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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Grim Batol-EU Unique Pets
1Pyrrhic  Grim Batol-EU597Not updated
2Ague Vex ThalGrim Batol-EU583Not updated
3Mea AngrenostGrim Batol-EU582Not updated
3Zeevah AngrenostGrim Batol-EU582Not updated
3Tìnkerbèll WiggleWiggleGrim Batol-EU582Not updated
6Xavira DimensionalGrim Batol-EU581Not updated
6Irisia Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU581Not updated
8Ghwerig Order of the White TigerGrim Batol-EU580Not updated
9Jawy SynergyoGrim Batol-EU579Not updated
9Imthepet SynergyoGrim Batol-EU579Not updated
11Tymelord SolidarityGrim Batol-EU578Not updated
12Gourry AngrenostGrim Batol-EU577Not updated
13Krator QuarantineGrim Batol-EU576Not updated
14Limestone E m p i r eGrim Batol-EU574Not updated
15Udungoofed FLÄSKGrim Batol-EU571Not updated
16Baldruga Nordic BrethrenGrim Batol-EU570Not updated
16Malystrix InsanityGrim Batol-EU570Not updated
16Mooltibanco  Grim Batol-EU570Not updated
19Silvertaxi Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU569Not updated
20Maybehh IllusionGrim Batol-EU568Not updated
21Boomboomuded Extant EnmityGrim Batol-EU566Not updated
22Knarko Mighty MidgetsGrim Batol-EU565Not updated
23Herkkunamu Region ArcticaGrim Batol-EU564Not updated
23Kute  Grim Batol-EU564Not updated
23Celaacia Two Faced JokersGrim Batol-EU564Not updated
26Danutz Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU563Not updated
26Giganttone DimensionalGrim Batol-EU563Not updated
26Necro HugGrim Batol-EU563Not updated
26Tuatha  Grim Batol-EU563Not updated
30Fròsty SolidarityGrim Batol-EU562Not updated
30Frostman SolidarityGrim Batol-EU562Not updated
32Looladiin Two Faced JokersGrim Batol-EU560Not updated
32Buuhbuh ConundrumGrim Batol-EU560Not updated
34Vitaliity DimensionalGrim Batol-EU558Not updated
34Anheszenamon Two Faced JokersGrim Batol-EU558Not updated
36Ðaemon imbaGrim Batol-EU557Not updated
36Khâleesi Tauren Mîlkîng ClanGrim Batol-EU557Not updated
36Plopper TheorycraftGrim Batol-EU557Not updated
39Sinch  Grim Batol-EU556Not updated
39Nathrakhz ReunitedGrim Batol-EU556Not updated
39Hexenmeister SpoonGrim Batol-EU556Not updated
39Allexa  Grim Batol-EU556Not updated
43Kittie  Grim Batol-EU555Not updated
43Touzen os reis magosGrim Batol-EU555Not updated
43Andysalt PiecesGrim Batol-EU555Not updated
46Albi KazbaGrim Batol-EU554Not updated
46Usalcoholic RaidcoreGrim Batol-EU554Not updated
46Fimble Hall of FameGrim Batol-EU554Not updated
46Déliora KNIGHTS OF THE DARKNESGrim Batol-EU554Not updated
46Zergling RefusionGrim Batol-EU554Not updated
51Ailynth MalignancyGrim Batol-EU553Not updated
52Auoxia League of DuskGrim Batol-EU552Not updated
52Leepi PiecesGrim Batol-EU552Not updated
52Chocolates DimensionalGrim Batol-EU552Not updated
55Totemiaczek Limo WreckGrim Batol-EU551Not updated
55Behindyòu BEEP BEEP IM A JEEPGrim Batol-EU551Not updated
55Fortuna  Grim Batol-EU551Not updated
58Mourdots UndeadKnightsGrim Batol-EU550Not updated
59Oesoton RabiatGrim Batol-EU549Not updated
60Ainzhalta DimensionalGrim Batol-EU548Not updated
60 qbGrim Batol-EU548Not updated
60Badders JuggernautGrim Batol-EU548Not updated
63Shadowflamer Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU547Not updated
64Phae BalanceGrim Batol-EU545Not updated
65Maidenhail SolidarityGrim Batol-EU544Not updated
65Gralabb RabiatGrim Batol-EU544Not updated
67Blackíe RefusionGrim Batol-EU542Not updated
68Janostary VeritasGrim Batol-EU541Not updated
69Saytankplz DimensionalGrim Batol-EU539Not updated
69Arthoriri XtremeGrim Batol-EU539Not updated
69Sjufty DestilledGrim Batol-EU539Not updated
72Noshelter Exalted with Super BockGrim Batol-EU538Not updated
72Eqoxx AntitheistGrim Batol-EU538Not updated
72Hoodina OoGrim Batol-EU538Not updated
75Haziel Magna ElitGrim Batol-EU537Not updated
76Cîndy Tauren Mîlkîng ClanGrim Batol-EU536Not updated
77Devilmoon Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU535Not updated
77Tsnz momentumGrim Batol-EU535Not updated
77Baelbyz Tactical DisasterGrim Batol-EU535Not updated
77Kuksilaini E x e c u t i o NGrim Batol-EU535Not updated
77Nanaìa FreelancersGrim Batol-EU535Not updated
82Tidalbreeze  Grim Batol-EU533Not updated
82Calisw InsomniaGrim Batol-EU533Not updated
84Awayn EpiphanyGrim Batol-EU532Not updated
85Gavendo Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU531Not updated
85Angrykitty OvercomeGrim Batol-EU531Not updated
85Tymerius Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU531Not updated
85Rmyer ExcelsiorGrim Batol-EU531Not updated
85Xrep ValiumGrim Batol-EU531Not updated
90Liara Den Nya BrigadenGrim Batol-EU530Not updated
90Hightelf Lick My TotemGrim Batol-EU530Not updated
92Discordïa XepheriaGrim Batol-EU528Not updated
92Aezrina Old Men GamingGrim Batol-EU528Not updated
92Xhynk Vikings of NorthGrim Batol-EU528Not updated
92Woopsi de Dacia ElitesGrim Batol-EU528Not updated
96Didrick AggressivaGrim Batol-EU527Not updated
96Altynh Dead EndGrim Batol-EU527Not updated
96Hawina Vis ViresGrim Batol-EU527Not updated
96Ailour Dungeon Runners IncGrim Batol-EU527Not updated
96Sixtyone The SystemGrim Batol-EU527Not updated

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