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Hydraxis-US Unique Pets
1Jinmao Children of ChimeraHydraxis-US603Not updated
2Magitoon EnvoyOfTheHordeHydraxis-US589
3Whitefalcon OrderbyChaosHydraxis-US580
4Emkay Ten Ton HammerHydraxis-US575
5Tseong Ten Ton HammerHydraxis-US574
6Erreme  Hydraxis-US571
7Bazinda Protective OrderHydraxis-US567
8Phdegi SingularityHydraxis-US566Not updated
9Grisk Ten Ton HammerHydraxis-US565
9Kattfood Ten Ton HammerHydraxis-US565
9Wargris Ten Ton HammerHydraxis-US565
12Arkista KaizenHydraxis-US564Not updated
12Woeden Knights of Rose CroixHydraxis-US564Not updated
14Azuredragon SanctityHydraxis-US562Not updated
15Mastatank  Hydraxis-US560
16Öogabooga The Emerald DreamHydraxis-US557
16Herunmir Out of ExileHydraxis-US557
16Nayenezgani Riders of the RebellionHydraxis-US557Not updated
19Vazaelle Red ShirtsHydraxis-US555
20Tuadina Log HorizonHydraxis-US554
21Ignacius Nordic FamilyHydraxis-US553
22Judax ORIONHydraxis-US552
22Freygane Nordic FamilyHydraxis-US552Not updated
24Isabêlle Red ShirtsHydraxis-US551
24Seripha In Gold We TrustHydraxis-US551
24Sillynuggets Milk and BloodHydraxis-US551Not updated
27Woodtique Safe HavenHydraxis-US550
28Dassori Obsidian wingsHydraxis-US549
29Mistrogers Out of ExileHydraxis-US546
29Celdin Off Brand GuildHydraxis-US546Not updated
31Delexxa Safe HavenHydraxis-US544
32Natallina  Hydraxis-US543Not updated
32Miu  Hydraxis-US543Not updated
34Wobblazlo KaizenHydraxis-US542
34Vonzipper Riders of the RebellionHydraxis-US542Not updated
34Munknorris Centurian GuardHydraxis-US542Not updated
37Mo hatHydraxis-US541Not updated
37Lazybeans Z WarriorsHydraxis-US541Not updated
39Nubley Unemployed FelonsHydraxis-US540
39Shalindria Kalimdors LegionHydraxis-US540Not updated
39Dregov  Hydraxis-US540
42Doktaman DarkmoorHydraxis-US538
42Valhallaa Riders of the RebellionHydraxis-US538Not updated
44Powerade Unified FightersHydraxis-US535Not updated
45Dinggsdown Crusaders of the LightHydraxis-US534Not updated
45Fumino  Hydraxis-US534Not updated
47Totalenvy Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US532Not updated
48Ellehcim KaizenHydraxis-US531
48Mikalena KaizenHydraxis-US531
48Gartenzwerg Made Out Of NothingHydraxis-US531Not updated
51Breathagain The InitiativeHydraxis-US530Not updated
51Kobayn Divine RetributionHydraxis-US530
53Brainbomb Riders of the RebellionHydraxis-US529
54Urssa DecimateHydraxis-US528Not updated
55Kasmomma  Hydraxis-US527Not updated
56Evista Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US525
57Xamüs Nordic FamilyHydraxis-US524
58Caoimha Avoiding RealityHydraxis-US523Not updated
58Shaywen No Pants PartyHydraxis-US523Not updated
60Fookieu Avoiding RealityHydraxis-US522
61Odisian Better Than YouHydraxis-US521Not updated
62Mugátu A Good GuildHydraxis-US520Not updated
63Gaskelmarg KaizenHydraxis-US519
63Orphen We Go HardHydraxis-US519Not updated
63Cokomo Ten Ton HammerHydraxis-US519
63Altiniss The StonecuttersHydraxis-US519
63Wtheal  Hydraxis-US519Not updated
68Galaalene Better Than YouHydraxis-US518Not updated
68Fiercest EnvoyOfTheHordeHydraxis-US518
70Bolden Falling Into EternityHydraxis-US517Not updated
70Ramupyours End GameHydraxis-US517
72Adochop Faith Of The FallenHydraxis-US516Not updated
73Selsica Eternal SolaceHydraxis-US515Not updated
74Docteracula Red ShirtsHydraxis-US513Not updated
74Mythos Better Than YouHydraxis-US513Not updated
74Depleted Last SalvationHydraxis-US513Not updated
77Shizwiz SeksiHydraxis-US512
78Ryker Its PersonalHydraxis-US511
79Lucî  Hydraxis-US510Not updated
80Orcinton Z WarriorsHydraxis-US509Not updated
80Jainasbf THE CAVALIERS HORDEHydraxis-US509Not updated
82Hammermario Peon CultureHydraxis-US508
82Zahria Lucid DeliriumHydraxis-US508Not updated
84Azuril Free SoulsHydraxis-US507
84Raiil Avoiding RealityHydraxis-US507Not updated
84Nightdrifter  Hydraxis-US507Not updated

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