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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-US Unique Pets
1Apalla Warforged BattalionIllidan-US611Not updated
2Ataxus Blood LegionIllidan-US609Not updated
3Yukio AngryIllidan-US607Not updated
3Feeasco DeliriumIllidan-US607Not updated
5Alawynn Rowdy GentlemenIllidan-US605Not updated
6Nasenan FantasiaIllidan-US604Not updated
6Mneme Living VicariouslyIllidan-US604Not updated
6Panerda SanerIllidan-US604Not updated
9Setti Unleash the DragonIllidan-US603Not updated
10Spacetrader Eternal RageIllidan-US602Not updated
10Valgardian TempéstIllidan-US602Not updated
12Iapeto Blood LegionIllidan-US601Not updated
12Glown Blood LegionIllidan-US601Not updated
12Salmonloaf Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US601Not updated
15Cebdk The RebellionIllidan-US600Not updated
15Drimien Blood LegionIllidan-US600Not updated
17Akdeathchamp  Illidan-US599Not updated
18Jeguebauer Raven SigilIllidan-US598Not updated
18Silversayan  Illidan-US598Not updated
20Raeinna Blood HélixIllidan-US597Not updated
21Valgardían TempéstIllidan-US595Not updated
22Zapnaranrand Im PvPingIllidan-US594Not updated
22Ddm EulogyIllidan-US594Not updated
22Galdorina  Illidan-US594Not updated
25Hathør  Illidan-US593Not updated
26Sashagréy  Illidan-US592Not updated
26Warumbanar Crooks N CastlesIllidan-US592Not updated
26Gorlendreal FoTMIllidan-US592Not updated
26Azurecat Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US592Not updated
26Nymphis ÐacnomaniaIllidan-US592Not updated
26Mialucia FoTMIllidan-US592Not updated
32Padmal StrifeIllidan-US591Not updated
32Czaafumz TravestyIllidan-US591Not updated
34Serekefour Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US590Not updated
34Jullez WetworkIllidan-US590Not updated
34Kawaii Serious GamingIllidan-US590Not updated
34Lizsbeth GoONiEzIllidan-US590Not updated
34Cnthealstupd RiptideIllidan-US590Not updated
39Berdine Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US589Not updated
39Mootalia SchadenfreudeIllidan-US589Not updated
39Milliss For ScienceIllidan-US589Not updated
39Thachel Righteous IntentionsIllidan-US589Not updated
39Tiz Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US589Not updated
39Taxfraud DopamineIllidan-US589Not updated
45Orcpheus Living VicariouslyIllidan-US588Not updated
46Ashlîna ManiaIllidan-US587Not updated
46Anduril Karate Monkey Death CarIllidan-US587Not updated
48Baltazara The Crimson LotusIllidan-US586Not updated
48Erthuzad FoTMIllidan-US586Not updated
48Tamsan ArchetypeIllidan-US586Not updated
51Xenocidic SummitIllidan-US585Not updated
51Dyveriate Blood LegionIllidan-US585Not updated
51Oehlerbane Karate Monkey Death CarIllidan-US585Not updated
51Eleveñ Authors of EvilIllidan-US585Not updated
51Jasminê ÐacnomaniaIllidan-US585Not updated
56Beresamela AnimusIllidan-US584Not updated
56Keylogga Twisted IntentIllidan-US584Not updated
56Viliee Living VicariouslyIllidan-US584Not updated
59Nachtwarrior AngryIllidan-US583Not updated
59Kal SanctumIllidan-US583Not updated
59Aimshotlol SummitIllidan-US583Not updated
59Furiaen Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US583Not updated
59Mondord EncoreIllidan-US583Not updated
59Eatingu We Strictly PVP IIIllidan-US583Not updated
59Ampacìty  Illidan-US583Not updated
59Munghks Sonic Death MonkeyIllidan-US583Not updated
67Vaeal AngryIllidan-US582Not updated
67Gairie ReflectionIllidan-US582Not updated
67Orlagar Lethal ReunionIllidan-US582Not updated
67Relativity AngryIllidan-US582Not updated
67Raeb  Illidan-US582Not updated
67Bloodtaste SafariIllidan-US582Not updated
67Cueballer Explicit ContentIllidan-US582Not updated
67Akie  Illidan-US582Not updated
67Sumooz Tidal EclipseIllidan-US582Not updated
67Rihannafae Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US582Not updated
77Nobufusa RefugeesIllidan-US581Not updated
77Mahjito Accidentally AwesomeIllidan-US581Not updated
77Touché  Illidan-US581Not updated
77Syrious Deus MessorIllidan-US581Not updated
81Zarillion Trash Mob Death MachineIllidan-US580Not updated
81Zarindrel Trash Mob Death MachineIllidan-US580Not updated
81Balos DespondencyIllidan-US580Not updated
81Taeyeon ImmuneIllidan-US580Not updated
81Awaveofbabes Corrupted AllianceIllidan-US580Not updated
81Molkos Get SomeIllidan-US580Not updated
81Liividity LawbringerIllidan-US580Not updated
81Icedflames Corrupted AllianceIllidan-US580Not updated
81Wifeymcbeãty Habitat For InsanityIllidan-US580Not updated
81Irvddispensr  Illidan-US580Not updated
91Kemsa Slash CryIllidan-US579Not updated
91Lylithy Wicked AwesomeIllidan-US579Not updated
91Nakama DreamTeamIllidan-US579Not updated

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