufer FallenKhadgar-US572
22Anotherwench The Raging Pink BunniesKhadgar-US570
23Spazmoosifer  Khadgar-US569Not updated
23Osirus SunderedKhadgar-US569
23Sooz  Khadgar-US569Not updated
26Shelar Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US568
27Multiplicity Lords of KhadgarKhadgar-US567Not updated
28Peilke Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US566
29Lonamire Hopes EternalKhadgar-US565
29Kreaser RelentlessKhadgar-US565Not updated
31Kamikisu ApatheiaKhadgar-US564
32Starsparkle Shadows of TrinityKhadgar-US563
33Shukaku RemnantKhadgar-US559
34Narilka BG Death DealersKhadgar-US555
34Hjebnoseran The EndlessKhadgar-US555Not updated
36Tenish DestinyKhadgar-US554
37Sylvansoul GECKOKhadgar-US552
37Faelwen ApatheiaKhadgar-US552Not updated
37Tomfoolleree GECKOKhadgar-US552
40Stormfang GECKOKhadgar-US551
40Madmartigann GECKOKhadgar-US551
40Yatiri GECKOKhadgar-US551
40Stormgrim GECKOKhadgar-US551Not updated
40Blueberrie No Stinkin BadgesKhadgar-US551Not updated
45Sweetz Ignis LetumKhadgar-US549
45Hottblack GECKOKhadgar-US549Not updated
45Deli BG Death DealersKhadgar-US549
48Trapi and the Legion of DoomKhadgar-US548Not updated
48Quoth Knights of the Cow KingKhadgar-US548Not updated
48Zahar Fear NothingKhadgar-US548Not updated
48Xernbrez Apocalypse MeowKhadgar-US548Not updated
52Harpua Harmonic DisorderKhadgar-US547Not updated
52Meitenshi Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US547
52Gularon DestinyKhadgar-US547Not updated
55Azuremoon StormwrathKhadgar-US546
55Suzianna Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US546
55Neeah Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US546Not updated
55Prissey Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US546Not updated
55Salit Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US546Not updated
55Ceress Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US546Not updated
55Minute Rebels For FreedomKhadgar-US546Not updated
62Kirosaki Legion of LightKhadgar-US545Not updated
62Valkenhayne  Khadgar-US545Not updated
62Adrenalynne The StormwatchKhadgar-US545Not updated
62Clawber DishonoredKhadgar-US545Not updated
66Allexia One Among The FenceKhadgar-US544
67Stiffarrow DestinyKhadgar-US543
67Farok  Khadgar-US543Not updated
69Truewarrior BG Death DealersKhadgar-US542
69Wyglaaf Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US542
71Saintgabrial Vara tel SeldarineKhadgar-US541Not updated
72Snoutimus HavocKhadgar-US540
72Monaliza GECKOKhadgar-US540Not updated
72Minimi GECKOKhadgar-US540Not updated
72Toxikkizz GECKOKhadgar-US540Not updated
72Aurorawrath GECKOKhadgar-US540Not updated
72Kimmylove GECKOKhadgar-US540Not updated
72Toxickizz GECKOKhadgar-US540Not updated
79Fanciful VoltageKhadgar-US539
80Slade New BeginningsKhadgar-US538
80Shiryo New BeginningsKhadgar-US538
80Shakabuku New BeginningsKhadgar-US538
80Marcello New BeginningsKhadgar-US538
80Albrecht New BeginningsKhadgar-US538
80Volaesque Legends of KhadgarKhadgar-US538Not updated
80Agramon Vara tel SeldarineKhadgar-US538Not updated
87Nikkikayama BG Death DealersKhadgar-US536
87Kronous Arcane AftermathKhadgar-US536Not updated
87Alphatenk AgelessKhadgar-US536Not updated
87Shadowfinder Obsidian BladesKhadgar-US536Not updated
87Dronais  Khadgar-US536Not updated
92Jackko Little RascalsKhadgar-US535Not updated
92Meateatincow Rulers of cataclysm altsKhadgar-US535Not updated
92Ultimatesin RevengeKhadgar-US535Not updated
95Plumper  Khadgar-US534Not updated
96Mana ApatheiaKhadgar-US533
97Feathersky DestinyKhadgar-US532
98Sanreishuto Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US531Not updated

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