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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-EU Unique Pets
1Stracciatela ApogéeHyjal-EU609Not updated
2Kyparite ApogéeHyjal-EU604Not updated
3Rortov RejectHyjal-EU603Not updated
3Vortimonky RejectHyjal-EU603Not updated
3Eskhandor  Hyjal-EU603Not updated
6Turökk  Hyjal-EU601Not updated
7Vortôr RejectHyjal-EU600Not updated
8Lyloù ApogéeHyjal-EU597Not updated
9Muwmuw les roturiersHyjal-EU595Not updated
9Nollz  Hyjal-EU595Not updated
11Carera inSiemHyjal-EU594Not updated
12Ibara SilmarilHyjal-EU593Not updated
13Ashashine Nø Need RépaHyjal-EU591Not updated
14Bloodyleen MercenaryHyjal-EU590Not updated
14Ixerium Mettwurst SymphonyHyjal-EU590Not updated
14Lifaoxin Mettwurst SymphonyHyjal-EU590Not updated
17Tallahasee MeltdownHyjal-EU589Not updated
18Alina AvalonHyjal-EU588Not updated
18Malhiboux PandemøniumHyjal-EU588Not updated
18Morlinou  Hyjal-EU588Not updated
21Khäleesí Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU587Not updated
22Genchasse La confrerieHyjal-EU586Not updated
22Grumie inSiemHyjal-EU586Not updated
24Luqa We Are LegiønHyjal-EU585Not updated
24Lôôty SPARTANSHyjal-EU585Not updated
26Maelanne Aman ThalionHyjal-EU584Not updated
26Vonkhar Les Prisonniers du TempsHyjal-EU584Not updated
26Tôtor BioHaZarDHyjal-EU584Not updated
26Ktseyes Légion NoireHyjal-EU584Not updated
26Mamu Les rescapés des barbapaHyjal-EU584Not updated
31Sëbastien Amicitiam NocturnisHyjal-EU583Not updated
31Klâshnöviâ Wype SpiritHyjal-EU583Not updated
31Sarenah Les hamsters mécaniquesHyjal-EU583Not updated
34Dreidor les chevaliers d argentHyjal-EU582Not updated
34Falx Brotherhood Of EdenHyjal-EU582Not updated
34Piuf Gloriana XIVHyjal-EU582Not updated
34Pàntoufle TØTAL ÐETSRUKSSIØNHyjal-EU582Not updated
34Anteac Les hamsters mécaniquesHyjal-EU582Not updated
39Gorefiend MeltdownHyjal-EU581Not updated
39Cordy Realm RebornHyjal-EU581Not updated
41Solveïg Night HeavenHyjal-EU580Not updated
41Gabonne gros noobHyjal-EU580Not updated
41Kadz FreeStyleHyjal-EU580Not updated
41Hargas CroisadeHyjal-EU580Not updated
45Múgen HeretîkHyjal-EU579Not updated
45Kinrelh Wype SpiritHyjal-EU579Not updated
47Météo FahrenheitHyjal-EU577Not updated
47Varim Next GaymerHyjal-EU577Not updated
47Tidd Farming is Nøt a CrimeHyjal-EU577Not updated
50Ditha Les phoénix de SolarisHyjal-EU576Not updated
50Nerz  Hyjal-EU576Not updated
50Lunélia Herp DerpHyjal-EU576Not updated
50Biala Les phoénix de SolarisHyjal-EU576Not updated
54Hermód Les Prisonniers du TempsHyjal-EU575Not updated
54Leikn Les Prisonniers du TempsHyjal-EU575Not updated
56Mylä Pomme CannelleHyjal-EU574Not updated
56Kriskilla FahrenheitHyjal-EU574Not updated
58Harmiel Le Dernier RempartHyjal-EU573Not updated
58Kleiz LéviathanHyjal-EU573Not updated
58Hargrimm AnonyNoobHyjal-EU573Not updated
58Gadz LéviathanHyjal-EU573Not updated
58Ezok LéviathanHyjal-EU573Not updated
63Nefterys  Hyjal-EU572Not updated
64Hongtang World Wipe FoundationHyjal-EU571Not updated
64Xiaoqin World Wipe FoundationHyjal-EU571Not updated
64Unlockhï AvalonHyjal-EU571Not updated
64Ishundun AvalonHyjal-EU571Not updated
68Dolores FahrenheitHyjal-EU570Not updated
68Helisstra NightstormHyjal-EU570Not updated
68Sørnn PandemøniumHyjal-EU570Not updated
68Bbaam Les KørrigansHyjal-EU570Not updated
72Kahos Les Bières Sans PeurHyjal-EU569Not updated
72Sydrou FaithHyjal-EU569Not updated
72Zarkann Joyeux PourfendeursHyjal-EU569Not updated
72Isthanor  Hyjal-EU569Not updated
76Gornéro BrumeHyjal-EU568Not updated
76Sizi Killing MachineHyjal-EU568Not updated
76Boeskill FahrenheitHyjal-EU568Not updated
76Badmanxl Les Dieux AncestrauxHyjal-EU568Not updated
76Bisounouz EtherniumHyjal-EU568Not updated
81Akheon Ab NihiloHyjal-EU567Not updated
81Farron  Hyjal-EU567Not updated
81Naômi No StratHyjal-EU567Not updated
84Kojïma PandemøniumHyjal-EU566Not updated
84Mélänia OnayaHyjal-EU566Not updated
84Tramel narkøtekHyjal-EU566Not updated
84Cardamina Bloody SkyHyjal-EU566Not updated
88Crocstan Seigneurs de GuerreHyjal-EU565Not updated
88Galadrine Les Héritiers d HyjalHyjal-EU565Not updated
88Korpikaksi Casus BelliHyjal-EU565Not updated
88Yopparaí Hordeux ma vueHyjal-EU565Not updated
92Acétylcoa Banane FlambéeHyjal-EU564Not updated
92Bloomis  Hyjal-EU564Not updated
92Bontìz Angeli TenebraeHyjal-EU564Not updated
92Meñthe DystopiaHyjal-EU564Not updated
96Arcannah  Hyjal-EU563Not updated

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