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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kael'thas-US Unique Pets
1Fairyn OOBKael'thas-US606Not updated
2Drakie Ilsik HaucilKael'thas-US600Not updated
3Loveshock IntegrityKael'thas-US593Not updated
3Goolatza Westfall Fight ClubKael'thas-US593Not updated
3Regretts JudgmentKael'thas-US593Not updated
6Niacin  Kael'thas-US590Not updated
7Death KarmaKael'thas-US583Not updated
7Philarious HubrisKael'thas-US583Not updated
7Shinte PeripheryKael'thas-US583Not updated
10Keren  Kael'thas-US582Not updated
11Boj Citius Altius FortiusKael'thas-US580Not updated
12Kithedrael Just One More BossKael'thas-US577Not updated
12Annorrow Warrior NationKael'thas-US577Not updated
12Bathorie  Kael'thas-US577Not updated
15Kabukii EternityKael'thas-US576Not updated
16Sakima  Kael'thas-US575Not updated
17Glitch KinsmenKael'thas-US574Not updated
18Trigon Neltharions FuryKael'thas-US573Not updated
18Nagini DysfunkionalKael'thas-US573Not updated
18Rayferd HubrisKael'thas-US573Not updated
21Knonfodder BlacklistedKael'thas-US572Not updated
21Ryoli DysfunkionalKael'thas-US572Not updated
23Therion BlacklistedKael'thas-US570Not updated
24Luckygallo IlluminaughtyKael'thas-US569Not updated
24Azuerell Disorderly MisconductKael'thas-US569Not updated
26Xoutcojj PeripheryKael'thas-US568Not updated
27Zhangdon ApeironKael'thas-US565Not updated
28Kelrox OOBKael'thas-US562Not updated
28Zodiak DisengagedKael'thas-US562Not updated
28Miyasdad Disorderly MisconductKael'thas-US562Not updated
31Tâiyr  Kael'thas-US561Not updated
32Pändemonia OOBKael'thas-US559Not updated
32Bellesanguin Eye in the ShadowsKael'thas-US559Not updated
32Celestiah PeripheryKael'thas-US559Not updated
32Hernachu PeripheryKael'thas-US559Not updated
32Derpology PeripheryKael'thas-US559Not updated
37Mardhuk Angels Of DestructionKael'thas-US558Not updated
38Palice Legion of the ValkyrieKael'thas-US557Not updated
38Gaiana  Kael'thas-US557Not updated
38Hanaliel EmberKael'thas-US557Not updated
41Riddikulus Eternal ExileKael'thas-US555Not updated
42Blackwalker Defense of AzerothKael'thas-US554Not updated
43Notaclue Forbidden OnesKael'thas-US553Not updated
44Deseatia IntegrityKael'thas-US552Not updated
44Brezscha IntegrityKael'thas-US552Not updated
46Khu Forgotten FewKael'thas-US551Not updated
46Quink Raidin DirtyKael'thas-US551Not updated
46Annavalerios Kaldorei GuardiansKael'thas-US551Not updated
49Restasis Raiders of da Lost HordeKael'thas-US550Not updated
50Distin Enveloping DarknessKael'thas-US549Not updated
50Zoolla The Zug InitiativeKael'thas-US549Not updated
50Cuddlès IntegrityKael'thas-US549Not updated
50Syana EnlightenedKael'thas-US549Not updated
54Sparkss  Kael'thas-US548Not updated
54Gwynie Dragon GuardiansKael'thas-US548Not updated
56Lådybug Westfall Fight ClubKael'thas-US547Not updated
56Cerina TheImpishOnesKael'thas-US547Not updated
58Tinymee OneKael'thas-US546Not updated
58Siishoona Moves Like JaggerKael'thas-US546Not updated
58Kelendo Iron FistKael'thas-US546Not updated
58Chillax Millenium Falcon RidersKael'thas-US546Not updated
62Velarose The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US545Not updated
63Dalliia IntegrityKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Whisller AssimilationKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Norga daBeersKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Wyl daBeersKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Krevsun daBeersKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Bootsy daBeersKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Hookemhorns daBeersKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Tocho daBeersKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Dourif daBeersKael'thas-US544Not updated
63Koshka daBeersKael'thas-US544Not updated
73Aelric KinsmenKael'thas-US542Not updated
73Angelisse TriumphantKael'thas-US542Not updated
75Orbweaver  Kael'thas-US541Not updated
76Vallentino KinsmenKael'thas-US540Not updated
76Solah PwnstarsKael'thas-US540Not updated
76Meggle ParallelKael'thas-US540Not updated
79Whatwasthat  Kael'thas-US539Not updated
79Mysticblue OOBKael'thas-US539Not updated
81Chataya Iron FistKael'thas-US538Not updated
81Wishy  Kael'thas-US538Not updated
83Moxxie My HavenKael'thas-US537Not updated
84Xenus Crafters UnionKael'thas-US536Not updated
84Frostblight Crafters UnionKael'thas-US536Not updated
84Hypnotroll Crafters UnionKael'thas-US536Not updated
84Kerridwenn  Kael'thas-US536Not updated
88Itook DysfunkionalKael'thas-US535Not updated
88Deepblue Dark MatterKael'thas-US535Not updated
90Blackfield KinsmenKael'thas-US533Not updated
90Shardrin Scarlet BrotherhoodKael'thas-US533Not updated
90Piergiron The HarpersKael'thas-US533Not updated

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