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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-EU Unique Pets
1Penélope TreizeIllidan-EU602Not updated
2Ãodren  Illidan-EU599Not updated
3Aõdren  Illidan-EU595Not updated
4Catastrophe InSiemIllidan-EU588Not updated
5Rorzette KaminaIllidan-EU584Not updated
6Solveïg SofaKingCoolIllidan-EU580Not updated
6Minikïss MurlocIllidan-EU580Not updated
8Shaðow  Illidan-EU579Not updated
9Mamarules BlowIllidan-EU574Not updated
9Pinkpantsu  Illidan-EU574Not updated
11Alénä TimelessIllidan-EU573Not updated
12Kärnia  Illidan-EU571Not updated
13Agamemnon Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU568Not updated
14Bjorin Semper FiIllidan-EU566Not updated
15Missmymy La ConfIllidan-EU564Not updated
16Euphemìa Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU563Not updated
17Xoco LegendesIllidan-EU562Not updated
18Caramôn Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU561Not updated
19Sanytol les folles ailéesIllidan-EU560Not updated
19Mönïa EvolutiønIllidan-EU560Not updated
19Synøps Angel of warIllidan-EU560Not updated
22Kàthy antichambreIllidan-EU559Not updated
23Nathyra Les Loutres Ki PoutrentIllidan-EU557Not updated
24Aasha Sanctum SeisIllidan-EU555Not updated
24Aghrea HadésIllidan-EU555Not updated
26Tapo  Illidan-EU554Not updated
27Johnsnòw AuthenticIllidan-EU553Not updated
27Draarkness La ConfIllidan-EU553Not updated
29Metalman  Illidan-EU552Not updated
29Bîp Les larmes d illidanIllidan-EU552Not updated
31Taboune InsaneIllidan-EU551Not updated
32Sharwynn Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU550Not updated
32Sees RequiemIllidan-EU550Not updated
34Kaméha Bad ClownIllidan-EU549Not updated
35Melyn We Did ItIllidan-EU548Not updated
36Skydog Opùs DeiIllidan-EU547Not updated
36Feyfðlken ÆFKIllidan-EU547Not updated
38Shinmaoh The AceIllidan-EU546Not updated
38Deathmodius Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU546Not updated
40Jooss ØbscürIllidan-EU545Not updated
41Ursøl The AshbringerIllidan-EU544Not updated
42Troyes The ExploitedIllidan-EU542Not updated
42Ashkah Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU542Not updated
44Rîgald Les CroisésIllidan-EU540Not updated
45Yufi MurlocIllidan-EU539Not updated
45Quente  Illidan-EU539Not updated
47Seeva MurlocIllidan-EU537Not updated
47Dhryanna Semper FiIllidan-EU537Not updated
47Riñ antichambreIllidan-EU537Not updated
50Astren EmpireIllidan-EU535Not updated
50Ptitfilou Post MortemIllidan-EU535Not updated
50Macdeath Post MortemIllidan-EU535Not updated
50Moonee  Illidan-EU535Not updated
50Canope  Illidan-EU535Not updated
55Zalenbow BlowIllidan-EU533Not updated
56Emraledémø MétempsycoseIllidan-EU531Not updated
56Xotan PrédîctîonIllidan-EU531Not updated
58Valunistar Post MortemIllidan-EU530Not updated
58Emys BlowIllidan-EU530Not updated
58Heod HadésIllidan-EU530Not updated
61Sheeyi Die AntwoordIllidan-EU529Not updated
61Akashao InquisitiønIllidan-EU529Not updated
63Kyplinor FinestIllidan-EU528Not updated
63Kheph  Illidan-EU528Not updated
63Lécolo Soul PunchIllidan-EU528Not updated
63Tøøls EverIllidan-EU528Not updated
63Malthäel AuthenticIllidan-EU528Not updated
68Seyna  Illidan-EU527Not updated
68Tchocéo RAWRIllidan-EU527Not updated
70Shrèk Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU526Not updated
70Fârm Bad WolfIllidan-EU526Not updated
70Xanakis EmpireIllidan-EU526Not updated
73Tarandia BlowIllidan-EU525Not updated
74Thyo do not disturbIllidan-EU524Not updated
74Yoshikawa OverdøseIllidan-EU524Not updated
76Talazas HadésIllidan-EU523Not updated
76Chjmilia Pyjama des TénèbresIllidan-EU523Not updated
78Analine Frozen TearsIllidan-EU522Not updated
78Kreattür  Illidan-EU522Not updated
78Shruïkan  Illidan-EU522Not updated
81Naëty Semper FiIllidan-EU521Not updated
81Manared BlowIllidan-EU521Not updated
81Rivageoise BlowIllidan-EU521Not updated
81Alpe Les CroisésIllidan-EU521Not updated
85Nightsorrow Les No LifeIllidan-EU520Not updated
86Nohíme InTenebrisIllidan-EU519Not updated
86Addes Bad ClownIllidan-EU519Not updated
86Hush MurlocIllidan-EU519Not updated
86Bouyâkâshâ antichambreIllidan-EU519Not updated
86Ataxie Les PhénixIllidan-EU519Not updated
91Angelessiaa La Røse NoireIllidan-EU518Not updated
91Rïkü TRINITYIllidan-EU518Not updated
93Zëe Le Nain BourréIllidan-EU517Not updated
94Severn No GloryIllidan-EU516Not updated
94Somare AfterlifeIllidan-EU516Not updated
96Lauredanâ la legion des angesIllidan-EU514Not updated
96Jirouchuan L EntourageIllidan-EU514Not updated

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