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Garrosh-US Unique Pets
1Zhufí Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US589
2Brewse Crits N GigglesGarrosh-US586
3Suhki ImmortalGarrosh-US583
3Forthelight The Deadly SinsGarrosh-US583Not updated
5Kaylei Emerald DawnGarrosh-US582
6Pikel TrojansGarrosh-US579
7Grindhouse ChangeGarrosh-US578
7Okusa ImmortalGarrosh-US578
9Achillelauro Olympus RaidersGarrosh-US575
10Gunkz AudacityGarrosh-US571Not updated
11Berna Wreck ListGarrosh-US570
12Cygnus  Garrosh-US569
12Tribbles Wreck ListGarrosh-US569Not updated
14Maieta Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US568
14Pristan Brotherhood Of WolvesGarrosh-US568
16Darthanos NemesisGarrosh-US567Not updated
17Evimoon Vengeance IncGarrosh-US564
18Mistria Wreck ListGarrosh-US563
19Sparrow NemesisGarrosh-US562
20Goldenvoff Vengeance IncGarrosh-US561
20Rocoto FoundationGarrosh-US561
20Mityaphrdite ChangeGarrosh-US561
20Penraven Crit HappensGarrosh-US561Not updated
20Wheatley Vengeance IncGarrosh-US561Not updated
25Kranberry Angry NativesGarrosh-US558
25Katarinah Quiet ProfessionalsGarrosh-US558Not updated
27Fleshbiter Emerald DawnGarrosh-US557
27Joani In Shining ArmorGarrosh-US557Not updated
29Dynafix Psycho CircusGarrosh-US555
30Oraini Angry NativesGarrosh-US552
30Xyrana  Garrosh-US552Not updated
32Deadstepn Go Horde or go homeGarrosh-US550
33Bristleback Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US547
33Kamtastic Rye KnotGarrosh-US547Not updated
33Beirstiener ChangeGarrosh-US547
36Mstiggy  Garrosh-US546Not updated
37Hertzy RegulatorzGarrosh-US545
38Moonicpower  Garrosh-US543Not updated
38Fargus The SaintzGarrosh-US543Not updated
40Tinybeep NemesisGarrosh-US542Not updated
41Lees DeityGarrosh-US540
41Feljin The Garrosh ChampionsGarrosh-US540
41Rankster Drop ShockGarrosh-US540
41Lunareclipse To Punish And EnslaveGarrosh-US540Not updated
45Bipolarbear Wreck ListGarrosh-US539
45Hornzy EncoreGarrosh-US539Not updated
45Laturalus  Garrosh-US539Not updated
45Lastalt Wardens of the SouthGarrosh-US539Not updated
49Senddra The Garrosh ChampionsGarrosh-US538
50Celyba DeityGarrosh-US537
50Infinitetime DeityGarrosh-US537Not updated
52Thukad The Darkwolf MaraudingGarrosh-US536
53Moojuiced Blood ForgedGarrosh-US535Not updated
53Scracky  Garrosh-US535Not updated
53Hungwong Insane AsylumGarrosh-US535Not updated
53Weena All Together NowGarrosh-US535Not updated
57Tanaros Emerald DawnGarrosh-US534
58Panpoker Wrath Of The TitansGarrosh-US533Not updated
58Kuakuwatsu  Garrosh-US533Not updated
58Eldinda Wreck ListGarrosh-US533
61Ceridin Emerald DawnGarrosh-US531
61Daws Common AfflictionGarrosh-US531
63Breclonn Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US530
63Calethin League of HeroesGarrosh-US530
63Nightskye Brotherhood Of WolvesGarrosh-US530
63Cleome The Over the Hill GangGarrosh-US530Not updated
63Echinacea Torn AsunderGarrosh-US530Not updated
68Kurobunny  Garrosh-US528
68Magequit RebellionGarrosh-US528
68Diya Pop Some TagsGarrosh-US528Not updated
71Erjanna League of HeroesGarrosh-US527Not updated
72Róók Drop ShockGarrosh-US526
72Batmon The Garrosh ChampionsGarrosh-US526Not updated
72Begonia Noli Me TangereGarrosh-US526Not updated
75Zlicious Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US525
75Zombea Band of MisfitsGarrosh-US525
75Cantquit The Dark Side of DeathGarrosh-US525
75Gravyboat  Garrosh-US525
75Amerika Drop ShockGarrosh-US525
80Eack Edge of MadnessGarrosh-US524
80Newstevie Drop ShockGarrosh-US524
80Abdabik The PathfindersGarrosh-US524
80Gornan Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US524
84Szemere The TribeGarrosh-US522
85Brightspear Wreck ListGarrosh-US520
85Epicgems Band of MisfitsGarrosh-US520Not updated
85Lorelith Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US520
88Morella The Great GuildGarrosh-US519
89Weezul Common AfflictionGarrosh-US518Not updated
90Loceez  Garrosh-US517
90Arcus Vengeance IncGarrosh-US517
90Mengwe When Lemmings AttackGarrosh-US517Not updated
90Beradoon Vagabonds RestGarrosh-US517
90Dalanas The Elysian FieldsGarrosh-US517Not updated
90Annikill WåntèdGarrosh-US517Not updated
90Emberlina Controlled ChaosGarrosh-US517Not updated

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