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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kazzak-EU Unique Pets
1Meyuash Destro TeamKazzak-EU612Not updated
2Mabbe Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU610Not updated
3Synai Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU607Not updated
3Acidgirl The ÐreamCatchersKazzak-EU607Not updated
5Hamzula FreemasonsKazzak-EU603Not updated
6Felix FangKazzak-EU602Not updated
7Crimson Rock Paper ScissorsKazzak-EU601Not updated
7Cowboymivina Half LifesKazzak-EU601Not updated
7Nemesmzemrtu  Kazzak-EU601Not updated
10Failure VanguardKazzak-EU600Not updated
10Xscape Shadow RealmKazzak-EU600Not updated
12Alinoe Midnight ExpressKazzak-EU599Not updated
13Chitras FangKazzak-EU597Not updated
13Biopanda FangKazzak-EU597Not updated
15Bexak Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU595Not updated
15Omorphy VanguardKazzak-EU595Not updated
17Lagnia SouLKazzak-EU594Not updated
18Chrisy SquishyKazzak-EU593Not updated
19Dummeh South of HeavenKazzak-EU592Not updated
19Agitayte BifrostKazzak-EU592Not updated
21Celebrant Order of SargerasKazzak-EU591Not updated
21Denah SquishyKazzak-EU591Not updated
23Kontiki Bomen Zijn RelaxedKazzak-EU590Not updated
24Vatras LostKazzak-EU589Not updated
24Sinnerhooves Ente La Magke De VotanikKazzak-EU589Not updated
26Obesekid Midnight ExpressKazzak-EU588Not updated
26Vulde LostKazzak-EU588Not updated
28Mystkitty PendulumKazzak-EU587Not updated
29Lustobject Seven SinsKazzak-EU586Not updated
29Siphera  Kazzak-EU586Not updated
29Lieffie Legio GeticaKazzak-EU586Not updated
29Kestra SquishyKazzak-EU586Not updated
29Hameln SquishyKazzak-EU586Not updated
29Tairin SquishyKazzak-EU586Not updated
29Rheega SquishyKazzak-EU586Not updated
36Cidien QuintessenceKazzak-EU585Not updated
36Eilwyn SquishyKazzak-EU585Not updated
36Feirin SquishyKazzak-EU585Not updated
36Suioh SquishyKazzak-EU585Not updated
36Aojin SquishyKazzak-EU585Not updated
41Morsa AmbuscadeKazzak-EU584Not updated
41Ruby NewbloodsKazzak-EU584Not updated
43Sirfiixx Rød StueKazzak-EU583Not updated
43Immørtall Destro TeamKazzak-EU583Not updated
45Iwasadwarf  Kazzak-EU582Not updated
45Theymademe AmicusKazzak-EU582Not updated
45Promenaden ParallaxKazzak-EU582Not updated
45Killerfairy  Kazzak-EU582Not updated
45Lagoig Thralls AngelsKazzak-EU582Not updated
50Gubbinz PurifiedKazzak-EU581Not updated
50Jaidamus IS YOUR DADKazzak-EU581Not updated
52Valq RejuvenationKazzak-EU580Not updated
52Tolene DespairKazzak-EU580Not updated
52Sha Panic VaultKazzak-EU580Not updated
55Gallowbraid Mental InsanityKazzak-EU579Not updated
55Wixxy Defiance GamingKazzak-EU579Not updated
55Kylskåp DespairKazzak-EU579Not updated
55Madbutchér Mental InsanityKazzak-EU579Not updated
55Amicisia XzaliumKazzak-EU579Not updated
55Toridnx Dark DesireKazzak-EU579Not updated
55Ogrii  Kazzak-EU579Not updated
55Mysticalpaw Half LifesKazzak-EU579Not updated
63Pitbule ConnexusKazzak-EU578Not updated
63Vladimirov  Kazzak-EU578Not updated
63Growls Minions of ThunderKazzak-EU578Not updated
63Darksemp  Kazzak-EU578Not updated
67Fluttershyxd ConsiliumKazzak-EU577Not updated
67Estochka ParasiteKazzak-EU577Not updated
67Shugoran Top Model KazzakKazzak-EU577Not updated
67Murragh SquishyKazzak-EU577Not updated
71Axeroská InfusionKazzak-EU576Not updated
71Nexsky CoalescenceKazzak-EU576Not updated
71Srosh ApotheosanityKazzak-EU576Not updated
71Twelvegauge BifrostKazzak-EU576Not updated
71Marouz XeonKazzak-EU576Not updated
71Greenwind SquishyKazzak-EU576Not updated
71Arishtat ApotheosanityKazzak-EU576Not updated
71Landi  Kazzak-EU576Not updated
71Rayburn  Kazzak-EU576Not updated
71Rashnu ApotheosanityKazzak-EU576Not updated
81Lizardo McDriveKazzak-EU575Not updated
81Uaegloria The Great EmpireKazzak-EU575Not updated
81Herbalizm HibilityKazzak-EU575Not updated
81Llidani No RemorseKazzak-EU575Not updated
81Uaepandarina Kick HordeKazzak-EU575Not updated
81Monoke  Kazzak-EU575Not updated
87Naegleria No RemorseKazzak-EU574Not updated
87Maygo Secret Unicorn SocietyKazzak-EU574Not updated
87Ciiri Ater CorKazzak-EU574Not updated
87Fairynuff AmbuscadeKazzak-EU574Not updated
91Stonedarrow RejuvenationKazzak-EU573Not updated
91Newtun DelightfulKazzak-EU573Not updated
91Hermês Heavenly DemonKazzak-EU573Not updated
94Timarius consanguineusKazzak-EU572Not updated
94Xsage Santa MariaKazzak-EU572Not updated
94Akíre Taurential ReignKazzak-EU572Not updated
94Morbiddus The ForsakenKazzak-EU572Not updated
94Hexocist Danish DominanceKazzak-EU572Not updated
94Decco SparekassenKazzak-EU572Not updated
100Hanh PurifiedKazzak-EU571Not updated

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