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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gilneas-US Unique Pets
1Vanas AggressionGilneas-US612Not updated
2Paladini Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US601Not updated
3Jiana From The AshesGilneas-US598Not updated
4Hammershot  Gilneas-US595Not updated
5Lineah  Gilneas-US590Not updated
5Losh ÉvólûtïoñGilneas-US590Not updated
5Palalin  Gilneas-US590Not updated
5Feralin  Gilneas-US590Not updated
5Sieglinda  Gilneas-US590Not updated
5Sieglinde  Gilneas-US590Not updated
11Senile Obsidian OrderGilneas-US586Not updated
11Irridium AggressionGilneas-US586Not updated
13Aalye  Gilneas-US584Not updated
14Kotå Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US583Not updated
15Sollinari Timeless DefendersGilneas-US580Not updated
15Cheln The Aussie AllianceGilneas-US580Not updated
15Nyssa  Gilneas-US580Not updated
18Xiownthispla ApathyGilneas-US578Not updated
19Galelol AggressionGilneas-US577Not updated
19Sàlem MisguidedGilneas-US577Not updated
19Caaggnome ExtremeGilneas-US577Not updated
22Salsliss Obsidian OrderGilneas-US575Not updated
23Sliceoflife StormGilneas-US574Not updated
24Guilao Clan BloodhoofGilneas-US573Not updated
24Toydoll End of LegendsGilneas-US573Not updated
24Blissfully  Gilneas-US573Not updated
24Bodyhair  Gilneas-US573Not updated
28Fadaar StormGilneas-US570Not updated
29Kitarrah AggressionGilneas-US568Not updated
30Kabooki StormGilneas-US567Not updated
31Frick AggressionGilneas-US566Not updated
32Pirotess StormGilneas-US565Not updated
33Brettski Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US564Not updated
33Ohnaka ÉvólûtïoñGilneas-US564Not updated
35Thunderhorns Clan BloodhoofGilneas-US563Not updated
36Ayannä StormGilneas-US562Not updated
37Lumina Legends of TristramGilneas-US561Not updated
37Olivion Gilded RoseGilneas-US561Not updated
37Kookïe DefiantGilneas-US561Not updated
40Moolanie Timeless GuardiansGilneas-US558Not updated
40Melynnie Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US558Not updated
42Kallandras Sufferin SuccotashGilneas-US557Not updated
43Fyor Zero Yard RangeGilneas-US556Not updated
44Esmer Keepers Of LiteGilneas-US555Not updated
45Evildevin Gilded RoseGilneas-US554Not updated
46Bahalin ShadowbladesGilneas-US553Not updated
47Skulwolf Calamitous InténtGilneas-US552Not updated
47Deathlite The DecayedGilneas-US552Not updated
49Laraby IgniteGilneas-US551Not updated
49Lelei  Gilneas-US551Not updated
49Aljohorde Killer InstinctGilneas-US551Not updated
52Hides Better Than YouGilneas-US550Not updated
52Guelph Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US550Not updated
52Kattlé Dawn of the ExiledGilneas-US550Not updated
55Mystal Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US549Not updated
55Rahurn Dances With WorgsGilneas-US549Not updated
55Lukpally  Gilneas-US549Not updated
58Magdalaina The GRIND HOUSEGilneas-US548Not updated
59Shadewulf AggressionGilneas-US547Not updated
59Hunni rubyskullGilneas-US547Not updated
59Atmoffreya ForeverGilneas-US547Not updated
62Totmacher Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US546Not updated
62Lumanara Dawn of the ExiledGilneas-US546Not updated
62Phaedra Harbingers of DawnGilneas-US546Not updated
65Vaneyck Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US545Not updated
65Valartha ShadowbladesGilneas-US545Not updated
65Rhava Obsidian OrderGilneas-US545Not updated
65Kindly rubyskullGilneas-US545Not updated
69Kupid Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US544Not updated
70Cires Obsidian OrderGilneas-US543Not updated
71Rìna ElysianGilneas-US542Not updated
72Soullove Timeless GuardiansGilneas-US541Not updated
73Daelic Depleted Uranium ShellsGilneas-US540Not updated
74Rufusthedog StormGilneas-US538Not updated
75Ërielen Better Than YouGilneas-US536Not updated
75Tamarra B L A D EGilneas-US536Not updated
75Mercianne The Dark LegacyGilneas-US536Not updated
78Grummy ApathyGilneas-US535Not updated
78Glimfire ShadowbladesGilneas-US535Not updated
80Uhogpaladin Obsidian OrderGilneas-US534Not updated
81Rayah Lost RequiemGilneas-US533Not updated
81Ripply  Gilneas-US533Not updated
81Shelena The IlluminåtiGilneas-US533Not updated
84Duvari Sufferin SuccotashGilneas-US532Not updated
84Hupriest The IlluminåtiGilneas-US532Not updated
86Hyder Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US531Not updated
86Drdruid Knights of the RealmGilneas-US531Not updated
86Frenzied ShadowbladesGilneas-US531Not updated
86Applebox AggressionGilneas-US531Not updated
90Lorelei Unnatural SelectionGilneas-US530Not updated
90Thraxxor From The AshesGilneas-US530Not updated
92Jahii  Gilneas-US529Not updated
92Abigala VanquishGilneas-US529Not updated
92Sinrallen ForeverGilneas-US529Not updated
92Aurhea  Gilneas-US529Not updated
92Zhuque  Gilneas-US529Not updated
92Shisa Guardians of FateGilneas-US529Not updated
92Luceid  Gilneas-US529Not updated
92Romsca  Gilneas-US529Not updated
92Fursecutor  Gilneas-US529Not updated

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