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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gnomeregan-US Unique Pets
1Starwyn Kindred SpiritsGnomeregan-US606Not updated
2Kazma ApotheosisGnomeregan-US605Not updated
3Zaraenii Drache Mörder EliteGnomeregan-US602Not updated
4Avalerion The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US592Not updated
5Icymaiden Phoenix LegionGnomeregan-US591Not updated
6Amida  Gnomeregan-US590Not updated
6Fenfang  Gnomeregan-US590Not updated
8Osirismega Mob MentalityGnomeregan-US589Not updated
8Goremane Mob MentalityGnomeregan-US589Not updated
8Zaibatsu Seekers of TruthGnomeregan-US589Not updated
11Merdania Guard of the WayGnomeregan-US588Not updated
12Juilaine Guardians of AzerothGnomeregan-US587Not updated
13Stygimoloch Alli KillerzGnomeregan-US585Not updated
14Uwanabeme The HeroicsGnomeregan-US582Not updated
14Atavist Kindred SpiritsGnomeregan-US582Not updated
16Medvedik No WorriesGnomeregan-US579Not updated
17Sgtslate ResoluteGnomeregan-US574Not updated
17Nadrud Dodge ThisGnomeregan-US574Not updated
19Nahrug Kindred SpiritsGnomeregan-US573Not updated
20Tarmac Noctum InfernusGnomeregan-US569Not updated
21Rauld Kindred SpiritsGnomeregan-US568Not updated
21Felwaffle Kindred SpiritsGnomeregan-US568Not updated
23Spleenripper Dream TeamGnomeregan-US567Not updated
24Raia DecurioGnomeregan-US562Not updated
25Hotblonde VaporGnomeregan-US560Not updated
25Siega Serious BusinessGnomeregan-US560Not updated
25Petitenoe Relic Raiders of AzerothGnomeregan-US560Not updated
28Ermonkgerd SânctuâryGnomeregan-US557Not updated
29Kaltassia The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US556Not updated
29Darkmange LITCHEbornBEASTSGnomeregan-US556Not updated
29Furrydoom Holy ElitesGnomeregan-US556Not updated
32Agatharoia PariahGnomeregan-US555Not updated
32Llarr Shattered SpiritsGnomeregan-US555Not updated
32Bowflex Fundamental DarknessGnomeregan-US555Not updated
35Kävik DissentionGnomeregan-US554Not updated
36Verdelle Mob MentalityGnomeregan-US551Not updated
37Rexxespet SânctuâryGnomeregan-US550Not updated
38Abrasha DissentionGnomeregan-US549Not updated
38Velouette Bayshore HobbiesGnomeregan-US549Not updated
38Eensiebeansi  Gnomeregan-US549Not updated
41Winterskye The L FamilyGnomeregan-US548Not updated
41Gildelin  Gnomeregan-US548Not updated
43Agonella UnaffiliatedGnomeregan-US547Not updated
43Granx UnaffiliatedGnomeregan-US547Not updated
43Tanora UnaffiliatedGnomeregan-US547Not updated
43Zarida UnaffiliatedGnomeregan-US547Not updated
43Calabosh UnaffiliatedGnomeregan-US547Not updated
43Dreyton UnaffiliatedGnomeregan-US547Not updated
43Klemmi UnaffiliatedGnomeregan-US547Not updated
43Perturbed UnaffiliatedGnomeregan-US547Not updated
51Bluebuttrfly The Shattered PathGnomeregan-US545Not updated
52Nighthoundoo ApotheosisGnomeregan-US543Not updated
52Cthor Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US543Not updated
52Ozmage The Shattered PathGnomeregan-US543Not updated
55Cthorns Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US542Not updated
55Dragonkitara The Court of BloodGnomeregan-US542Not updated
55Gravytrain Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US542Not updated
55Tragedy Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US542Not updated
55Dot Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US542Not updated
60Sherbuttrfly The Shattered PathGnomeregan-US541Not updated
60Jasmiine Behold the DarknessGnomeregan-US541Not updated
62Unknownone Varoks EliteGnomeregan-US540Not updated
62Huntreess Elite DragonSlayersGnomeregan-US540Not updated
62Elfenia Dream TeamGnomeregan-US540Not updated
62Atrophe Lost Souls of the HordeGnomeregan-US540Not updated
66Wokuo SânctuâryGnomeregan-US537Not updated
67Quickkicks Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US534Not updated
67Moodymoo  Gnomeregan-US534Not updated
69Illumina PerditionGnomeregan-US533Not updated
69Zeluminati Dragon Hoard GuardGnomeregan-US533Not updated
69Patchhy Path of HonorGnomeregan-US533Not updated
72Rhakagar Laid BackGnomeregan-US531Not updated
72Gloriusdei Mystically AngellicGnomeregan-US531Not updated
74Hunterkrc Demonic Killer KlownzGnomeregan-US530Not updated
75Arrianne Zug ZugGnomeregan-US529Not updated
76Mintia ParadoxGnomeregan-US528Not updated
76Kyfe US VeteransGnomeregan-US528Not updated
76Beolwyf US VeteransGnomeregan-US528Not updated
79Temjin Mob MentalityGnomeregan-US526Not updated
79Svigozztoph  Gnomeregan-US526Not updated
81Dònor ParadoxGnomeregan-US524Not updated
81Clent VaporGnomeregan-US524Not updated
81Kaytkat Dream TeamGnomeregan-US524Not updated
84Verdraleigh KegeratorGnomeregan-US523Not updated
84Wizlady Legion of ShadowsGnomeregan-US523Not updated
84Cyorra VintageKnightsGnomeregan-US523Not updated
84Yorlakz  Gnomeregan-US523Not updated
88Masun Court of ChevaliersGnomeregan-US522Not updated
88Jgingreywar Kindred SpiritsGnomeregan-US522Not updated
90Tusa Mortem IncarnatumGnomeregan-US521Not updated
91Hairpie PariahGnomeregan-US520Not updated
92Theshoveler Dragons TemplarGnomeregan-US519Not updated
92Lindrali Knights of TimeGnomeregan-US519Not updated
94Pewpewpwnd VaporGnomeregan-US518Not updated
94Arrina INCLUSIONGnomeregan-US518Not updated
96Mellody No NameGnomeregan-US517Not updated
96Majikall LITCHEbornBEASTSGnomeregan-US517Not updated
96Nylloc Danger ZoneGnomeregan-US517Not updated
96Paulis BloodLustGnomeregan-US517Not updated
100Inoneear Fangers in da fishGnomeregan-US516Not updated

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