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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ghostlands-EU Unique Pets
1Saráh Navlelos followersGhostlands-EU611Not updated
2Toenáilrot I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU592Not updated
2Bendywendy I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU592Not updated
2Bendeywendy I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU592Not updated
5Quellaa EspritGhostlands-EU590Not updated
5Bendywéndy I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU590Not updated
7Thylinne EspritGhostlands-EU589Not updated
7Bendywendey I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU589Not updated
9Eyesyckle Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU588Not updated
10Rantan Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU586Not updated
11Stikk ExitGhostlands-EU585Not updated
11Rheatte EspritGhostlands-EU585Not updated
11Larielle EspritGhostlands-EU585Not updated
11Catabelle EspritGhostlands-EU585Not updated
15Helaren Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU584Not updated
15Celilie EspritGhostlands-EU584Not updated
15Ellinne EspritGhostlands-EU584Not updated
15Lornaa EspritGhostlands-EU584Not updated
15Nyraa EspritGhostlands-EU584Not updated
15Liulae EspritGhostlands-EU584Not updated
21Kaitz OmnishamblesGhostlands-EU583Not updated
22Shootinu SanctumGhostlands-EU582Not updated
23Yarema Last Stand DefendersGhostlands-EU581Not updated
23Meis  Ghostlands-EU581Not updated
25Dismissed SwordArtOnlineGhostlands-EU579Not updated
25Desoya Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU579Not updated
25Javdan Wild HogsGhostlands-EU579Not updated
28Hornier Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU577Not updated
29Bonesai billynomatesGhostlands-EU576Not updated
30Sorforger WarcraftGhostlands-EU575Not updated
31Deliorion Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU574Not updated
31Forteun  Ghostlands-EU574Not updated
33Babychantres Danish RaidersGhostlands-EU573Not updated
34Damien EspritGhostlands-EU572Not updated
35Josipcavar Vi VeriGhostlands-EU570Not updated
35Monkstu Who Dares WinsGhostlands-EU570Not updated
37Spiritbomb Fusion StormGhostlands-EU569Not updated
38Xtracool  Ghostlands-EU568Not updated
38Denira VintageGhostlands-EU568Not updated
40Logorn EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
40Mirann EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
40Sias EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
40Narok EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
40Astoroth EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
40Rhyann EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
40Kyrog EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
40Goodwyn EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
40Bhiao EspritGhostlands-EU566Not updated
49Jacinth Last Stand DefendersGhostlands-EU564Not updated
50Lunarose Pirates Of The HordeGhostlands-EU563Not updated
50Holgy  Ghostlands-EU563Not updated
52Nàno The Argent SlayersGhostlands-EU562Not updated
52Jéf AnarchyMastersGhostlands-EU562Not updated
54Diligence ANCIENT JUSTICEGhostlands-EU561Not updated
55Mchuntey VintageGhostlands-EU560Not updated
56Rubie Pirates Of The HordeGhostlands-EU559Not updated
57Aryon AnyThingButSeriousGhostlands-EU558Not updated
58Trìstan  Ghostlands-EU557Not updated
58Amirasa VintageGhostlands-EU557Not updated
60Ryujin Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU556Not updated
61Daredevul the uzminGhostlands-EU555Not updated
62Enough United in DeathGhostlands-EU554Not updated
63Flicksy Danish RaidersGhostlands-EU553Not updated
63Jarab Bright JadesGhostlands-EU553Not updated
63Babypuf  Ghostlands-EU553Not updated
66Crazyfluffy The Argent SlayersGhostlands-EU550Not updated
67Heavensent  Ghostlands-EU549Not updated
68Persilla MINIGhostlands-EU548Not updated
69Kåchou  Ghostlands-EU547Not updated
70Puerh A Nice Cup Of TeaGhostlands-EU546Not updated
71Morft Fusion StormGhostlands-EU545Not updated
71Wolfmagic Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU545Not updated
71Guyana Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU545Not updated
74Menìna LostGhostlands-EU544Not updated
75Steppeslite I Just Crit My PantsGhostlands-EU542Not updated
76Veldan Fusion StormGhostlands-EU541Not updated
76Ultimashadow ProphecyGhostlands-EU541Not updated
76Qpus Fusion StormGhostlands-EU541Not updated
76Eliyahu Flea CircusGhostlands-EU541Not updated
76Sinensis A Nice Cup Of TeaGhostlands-EU541Not updated
76Shâdòw ProphecyGhostlands-EU541Not updated
82Smoketronic ProphecyGhostlands-EU540Not updated
82Avìana IntoleranceGhostlands-EU540Not updated
82Delinda Flea CircusGhostlands-EU540Not updated
85Heenk Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU539Not updated
85Mitani Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU539Not updated
85Villimey friends onlyGhostlands-EU539Not updated
88Gulisia Vi VeriGhostlands-EU538Not updated
89Morphieria Crimson GuardGhostlands-EU537Not updated
89Candí The Argent SlayersGhostlands-EU537Not updated
91Wildnwooly ProphecyGhostlands-EU536Not updated
91Syäl Fusion StormGhostlands-EU536Not updated
91Ignatiuz Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU536Not updated
94Mdkrauzeer KabaretGhostlands-EU535Not updated
95Kosciarz  Ghostlands-EU534Not updated
96Marmotta Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU533Not updated
96Rawla Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU533Not updated
98Dàrkmaster GhostRídersGhostlands-EU532Not updated
98Slatkis Dark LegionGhostlands-EU532Not updated
98Dalibard Flea CircusGhostlands-EU532Not updated

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